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Salam Alaikum, a very important question I was asked how to memorize. Now memorizing generally is regarding the Quran, that's primarily when people say how to memorize, they are referring mainly to the Quran, and then perhaps to the Hadith, and some of the texts of Islamic learning, and so on. Number one, remember, you need to have your obligations in place, whatever Allah has made obligatory upon, you have it in place. So your five daily prayers and so on, you have it in place, the way you dress, and whatever else you have it in place. Secondly, the prohibitions you stay away from so you would be far from pornography, far from adultery, far from, you know, major sin considered in Islam

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as a Muslim. and thereafter, you need to make sure that you utilize your spare time effectively, don't indulge in that which is unnecessary, futile. And it's just going to take up brain space. So when you involve in a lot of gossip, when you want to know every detail of everyone's life, your memory is going to become weak. When you waste your time watching movies, and perhaps indulge yourself too much in something, your brain space is being occupied. And you're, you know, subconsciously, your brain is working overtime, it's it cools down at times, it goes back and rewinds what has happened through the day, so you tend to forget things. So if you free up your

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brain space, your CPU space, you will obviously have a little bit more in terms of the capacity to memorize. And if you take it seriously, and you you've eaten Well, you drink your water in a fluid, perhaps a little bit of milk, if you can drink the milk. When I say can I'm talking from a health perspective, some people cannot have dairy products. And so you eat healthy, you sleep well, you try and sleep on time every day. And you make sure that you get up on time every day, and don't be lazy. And then you keep yourself fresh, you keep yourself clean and smart, you keep yourself in the condition of EU. All this will help you to actually increase the capacity that you have of

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memorizing. Similarly, repetition really helps. If you were to repeat something a lot, you would actually be able to consolidate the memorization. So if you've learned one Jews or 10 Jews, and each time you're moving forward, you go back to what you've learned. And you keep revising and memorizing from the beginning up to where you've got to, you would find it consolidated in a beautiful way. So my brothers and sisters, remember, don't waste a lot of time with futile stuff, especially while you're trying to memorize something. Try to also not occupy yourself with that which is unnecessary, if you tell. You know, like I said, some people sit in front of the movies. Some people spend so

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much time on their phones. Some people are so interested in people's lives. Remember to abstain from backbiting and gossip. Engage in the dhikr of Allah that's another one. The memorization of the Quran would require you to keep your tongue moist with those words and also with the praise of Allah sent blessings and salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and make dua which means supplicate or pray call out to Allah to help you to memorize. ask Allah constantly Oh, Allah helped me to memorize this and be serious about it. If you are serious inshallah, and you know, you can enjoy your life, you can set aside the time for the amount of the amount of time you're going to

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spend on your phone in a constructive way. But still, that needs to be limited because nowadays with technology, let's be honest, we can get carried away every one of us including myself, sometimes something interesting and before you know it, you've spent 234 hours on it, and you've actually eaten up time that you could have used or you were supposed to have used in something else. So this is the way to inshallah increase your memory also. Listen to a few others. Some people say a few nuts and almonds and so on might help you in Sharla in that if you chew your food properly and so many things I've heard from people but what I've given you from myself, I've learned that way I it

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has helped me memorizing and it's all basically bringing you closer to the salon The sooner and what is right and inshallah we would be able to benefit in that particular way. Apolo Kohli hada sallallahu wasallam albaraka Lana Vina Mohammed was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.