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This video has a panel discussion on the topic of Ramadan headed by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

Fasting in Ramadan is the most sincere form of Ibadah that one can do and it is a time when one can better oneself as a human being.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Whoever does not give up false speech and acting upon it and offensive speech and behaviour, Allah has no need of his giving up his food and drink.”

Don’t limit Ramadan to act of fasting only. Expand your range of doing good deeds like praying extra Sunnah, praying in the middle of the night, fixing one bad habit that may be bothering you and resolving to get rid of it and many more.

Be the best sons and daughters that we can be this Ramadan. Be an active person in your family and contribute to helping one’s mother.

From a medical point of view, some tips are shared by the doctor on the panel relating to Intake of fluids, intake of appropriate nutrition and many more such pertinent issues.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives a brief introduction on the essence of Ramadan after which he moves on to deal with common Fiqh issues such as eating and drinking unintentionally, brushing one’s teeth,Intake of medicines and many more such problems.

What is the position on breaking fast intentionally, thinking it is time to break the fast? A question that has bothered us time and time again and it is now that we get it explicitly answered.The issues of those who do not fast are also elaborated upon such as the elderly, having a type of sickness that requires them to eat at regular intervals, temporary sickness, menstruating women and some other conditions.

Etiquette of fasting:

  • The angels ask for forgiveness for those who do Suhur.
  • Monitor your habits in the day.
  • Please pray in the Masjids of your community.

Goals to set during Ramadan are a must do and deserve special attention and planning so that we come out as better Muslims post Ramadan.


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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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So hamdulillah we have the honor and privilege of hosting a another kind of a panel dialogue. I know we haven't done one actually for a while. And this is actually like a privilege of mine humbled to be amongst my elders and my teachers have a lot to say here and kind of gain Baskin and their knowledge and benefit from their knowledge inshallah.

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Shay has requested that I go first, I just want it to be let it be understood that if he hadn't requested it, there's no way in the world that I would have just, it's against, it's against my, my belief that I should speak at all. But let's speak first, though, so I'll go ahead and get started. So the way it's gonna work, inshallah is that we're going to basically be doing a little bit, maybe some tips and advice for the respective age groups. So I'll be in Charlotte, kind of talking to the young folks here, everyone that's under the age of like, 25 shape will be addressing the spiritual, you know, tips and pieces of advice that he can give about the month of Ramadan. And Dr. Arsalan

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sherwani here will be kind of talking about the health tips and pieces of advice that he can give, from a medical perspective inshallah to get us all prepped and ready for this this holy month.

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Ramadan is barely two weeks away, barely barely two weeks away. And you know, one of the one of the things that I want to actually start with is the fact that

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after we kind of story actually, is that when I was younger, when I was maybe like 1718 years old, as all young people do is that they try to kind of not act like it's Ramadan and do everything that they do the rest of the year during that month. And a part of that is actually playing basketball before before star. And I remember one of the times we were playing basketball before if star and that was kind of the quote unquote, the smartest time to play because it's the time where your basic spending the most energy, but you know, right afterward you're going to eat so but so how to love for some crazy reason. I don't know why it is. But the sport of basketball kind of brings about the

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worst sides of people in terms of like your your emotions, it gets you very angry all the time. I don't know what it is, maybe it's just one upping people. So I remember during this game of basketball that we're having with a bunch of our Muslim friends, and things got a little heated and you know, people were dying and competing and things were said. And I remember one of the things that another brother said while we were there he goes, aren't you fasting? And then one of the other guys one of the other guys was playing He's like, yeah, like I'm not drinking or anything like that. I'm drinking, you're eating. So what's the big deal? And he's saying like, and he told him, he's

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like, you know, like, when you're fasting, you should try to refrain a little bit from using foul language and all these other things and, and kind of monitor yourself behavior wise, right? And that I remember when I was 17 years old, that really kind of struck me at that age, because up until that point, I really personally thought that fasting, right, the entire month of Ramadan was all about just fasting, refraining abstaining from food and water. Until that moment, I realized this panel as you get older, you realize all these deeper benefits and beauties that Ramadan has to offer us and Subhanallah you know, a couple of the things that you know, my teachers they taught us is that, you

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know, Ramadan fasting during Ramadan is one of the most sincere forms of very bad that we can honestly do. Because whether you know about it is that when you wake up and you eat suhar and you're fasting the entire day, no one is watching you while you're fasting, right? You're not going to have me or Shaykh yasir pop into your window every single hour and be like, are you sure you're fasting? Still? If you break your fast today? No, like, no one's gonna do that to you. So Subhanallah fasting is one of the most sincere acts of worship that we can honestly do. And we're coming upon that month so it was time for us to get into that mentality of fasting into that mentality of of slim, right.

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And number two is something that I remember what was beautiful he said one time is that fasting during Ramadan is a time where you from a surface level might see yourself as starving yourself, right? You know, you go to work and you go to school or whatever it is, and you see, and you and everyone else is eating. It might look as though you're starving, right? your physical body is going hungry. But in reality is that one of my teachers he taught us that you're when you're fasting, you're really actually restraining from food, you're refraining from food, abstaining from drink, but you're allowing your soul to be nourished, right? You're fasting and you're you're staying away

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from food and water but your time is used to that your soul and your and your spirit can actually be nourished and we need to focus on that as well. So inshallah just going ahead with a few of the tips. I'm going to talk to least inshallah, out of all three of us. Is that going upon this verse? Yeah, you Hallelujah. Amen. akuti Bharati, Kumasi, Yama, kamakoti Baba Latina mina publikum la la quinta de boon, very, very beautiful verse in the Quran, where Allah subhana wa tada he tells us the the end goal, the end idea, the end objective of fashion

