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Salam Alaikum, I've been asked about the use of makeup that has ingredients that contain

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some parts of a pig, and also parts of dead animals, or that which has not been slaughtered, according to the Sharia. So what I'd like to say is what we need to know, what is your connection with Allah? How important is Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in your life? Do you give them preference? Would you compromise your relationship with Allah? Are you prepared to actually give up things in order to please Allah or something that is doubtful in between? Are you ready to actually give Allah? That tipping of relationship? Or the thing? That is doubtful? That's the question. So there are two opinions. Firstly,

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when it comes to pig and pork, and so on, and the products from that Islam doesn't allow us to use those products, according to the vast majority of the scholars, okay. And imagine painting yourself with products that have in them a VAT, which is considered nejsou line, which means the impurity, complete impurity, the highest level of impurity. And so you've painted your face with it, and then you're reading Salah, or you're going somewhere, what protection do you want from Allah? You know, what's this? What's this all about? Could we not make sure that it was just halal ingredients, you know. And if it comes to the animals that have not been slaughtered properly, for example, yes, the

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same rule applies. But there are some scholars who say, oh, because of the metamorphosis and the complete change of all of this, it becomes, it becomes purified to a degree, I don't deny there is an opinion, I feel that we should still strive to look for that, which is proper, either vegetable base, or it is it doesn't have haraam ingredients, even though you're just going to apply it. And especially when it comes to pig products, or when it comes to dead animals. Or say, for example, that which is not slaughtered properly, although I'm not going to consume it, but it's still Mater. It's still carrying, you know.

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So, like I say, ask yourself, What is more important?

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The pasting of vivo, for example of your body or your face or something of that nature, with something that may compromise your relationship with Allah, you're ready to risk that? Or are you just going to use something that nobody's arguing about?

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Think about what I've said, because I know what I would do, I would definitely use a product that nobody on earth will debate with me about. Because for me, my relationship with Allah is way more important than something that I'm going to doubt something that's argued about. And this is why sometimes we say, What if you are fulfilling Salah, and none of your Salah was actually done the proper way.

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That is a very serious matter. What if you're calling out to Allah, and this condition you're in is actually an impure condition and you don't know you think you're pure. I wouldn't like to risk that I'd like to be pure proper myself, I'm proud of what I look like and everything inshallah we should be. And I'm not saying it's Haram, to put on a little bit of makeup or to use a product that would perhaps enhance what you look like. But we need to know the limits. That's the thing. We need to know the limits our own limits, we set them based on what Allah and His Rasool have taught, and inshallah, based on that which we know is out of the difference of opinion. It's called hirogen

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mineral fear of coming out of the difference of opinion where we know I'm safe with what I've done. So inshallah my brothers my sisters, let's consider what I've said. And let's try and use products that are in sha Allah, not debated about among the scholars, even though I must acknowledge there is more than one opinion, but I've just mentioned the opinion of the majority, Baraka Luffy comas saramonic. I want to label a cat