Sort It Out – Marriage!

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Many of us go through divorce. Divorce is not a bad thing. If it is the last resort, it happens. People have been through it the Sahaba, viola and who have been through it, what is bad?

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is what you're going to do after that if it is negative.

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So divorce, you've been through it, it's a test from Allah. Are you going to stoop so low? That after that you're going to speak bad about your ex spouse, or you're going to let it go? Because that was the whole problem. And you're going to proceed and progress today. People don't realize that we have made lives more difficult after divorce than it was when they were in the marriage that didn't work simply because we've got a problem. These kids are mine and not yours, my brother, my sister, they are ours. Not yours, not mine. They belong to Allah entrusted to the two of us, Allah chose we are going to have kids and it's no way what you say. Or I say it's what Allah says, if you

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are ready to do that you're a true Muslim. If not, you fail your test, you're still going to go to the Day of Judgment. And when you go there, only Allah knows what's going to happen to you don't ever get into a habit of saying, I'm going to sort this out on the day of judgment because the wisest of people sorts it out here in this world before the hereafter because when you get on that day, you don't know you might just be the one who was wrong.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us.