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Right is La La kume chacun is so that you can become closer to your Creator more than you are the rest of the year. Right? Is that this prescription right speaking of medical, this prescription has been prescribed for you, as it has been prescribed for the people that came before you La La Quinta taco and so that you may be a little bit closer to Allah than you are the rest of the year. And as I was saying before, that as you get older, you realize that Ramadan is much more than just staying away from food and water is basically bettering yourself as a human being as a whole. Okay? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that whoever does not give a bad speech and evil, evil

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actions, Allah is not in need of his leaving his food and drink. Not that Allah is in need of anything that we do. But meaning that Allah will not accept his abstaining from food and drink if that person does not abstain from evil actions and bad words, right? Is that when you're fasting, it's not just about food, it's not just about water but you yourself overall as a holistic being, have to make yourself a better person. That is the idea of Ramadan. Right. And I think it's important for our young people in here to understand that because growing up all we thought Ramadan was just is so that you fast you don't eat you break, you break your festering if you go to total,

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we it's much more than just that it's your own personal experience of becoming a better person as a whole. So, practically speaking, what do we do? As young people? What do we do practically speaking? So in school, give you guys an example, in school, when you want to separate yourself from every other student? That's in your class? What is it that you do? Let's go ahead and see some dialogue going on here. Anybody? Raise your hand young people and old people, not elders, not elders, the young people? What do you do when you're trying to get away what you're trying to do when you're separate yourself from the rest of your classmates? What are you trying to do in school? Go ahead.

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You don't talk to anybody, man.

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What do you what do you do when you're trying to become a better student?

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You listen to the teacher good. What else? What else do you do when you're trying to separate yourself from being an average student? Go ahead.

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You do prayer five times a day very good. Mashallah got religious guy over here?

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What do you do in school in school? When you're trying to get better grades and all your other classmates? What's one thing you do? Come on? Let's go. You study more, right? You do extra credit. You go the extra mile. When you're talking about like sports, when you talk about athletes, how does LeBron James become LeBron James? How does Kobe Bryant become Kobe Bryant you think they went to practice the same amount that everybody else did? No, they spent extra hours in the gym, did it extra things that were going to make them stick out amongst all of their other peers, they did extra work, they put those extra hours into the fact that they were going to be better than everybody

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else. So when it comes to Ramadan, when it comes to Ramadan, it's important to go a little bit of the extra mile, right? That's the first tip is to make sure and I know all the guys nowadays Subhanallah we have this like plethora of human beings that are in their early 20s that just love hitting the gym, this is the thing to do nowadays, people would just love pumping iron nowadays. And the the motto of the gym is push yourself do one more, right. And it's actually this term is called maxing out those who you guys who work out, you understand that this term is called maxing out maxing out is basically when you're doing repetitions of that exercise. And you think that you can't

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go anymore. And you basically just do one more repetition of that exercise till you're but you till your body completely shuts down. You can't do it anymore at all physically. Okay, that's called maxing out. So a tip during Ramadan is that think about it in the gym. We physically go and do these things. And we don't even think twice about it. We push ourselves as much as possible. And we have to ask ourselves, do we push ourselves this way? When it comes to Ramadan? Do we get up that extra night to pray to 100? Do we stay up to make extra dollar that night? Do we make sure that we're up for fudger? Every single morning during the month of Ramadan? Or do we go to sleep rafter sohar and

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wake up at like 11pm 11am? Honestly, this is serious questions we have to ask ourselves Mr. Mosely has sanken money when he was here two weeks ago, right? He told he's taught something to the congregation that was really, really special that I thought is that the first step of becoming a better Muslim or a better person is being honest between yourself and Allah

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is that if there is a point in which we have to improve on the first step is to make sure that we admit that there is something that we can improve in is that if we know that there are weaknesses in our lives, for example, that we have to become better at our setup, we have to be more consistent during our prayers. We have to be honest and admit that we do have a problem. Right? I do have I do have a weakness when it comes time to praying on time. When we admit these mistakes. It's a step in the right direction of bettering ourselves and especially during this holy month of Ramadan number two out of the three tips for our young folks number two is don't limit Ramadan to June

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Just the act of fasting, there is so much more you can do during the month of Ramadan other than just stopping from eating and drinking, right? Make sure that you get used to expanding your range of good deeds, whether that's going to, you know, drop $1 and charity every single night you come to MIT for therapy, whether it's you know, smiling as somebody that you normally wouldn't smile at, whether it's praying the extra sun or prayer before you actually start your other prayers, whether it's praying in the middle of the night, whatever it is that you don't do regularly, this is the month to do it. And one tip Actually, we actually talked about in our last few halaqa, is pick one,

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pick one bad habit during this month that you want to nullify just one bad habit, you know, another problem is during Ramadan is that we try to fix so many things at one time, is that we don't really fix too many things at all. We may not even fix anything at all is because we focus on such a large scale that we miss the smaller details. Okay. So one of the pieces of advice that I remember that our teachers he gave us, so I'm giving to the young folks here is to pick one bad habit. One bad habit, whether it's backbiting, whether it's smoking, whether it's missing prayers, whatever it is, right? I'm being very candid here because these are very real issues that are facing the youth

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Pick one small habit that we want to improve on and focus on that the entire month. Don't focus on a bunch of things at one time, focus on one thing, quality over quantity, that's the second tip, and the last tip inshallah before I wrap up and give it to shake you off, so you're here to to inshallah, give us much more beneficial tips. inshallah. Number three, I'm going to wrap up with a story. Today Subhan Allah, I was driving

