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The speaker discusses the use ofASPs in the context of war, and how it is not recommended for women to wear during the act. They also mention the importance of women being aware of their body and not being afraid of unknown news. The speaker emphasizes the need for women to be patient and wait for the right thing.

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without finding the

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entry for them.

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And in the reading of the

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Learn people

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learn what it means like mowlana.

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gathering a reading, they divided the ground into different parts and they give it to everybody and a

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couple of the others were locked out in the bond, that type of silence.

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So, in fact,

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they're actually going against the teachings of the Quran itself

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to use any form of contraceptives, what if she wants to

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add for the full two years as required contraceptive contraception is permissible

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as long as it is known that contraception will not cause harm to the woman

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and not going to get applied to babies as well, because someday

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for you not to put the child to sleep in this way. In fact, we can study Sudden Death Syndrome amongst children where children die and is

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that one of the common characteristics among children are diagnosed.

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So in England donator general recommendation not to pick on them. And they found that after nine years from the time they need to generate recommendations, for the risk of sudden death syndrome are dropped by over 70%.

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In the hospitals and supermarkets because this is a Christian country,

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what about the need?

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There are some studies

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available here

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magazine as I've done a series of articles with some questions with regard to the methods of slaughter and you know, whether the sending of animals adapted before having a

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major mouth like this. similar studies need to be done here to make generals and

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pitchers definitely Hello.

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In fact, they are more particular about their smoker.

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Looking for example,

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in England,

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and found that, you know, some 50 odd percent of them are just taking from the regular return sitting again calling a timeout

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much more stringent

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in ensuring that the need for their selling is

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I'd like to go personally,

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if one feels comfortable going on the general population in the country where the vast majority of people are, are, that's enough for them. And that's an option that they have to take

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lightly personally for yourself or your children. But at the same time, you have to respect their rights. They want to go according to the general shape of the mass of the people and take their food accordingly.

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In my work environment we have

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permissible to change in a situation

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work environment involves men and

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there are men there

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are a woman area, healthy area then it is permissible making sure that the area of major Outdoors is not exposed.

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The woman has to cover a feat of all time

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in circumstances where her out of

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the norm normally there are other comments have come down

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to the point where when she normally comes down and covers the topic

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What do you wear underneath that sandals?

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permissible This is what the women in the towel

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walking a piece of equipment become visible or not. This is a part

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she should cover except

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except what will appear from her our naturally outside of her.

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Normally if she if she's walking and the wind goes against her and her

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outer garments form the shape of her body.

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This is what has happened to be under control. walking foot shows or whatever her toes or whatever lunch is working out has

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become something necessary when a woman wears an ultra garment

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which doesn't cover the top

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all the time.

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It is better for her to wear socks

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after her husband. Maybe one and a half hours later she feels fluid coming from that area. Larger small amounts

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are what

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is only a requirement after the sexual act.

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Anything was fastened from the body beyond that requires legal and not political unless it is in the course of a webseries.

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How can

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weddings what influence are Hello, drum drum like

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hembree like information entered our notes.

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What were the words which are words, phrases, or words

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which have no meaning? neutral, what is neutral? And what plays along in our minds personal gain. So, these are permissible, can they learn how they can dance,

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the dance, the dance is not the type of dance of the people

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sexually oriented,

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dancing, which is more likely to recall

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my mother, personally to go to university, I went to college and I think I can be an asset to our community as a teacher, I love to study but I'm afraid

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if you are afraid,

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meaning you feel like you cannot deal with it, then of course,

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you are afraid

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to go ahead.

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Your fear is what is going to keep you from going beyond the bounds welcome university that is really

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a case of after I finish, there'll be six months without interest after this.

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One Of course,

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comes up is that you signed a contract

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when you sign a contract, which says

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I will pay interest after six months

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then this is a contract.

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type of circumstance the length of the study

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is only justified where there is an absolute need in a community critical area where there is no body and do not have somebody and the quickest time possible.

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Otherwise, it is better for that person to be patient and wait and find some of the news of studying without involving themselves in contract for insurance

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for two hours a week, however, the night guards are not

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recommended, it is permissible, recommended Of course from the point of view for children.

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So it is recommended.

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blacker preferred color.

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I would not say

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what it was

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among the

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general principle with regard to our government is that it should