Yasir Qadhi – Ramadan Revival 2018

This video has a panel discussion on the topic of Ramadan headed by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

Fasting in Ramadan is the most sincere form of Ibadah that one can do and it is a time when one can better oneself as a human being.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Whoever does not give up false speech and acting upon it and offensive speech and behaviour, Allah has no need of his giving up his food and drink.”

Don’t limit Ramadan to act of fasting only. Expand your range of doing good deeds like praying extra Sunnah, praying in the middle of the night, fixing one bad habit that may be bothering you and resolving to get rid of it and many more.

Be the best sons and daughters that we can be this Ramadan. Be an active person in your family and contribute to helping one’s mother.

From a medical point of view, some tips are shared by the doctor on the panel relating to Intake of fluids, intake of appropriate nutrition and many more such pertinent issues.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives a brief introduction on the essence of Ramadan after which he moves on to deal with common Fiqh issues such as eating and drinking unintentionally, brushing one’s teeth,Intake of medicines and many more such problems.

What is the position on breaking fast intentionally, thinking it is time to break the fast? A question that has bothered us time and time again and it is now that we get it explicitly answered.The issues of those who do not fast are also elaborated upon such as the elderly, having a type of sickness that requires them to eat at regular intervals, temporary sickness, menstruating women and some other conditions.

Etiquette of fasting:

  • The angels ask for forgiveness for those who do Suhur.
  • Monitor your habits in the day.
  • Please pray in the Masjids of your community.

Goals to set during Ramadan are a must do and deserve special attention and planning so that we come out as better Muslims post Ramadan.