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near the East Memphis area and this is an area actually called kind of like Ridgeway everybody familiar with a Ridgeway Memphis area. So my mother is actually an elementary school teacher in, in an elementary school down in that area in Ridgeway, and so I was in the area. So I thought to myself, I said, Look, you know, I've graduate from the University of Memphis with a teacher education degree, and I know what a rigorous job it is to be a teacher at a school. So I decided I said, You know what, I'm going to stop by this coffee shop, grab my mom's some a drink, and then you know, just give it to her at her school. That that's just that's what I thought it was going to do

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this nice thing for my mother. And I got to the school, I went up to the receptionist and I told her Hey, I'm here for to see Mrs. Khan. She's actually my mom. I'm just here to drop off this drink for her just to kind of like give her a midday treat in this in this rigorous, you know, career that she's in. And she calls my mom up. The receptionist calls my mom to the front for the front office. And I remember seeing today I saw my mother's face when she saw me. Awesome Hanalei gives you not a look like I just bought my mother a ticket to ombre.

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It like the her reaction was that of just looks like I bought her like a vacation ticket for like a month. That was her reaction. She came in, she embraced me so much. And she was like, it was so good to see you. What did you bring? I brought you a cup of coffee. And she's so happy. She's so happy. Lizzie, I borrow like a new car. And, you know, come to Lima and my mom's like a very, very happy mother. You know, this is one of the characteristics I literally love about my mom. And when I left her school, I really I got in my car, and I thought to myself, and I said Subhanallah I literally couldn't just help thinking about this, and almost like made me cry is when we're kids when we're

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young. We grow up just being so used to the nourishment of our parents. We're so used to it that our parents take care of us on a day to day basis. They pay for our bills, they pay for our clothes, we don't even think twice about what our next meal is gonna be because our parents have it ready for us, right? They pay for the groceries, not just that, but they do the manual labor of cooking your food for you and making sure that is plated nicely and on the dinner table ready for when you're hungry. Okay. And as young people one of our faults is that we take these things for granted. We don't even think about it twice because we're so used to it. Right? And I remember I kind of fast

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forward to today when I handed my mom This drink is small, like monetary value honestly was about two and a half dollars something very, very less than a second like less than nothing. Okay, and she was so happy and so appreciative of it that I got her this small this small drink. And I thought to myself almost are crying as it did I think my mom every time she fed me a meal when I lived in her house that I thank my dad every time he took me somewhere. And these are things as young people we often Subhanallah honestly we don't do and so my my last tip is during Ramadan, make sure that we are the best sons and daughters that we can possibly be during this month is that when it comes time

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to star, let us not be sons and daughters who are just awaiting the pakoras and the son Moses and the Biryani.

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to appear randomly on this dinner table, let it let it let us be a part of it right? Let us help our parents let our Let's help our moms cook a little bit for a start rather than just waiting it for it to appear. Let's help our parents a little bit during this month what a blessing month to be the best son and daughter honestly, right I'm not just saying just you know restricted to this month, but let this month be a start to it. Don't just wait for your parents to do things for you this month. Be an active person in your family help prepare iftaar help prepare support these are things that we can do as young people to honestly gain the the experience of Ramadan Don't let it just be

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another Ramadan that comes and goes and you do the exact same things you do for the past 1516 1718 years. Let this Ramadan be one where it actually sticks out in your mind that one on the Day of Judgment we meet Allah subhana wa tada We are proud to say to him that 2018 Ramadan I truly experienced a blessing holistic Ramadan inshallah We ask Allah subhana wa tada to accept this holy month from all of us in sha Allah. So I'll pass the mic on to

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Dr. Aslan inshallah.

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inshallah, so Dr. arcilla, inshallah will give us a few tips on the health aspect of Ramadan.

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Ramadan in Monterey, Santa Monica.

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So, from medical point of view, a few things to consider during Ramadan are fluid intake, nutrition, and then for people who take medications, what to do about their medications. So if you think about fluid intake of obviously, from Soho to afar, you're not allowed to drink any water, human body, about 70% of the human body is water. So even if you go these 812 1416 hours without water, there is enough reserve in the body to draw on.

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A lot of people think that when they at the time of school, they have to drink a lot of water to compensate for the upcoming time and they won't be able to drink, it's not a much use, because the extra water that you drink, the body will excrete that. So don't be nervous about at that time, well, okay, I've got a fast number 14 hours, I better drink a lot of water, it doesn't help. Same thing is after, if are immediately trying to drink a lot of water, that doesn't help either.

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The body has mechanisms of handling this on a slow basis, bringing a lot of water will dilute out things immediately, the body will take care of it, again, extra that extra fluid and won't get you any benefit. So whatever water deficit you've had, it's better to replenish that slowly, rather than all of a sudden. And things that you want to replenish were the better drinking water rather than a lot of you know, soda is probably the worst thing. But even other juices and things are probably not the best thing to do. If you are in terms of fluids, water is the better thing. In terms of nutrition. Again, you know, our body runs on glucose, most of it. And in the absence of food during

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the day, there is stored glycogen in our liver, and the body breaks that down, use that up during the day.

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Besides that, you know fat tissue is also broken down. So again, even if you have not, if you've missed a couple of meals during the day, and you've not having enough food Alhamdulillah most of us nothing happens our bodies have plenty of store no problem. So trying to eat a lot at school or at the time of power in a beast the purpose. So

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smaller meal, probably break down the fire time into smaller meals that you stretch out a little bit. Don't take too much sweet stuff in one go because again, the glucose levels will build up in the body and which is not good for you in the bloodstream which is not good. So for so who is probably important to have some protein, some fat and some glucose, carbohydrates in the meal to a balanced soul. And then a balanced afar is what you need. Final thing is medications what to do with folks who are on medications, how to adjust that.

