Mufti Menk – We all make Mistakes

Mufti Menk Jumu’ah
Topic: We all make mistakes
Masjidul Quds CapeTown

Except for our beloved Prophet s.a.w., there isn’t a single person who can lay claim to perfection. We have all made mistakes and what’s most important to note is that even some of our prophets made mistakes.

For instance, the first man to commit a wrong was our father, Adam a.s.  But did Allah swt Himself not teach Adam a s. the supplication to invoke in seeking forgiveness?

Then we have Musa a.s. who killed a man. Did Allah not forgive him too?

It is this that Sheikh Menk reminds us of in his talk. It’s crucial to remember for the sake of our faith that Allah is Most Merciful and that He shall continue to forgive us so long as we seek forgiveness and repent when we err.