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I'll defer to sheherazade to explain you know what things are allowed or not allowed what to do about insulin pumps and things like that. But you know, obviously Islam allows us if somebody is ill, not too fast, but

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you need to consult your physician if you're on regular medications which how to adjust the dose and how to stretch those doses out. So if you take some medication twice a day, so whether taking him as you know in the morning and in the evening, especially during summer when the fastest longer is that enough or does the dose need to be adjusted? So that is something you should consult with your physician before Ramadan.

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People who are diabetic again,

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you know, but that they have an exemption

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or not, I'll defer to Chicago sir. But

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across the Muslim about 60 70% of diabetics still fast. So people who take medications for diabetes, they have to be careful. And they should consult their physician beforehand, because if they take extra medication, or the normal medicines, they might run low blood glucose levels during the day, because of the effects of medicine and they have not had enough to eat. On the other hand, they might eat too much more for suhoor or for afar, and the blood glucose level might go up too much. So for both things, either learning low blood glucose level or high blood glucose level is not good for you. So that is for diabetics, they have to review the medications with their physician before

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Ramadan and then discuss which medicines to continue, which not should they fast or not. For other illnesses, chronic illnesses, whatever medicine they take, they should review them with their physician beforehand.

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That's all I have if you have any questions about any health issues.

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show us

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right so you should review your insulin type.

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Okay, so the question is for diabetics, especially those who are on insulin, what to do about their insulin. So, there are different types of insulins Some are long acting, some are shorter acting, there are different recommendations for that. So for basal level insolence, maybe you could take it the evening dose, but not take the morning those probably not take short acting insolence, because if you take those specially with the soul, the blood glucose level might drop too much. But again, that is something that you should review with your physician how much dose should be adjusted, and whether any of the insulin types need to be changed during Ramadan. Now, there is one tricky

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question which is there are no peep some people are on insulin pumps. So that is already there. Insulin is continuously being given. And I don't know from Sharia standpoint, is that allowed or not medicine to be continually given during fast

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similar levels so that was Salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah, He will be one Well, I'm about. So inshallah we'll have a very, very quick crash course on the basic issues that affect most of us in Ramadan, and also the 15 questions that come up all the time, especially when it comes to issues that affect us in our daily lives, like the Salah timings and charts, we'll do that very quickly in sha Allah to Allah. So very briefly, let's go over it chronologically, the beginning and ending of the month we don't really have to discuss in this community because Alhamdulillah the Memphis community has agreed to unanimously Start and End Ramadan. And this is a big blessing from Allah

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subhana wa tada speaking from experience across this country, it is a big blessing that all of the massages have agreed to start and end on the same date. And so we stick with the Gema as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah, his hand is upon the group or the gym. So we stick with the Jamaat of the Muslims. And as you are aware, in our community all over the massage, we agree to the first sighting of the moon anywhere. And so we go by that and the same goes for the end, which is read so and Hamdulillah, that issue is agreed upon by our massages with regards to the actual fasting. And the charts that we follow. A lot of times, our MSC charts might be slightly different

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than the other massages, and people ask about this all the time. So I want to clarify very clearly why that is the case. Realize that the timing for fudger and Russia are somewhat ambiguous. You cannot have them down to a minute. Unlike Muslim, which is down to a second. right you know exactly when the sunsets and the her exactly when the sun is above you and starts to go down. You can have to a minute or two, okay? Also, there's a bit vague. Beginning of budget is a bit vague, and arratia is a bit vague. There's no exact minutes that you can say it begins. Rather the signs are, as the process of explained is beyond the scope of a class. It's not something you have a watch clock for.

00:24:50--> 00:24:59

So, in modern times, the question arose back in the 50s and 60s, the question arose, that what is the angle of the Sun below

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The horizon. So imagine the earth going around. So the angle of the Sun below the horizon that we will say is future time. And what is the angle of the Sun after the horizon? We will say is

00:25:12--> 00:25:49

not Muslim arratia mother is right when it sets Asia young guys following, right? So this is the straight line, the angle of the sun on one side, and then the angle of the sun on the other side, the majority said it is the same angle. So I'm actually have two angles, believe it or not. So we This is not the time to get into all of the discussion. All you need to know is there is no unanimous consensus. And the fifth Council of North America, which as you know, I'm a member of, but before I was remember this many, many years ago, the fifth Council in North America decided to follow a more easier for 12, which is 15 degrees, okay, it is 15 degrees. By the way, there are some

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rula in the world who say 13 some who say 12 some who say. So if you say 13, so you get more time 12 you say even more time, and the strictest is 2021 degrees. Right? So you have even earlier time, the omokoroa calendar Association, which is the one based in MCC. And because of that it has some prestige, they said 18 degrees. And because they said 18 so many of the scholars around the world, they adopted a teen. And that is what some of the other massages in Memphis have adopted 18 degrees. And that's fine, that's good. And I don't have any problem with it. And had it been winter months. I would have loved to have Gemma with them on this issue. But I believe that we should try to be easy

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for our Muslim community, especially that it's summer months. And there are children and teenagers and women that are pregnant or whatnot trying to fast we should not make Islam difficult where there is some leeway. And as we all know, those 20 minutes are very important. The beginning, those 20 minutes are a matter of not life and death, but sleep and awakeness. Right. And there is no question in my mind that Islam should be made easy where there is permissibility to make it easy as our Profit System said, Yes, sir. What are two asks you to make things easy don't make these difficult. So in this issue, I respectfully respectfully followed the position of the fifth Council. And I

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fully accept and endorse the other positions as being valid, no problem. But realize that we at MIT are following the fifth council North America, which is the oldest body of Islamic scholars here in this country, and a very senior body. And two years ago, they added me on to it. But the fact was, before I was there, this year, we had the fifth council meeting, this issue came up again, and I was present there. And we agreed that because there's so much people, you know, asking and whatnot, that we will take a look at this again and release a paper. So maybe next year, a paper will be released. And if anything changes with the council photo, then we will change at that time. But this year, we

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decided we're going to stick with the 15 degrees and realize there's no black and white, it's literally grape unintended gray, it's literally a gray area, that what exactly is the beginning of budget. So MIT is going with the 15 degree and the other massage is going 18 degree that 18 to 15 degree translates into 20 minutes in the summer, and in winter, two minutes. So if it's winter is no big deal. But in the summertime, you might find a difference of 20 minutes so accept that understand that and no problem is Sheldon if you wish to follow the other community no problem whatsoever. We're all aware that the the factors that break the fast by unanimous consensus of all the scholars

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are intentionally eating and drinking and intercourse or ejaculation these are by unanimous consensus that intentional

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eating and drinking intentional and also intentional obviously, climaxing if it's unintentional in a dream, it is forgiven. Or if you eat and drink accidentally and you don't know it is forgiven. The laugh comes in a number of other issues. We'll go over them very, very quickly. The majority say that withdrawing blood does not break your window. So this is the humblest of exception. But the other thing that I have seen no big deal. So if you have to withdraw blood, it does not break your window. This is the dominant majority position, and it is the fasting fasting sorry, and it is the correct position. Also the issue of the issue of injections and shots. The field Council of mcca

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

which is the largest Council in the world. This is the robata elements that is called the oyc Organization of Islamic conferences, which is the largest conference of scholars in the entire world. They come together annually, typically after Hajj and they choose a topic and they release many many fatawa almost 20 years ago, 15 years ago, they came together for medical issues. And one of the main things they discussed was injections during Ramadan injections during fasting and they have a very detailed fatwa. But the summary of it is that they concluded by an overwhelming majority that what breaks the fat

00:30:00--> 00:30:46

Is that which goes down the throat of any item food, drink, nourishment, or medicine, if it swallows into the throat, or injections that are meant to substitute food and buy food, they mean glucose, that which gives energy based on that. Now they did say it's best to not have any injections, if you're able to get out of it. But if you're not, then it is not something that breaks the fast. If you have to make an area numb for an operation or surgery, if you have to put a dye in before you enter the MRI, whatever it is, if you have to do injections for diabetes or what not right, that is not glucose. That's something that is medicinal. So if it is an injection for a medical issue, then

00:30:46--> 00:31:26

the fifth Council of North America also says this, but I'm saying this is the Robert atom field Council, which is the largest group and therefore from our perspective of the most authoritative body in the world, they have by a predominant majority said that any type of injection, that is non nutrient, and that's primarily, you know, drips or glucose types of that would be cheating, that would be trying to get energy or whatnot. Otherwise, anything else? No problem. Well, they said if you can get out of it, it'll reschedule the appointment if you have otherwise, if you cannot, then no problem whatsoever. They also have in that photo that eyedrops and eardrops and whatnot are

00:31:26--> 00:32:05

forgiven. But if you taste it in your mouth, you should do that and get rid of it, you should put some water and just get rid of it, you should not swallow the the drops that come in, because if you swallow then you're taking an external substance into the throat so what breaks the fast is not putting it in the mouth. Because you are allowed to do and the process of said do mama that is the shark but don't do it roughly don't put it all the way back. So he said do Mother Mother and do it stay sharp, but do not go exaggeration. So you can put something in your mouth and it will not break the wool. But if you swallow it, it will break. keep on saying go to the fast but if you swallow it,

00:32:05--> 00:32:07

it will break the fast therefore, in this case,

00:32:08--> 00:32:35

anything that goes into the mouth from these drops you should spit out because that is an external substance. However your saliva is internal and that is not something you need to spit out that your own body is producing to keep your your throat and your mouth moist. And that's something that is forgiven to do so these are the main factors about the breaking of the will do x that do not break will do according to that keep on saying well the Wyomissing will do I don't understand why.

00:32:36--> 00:33:18

The word? Yeah, don't worry, acts that do not break the fast and people think they break the fast. The asthma inhalers. Okay, a lot of controversy in this regard. But once again, the dominant position is that asthma inhaler should count as air or gas and not as fluid. And that makes sense. Okay, it's not fluid in the end of the day, it's a fine mist. And there are areas in the world where it's dense, you know, in its in its moistness, your fast is not broken, if you walk into that area, and it's really moist. If you walk into a sauna, and it's you just absorb the air, not that you intentionally do that you kind of sorted, but suppose it was something that happened, it's not going

00:33:18--> 00:34:02

to break the fast is it because it's moisture is in the air. So similarly, asthma is something that is a fine mist of a basically gaseous substance, it is not considered to be a liquid as well. Things that do not break the fat or the fast is the brushing of the teeth, this may be done. There's no breaking of the fast but the problem comes once again, the possibility of swallowing the toothpaste, right. So there's a number of ways out number one, do it carefully, okay. And there are professions where you should if you're a dentist yourself, you don't want to be that close to the patient and your mouth is not smelling nice. So no problem, do it. Number two, other miswak is a good health

00:34:02--> 00:34:44

substitute. And especially if it's fresh, so you get Miss walks that are vacuum packed. And the miswak is a magical tree. I mean from Allah as much as Baraka, when you use it, you don't need any toothpaste, and it makes your mouth smell nice and fresh. So you can use the miswak as well. If you want, you can use the tooth, pay a toothbrush without the toothpaste, if you're worried that is going to come inside you. But nonetheless, we just experiment you still have two weeks experiment. By using it if you need to. Obviously the best thing to do is to do it before selected feature so you're safe but some people as I said the professionals required no problem. The issue of

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

unintentional eating and drinking it is something that is well known the Hadith is very clear. The Prophet system said and this is the again the dominant position. Almost all the scholars say this because it's authentic hadith and Bahati that whoever eats or drinks without recognizing it.

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Then let him continue his fast for this is a law's gifting to him that Allah has gifted him food and drink, okay? And if Allah has gifted you food and drink Alhamdulillah, but if Allah has gifted somebody else you are required to tell him, okay, so you have to break the gift when you see somebody else, okay? So unfortunately, you have to be the bad guy here, because we are commanded to command the good and forbid the evil and should remind a parent to fasting like what's, you know, the brothers here, sometimes they forget, they got the water fountain walked by it, and they just, you know, lean over, and they just do that. So it's certainly because it's something you have to

00:35:36--> 00:35:39

help one another in antiqua. So you don't just remain quiet.

00:35:40--> 00:35:58

I know coconut is gonna cause some issues there. But this is what you have to do is you have to help one another in this regard. Now, the big controversy, the big controversy, which is in fact a very detailed one, we don't have time to get into all of the pros and cons in different positions is,

00:35:59--> 00:36:46

what if you intentionally broke the fast thinking that it was time to break, but then you found out it wasn't the time to break? This is not the same as unintentionally eating and drinking. Why? Because now you intended to break the fast. And the fast is related to the NEA. You see, so this is not the same ruling as unintentional. Because unintentional, you don't you forget, you're fasting, you just pass by water, you drink water? That's not the problem. But what if you just thought for some reason, Dan is at 735. And either you made a mistake, it's actually 745. And you thought I wasn't there, or you looked at the wrong watch. Whatever. Point is, you broke the fast before the

00:36:46--> 00:37:00

time, and you intended to break the fast, right? You understand the issue here. It's not the same as unintentionally eating and drinking, because you're Nia was to break the fast. Now, by unanimous consensus, you are not sinful.

00:37:01--> 00:37:47

But just because you're not sinful, doesn't mean you don't have to make up. And so the majority opinion is that you are required to make up even if you're not sinful, because the fast is broken. And a minority opinion says you are forgiven because you made an honest mistake. You understand this? Right? So this is a big controversial issue. And if you ask me what I lean towards even taymiyah has a treatise on this or he has a fatwa on this and he said our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala has overlooked from my oma alhaja oh one Nishan mistakes and forgetfulness. Allah has overlooked from my own ma mistakes and forgetfulness. Now, what is the

00:37:47--> 00:38:28

difference between a mistake and forgetfulness? It is the difference between eating while forgetting and between intentionally breaking but you thought it was the right time. Right. So this is Hata. And this yarn, and it is equated in the Hadith. The Prophet system said, Allah has overlooked from my oma, they're hot, and they're in a Seon and what they have been forced to do. So he put all of this on the same level, and therefore, even Tamia is fatwa and many scholars and I sympathize with this as well, that if you make a mistake, and obviously Allah knows your knee, and nobody plays with this, because you have five minutes left, you're not going to cheat in five minutes, you know, this

00:38:28--> 00:39:10

is your own mistake, that you made a mistake, if you make a mistake, then you are not sinful. And you do not have to make up the cover. And if you feel uncomfortable about this, then follow the majority position, no problem about that. Some final issues. And that is that the issues of those who do not fast, obviously, those people who are physically incapable of fasting, and this isn't many different types of categories. But those people who are very elderly, and they find themselves weak, too much weak if they fast, or those people that have a type of sickness or disease that requires them to eat constantly. So it's not just medicine or shots that they have to take, but they

00:39:10--> 00:39:59

actually need to eat these people. They are exempt from fasting. And if it is a permanent condition, then they simply give a photo, a video, which is basically to feed one person for every day of fasting. So for 30 days, they will feed 30 people, and the amount is around $10 that is an assessor that's $300. That's it 10 times 30 $300 they will give and they will find food for a poor person. That's the easy one. The temporary sickness, the temporary sickness is the one that prevents you from fasting. And what is the definition? What is the definition of a sickness that prevents you from fasting our scholars say that any sickness that the fast would exacerbate or you don't have the

00:39:59--> 00:40:00

patience or

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

The strength to bear fasting. A classic example is a fever. Okay, when you are feverish, you need fluids, you cannot last 16 hours without drinking is going to make the fever worse, it will make you nauseous, it is simply unhealthy. And so a fever is a classic example of a sickness. Why? Because not every sickness has to do with fasting, suppose you fell and you have a scar on your hand, or you have a cast on your arm that has nothing to do with the fast. So you cannot say, Oh, I'm sick here, I had a broken hand before Ramadan. So now I'm in a cast that has nothing to do with eating and drinking. So your sickness has to be related to the eating and drinking and such that the issue then

00:40:43--> 00:41:27

becomes problematic too fast. The last issue when it comes to those who cannot fast is obviously our sisters and their cycles. Those those weeks and days must be made up there's no for the enca photo to be done. And word of advice to those sisters during that time. That just because they're not fasting doesn't mean that Ramadan has come to an end for them for 678 days, rather, Ramadan continues. And so just because they do not fast, they should still do actions of worship, they should still do Vicar and do give charity. Listen to Koran and Tafseer they cannot fast agreed, but they should still spend those days and nights in other actions of worship. And in rituals that will

00:41:28--> 00:42:14

be a part of the the the spirit of Ramadan. And then the issue of women who are pregnant or feeding a child. For that, for that group of women. This is the again, the classic controversy goes back to the time of the Sahaba to Sahaba different photos about this. The first point is that the default is that a woman should try to fast in that period of time, just because she is expecting or she is expressing milk and her there are and breastfeeding doesn't automatically mean that she is exempt from fasting, too many of our sisters take it a little bit too easy in this regard. And they just assume that just because I am pregnant Carlos, the pen has been lifted from me, but no speak with a

00:42:14--> 00:42:54

doctor and follow your own instincts and advice. And it varies from first trimester to second to third. And you know best. And actually historically speaking, historically speaking, most of the women of the oma would fast in their pregnancy. And if you speak to doctors and their doctors sitting here, they would say a normal healthy lady, especially in the first and second trimester, it's not something that is an instant, significant harm, if she does not eat or drink for, you know, 1415 hours, she takes reasonable precaution. So the point is, rather than burden yourself with having to make up 30 days, and then you might be breastfeeding The next year, then get pregnant the

00:42:54--> 00:43:32

third year, then before you know it, you have 150 days to make up. Rather than get into that situation. Try your best to fast as much as you can with the community. Because as you all know, with the communities easier anyway, if it so happens, you cannot fast and you feel nauseous or extremely tired. Or a doctor says that your pregnancy is precarious. And you need to be taking medication or food or whatnot, no problem. In this case, your ruling will be the ruling of the one who is temporarily sick. And this is the obvious ruling from the ACA and from the knuckle. And that's why all former diver on this position, all former FDA have are on this position that a lady

00:43:32--> 00:44:09

who is pregnant or breastfeeding, and she feels she cannot fast. She then takes the ruling of the one who is temporarily sick, which means she cannot just write a check for $300 and be done with it. That wouldn't be fair. And that is why our sisters who even do it, they don't feel right about doing this. It's just not the right thing to do. They have to make up the fast because they're healthy after a year or two years or three years. And look it's only 30 days and you have the whole year to make it up. So intersperse it one day and then take a week off one day and you can easily finish 30 days before the next year if it continues to pile up, let it pile up and then when you are able to

00:44:09--> 00:44:17

fast then you will fast all of those days. And this is the dominant position of all of the mme the final point no fifth now a little bit of etiquette

00:44:18--> 00:44:59

about the fasting is that suhoor our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the angels the angels ask Allah's forgiveness for those who wake up for support. So do not be lazy and just eat at 2am and then have us wake up at six to at the very end of budget and then pray fudger No, do not be lazy. Wake up our process have said this a how to eat so even if it's just some water because there's Baraka in that. So make it a point to wake up for source code. Even if you're not hungry. Just take some dates and water to get the angels blessings on you as well realize that the

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

issue of fasting as brothersoft said, it's not just about eating and drinking. It's about a HELOC. It's about adapt. It's about your tongue. So monitor your habits throughout the day. And throughout the night. Of course, as well, community is so important in Ramadan. In fact, that's one of the highlights of the month community. So please try your best to pray in the massages of Allah Subhana, WA Tada, and especially fragile and Asia. These are the most blessed prayers to have in JAMA. And you know, at MIT, we have a family friendly that are we have policy, which has worked out amazingly well and hamdulillah. One hour 15 minutes is our policy, you notice we will start and end one hour,

00:45:39--> 00:46:17

15 minutes on the dot and shallow to either weekdays, weekends, one hour and 30 minutes. And we do this so that we can get the families to come and it's not too long. And I think it's healthy for a city to have different varieties, let some thought always be two and a half hour great. let some be smaller than this. So we want to be on the lesser side so we can get more people we can get the teenagers, we can get those who cannot spend two, three hours that have worked the next day. So we started at 10 o'clock we finished by 1115. And so this is a shallow, reasonable thing to do and realize that whoever prays with the Imam, he will get the reward of having prayed the whole night

00:46:17--> 00:46:56

this hadith is there as well. Whoever prays with the Imam, he will get the reward of having prayed the entire night. So you pray Torah we and you finish with us here in sha Allah with the other you get the idea of the entire night in case you are not able to pray, then my advice to you is that at least come for salata. lorisha. And I know this sounds weird to many of us because for us, we connect Asia and tarawih together, but it is not as two separate prayers. It is two separate prayers. And the blessings of Asia are like the sun compared to the moon of Terra with Russia and the father of Asia is as bright as the sun. And Talia is great in fact, not even the moon Lucas is

00:46:56--> 00:47:34

the star. It cannot compare to the blessings of Russia, it is better for you to drive all the way here and pratyusha and go back home than to pray all 10 records at home of thoroughly and not preparation and the messages. So try to pray even if you're not able to put all of that out. We're just conference a lot of Asia you have the Gemma of Russia and budget is even more blessed than Asia. So if you can pray for budget as well and and hamdulillah I'm really happy to say that especially the last 10 nights, we have more people for fudger than on most Juma as Al Hamdulillah. That's a very very positive sign. But we don't just want the last 10 nights we want all of the days

00:47:34--> 00:48:17

of Torah we will have fudger and Asia to be full over here. In case you're not able to pray in the masjid then pray at home on a daily basis on a daily basis pray the witnesses that are always at home because it is a part of Ramadan. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave us three opportunities to be forgiven in Ramadan number one, whoever fasts everyday number two, whoever prays every night and number three, whoever prays on layer two, either one of these three he said if you do them, all of your previous sins will be forgiven one of these three How about if we do all three, so one of these three, all of your previous sins are forgiven. And that means every single night you pray extra, so

00:48:17--> 00:49:00

if you're not able to pray with us, okay, pray at home and pray. The ideal is a truck garden and three with it. So after Isha a trichardt and three winter and if you are truly busy, and you must condense, then you can do a an acceptable job of a trucker and Asia and Whitten an acceptable job in half an hour. It is something that if you time yourself if you're not able to come to the masjid, you can do the bare minimum just to check it off that Oh Allah I did it. So those that are super busy, they cannot come all the way here then at home they should schedule in, you may hold the most half or your iPhone app or whatever during the winter and, and data we're not doing a show obviously

00:49:00--> 00:49:46

doing with it until now we may hold and you may read from there and do what you can. Other other other advice as well for Ramadan is that Ramadan is the month of the Quran. And so always read some portion of the Quran calculate out How will I finish the Quran once, twice, three times. And it's not that much if you really think about it. 20 pages is what you have to read per day in order to finish the month with one hotma. And that's a very low rank but 20 pages 20 pages will not take you if you're a slow reader, it will take you 30 minutes if you're a slow reader 20 pages will take you 30 minutes, so try to finish up after a little bit. There is no lunch now. So during lunch break,

00:49:46--> 00:49:59

just open up your most half in your office or cubicle do half of us at least you're not going to go lunch anywhere. So you can use that lunch break to do as much foreign as possible. Then, after mostly between ballclub and Asia come to the masjid early or after throw

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

We just squeeze in another five pages so five after fudger 10 in lunch break five or seven eight in the evening and how long do you have a down one juice a day and by the time the month finishes of hamdulillah you would have finished the entire Koran. So make this as well a part of the routine because Shahada Ramadan Allah The NZ Luffy Hill Koran houden Dinesh COVID-19 Hello for Allah mentioned in the Quran the only month that Allah mentions by name is Ramadan. And then he says that Ramadan is the month the Koran comes down. Then he says whoever is able to then fast so the Quran is mentioned before fasting when it comes to Ramadan, Ramadan Koran Sam, this is in the Quran, Ramadan

00:50:40--> 00:51:22

or onsea so Koran is mentioned before Psalm when it comes to the month of Ramadan so it is as if as if it is more important even though it's not theoretically but as if Allah is saying that this is the month of the Koran so do what you can as much as you can have the Koran and then last point and with this we conclude on the floor inshallah to Allah for questions what not last point make it your goal and your Nia to be a better person this Ramadan than you've ever been and that one Ramadan finishes that you're able to maintain a level of worship and a bar that is better than your current level. So put it in your mind from now that what am i lacking that I should be doing? Those of you

00:51:22--> 00:51:59

that are not praying five times a day those of us that are not praying five times a day, then it is about time loss no more excuses This is it. Ramadan is gonna make you perfect when you're five Salah one Ramadan finishes, at least your Salawat will continue. Those of you that are praying the five but you're not having the sooner robotic the regular student as the sooner that process and would pray the 10 or 12 record the two of Vegeta and the four of Lord and the and the three of mother, the two of Muslims and the Asia those sunon make them down to a habit if you're not doing them if you're doing those then add a little bit like slots, or occasional tahajjud so that one Ramadan finishes,

00:51:59--> 00:52:35

you're going to squeeze something in and the goal is every Ramadan, you raise the bar just a little bit so that inshallah tada you keep on becoming better and better and better so that the best Ramadan of your life is the last Ramadan and that is that I'll move on that you will meet Allah subhana wa tada after having perfected we never we don't know when will be our last Ramadan. We just pray janazah for our brother a few days ago who if you remember him he was one of our brothers who would come regularly regularly I remember him clearly he would sit on that chair over there for Joomla and every time we would shake hands and whatnot and it's just kind of odd that Allah and he

00:52:35--> 00:53:17

just death came and one two weeks before them along we prayed over him and it's going to be the case one time it will be Mijin as a new origin as well. We do not know when will be our last Ramadan so make the Nia This is going to be my best Ramadan ever. And that should be our near every Ramadan and with that Nia and shallow data we will be able to have the best Ramadan before we die May Allah subhana wa tada bless us to fast Ramadan with Iman and last May Allah subhana wa tada give us the tofield to stand in total we have them every single night of Ramadan May Allah subhana wa tada guide us to the Laila to others so that we can stand on that night and make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:53:17--> 00:53:58

May Allah purify our fast this year, may Allah make this Ramadan the best Ramadan of our lives. May Allah subhana wa tada accept from us our meager deeds. May Allah overlook our imperfections and our shortcomings. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive us for our sins to bless us in our good deeds to exalt us in our ranks to overlook us in our shortcomings. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to widen our graves for us and to make our graves a place of light and not a place of darkness. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make the Kadima of La ilaha illa Allah The last thing that we ever uttered from this world We ask Allah subhana wa tada that he raises us amongst the Shahada, and then it'd be in

00:53:58--> 00:54:37

and this is the thing we ask Allah subhana wa tada for the shefa of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in kiama. We ask Allah to be sheltered under the shade of Allah and under the throne of Allah when there is no shade other than his shade. We asked a lot to cause us to enter agenda from Baba rayyan the door that is guaranteed for those who fast Ramadan, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to quench our thirst from the held and the fountain of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on clamor, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to be amongst the earliest batch that enter agenda and two causes us to enter agenda without any accounting without any reckoning. We ask Allah to be

00:54:37--> 00:55:00

handed our books in the right hand and to be made our feets firm as we cross over the salt and to maybe our faces bright as we look at him and we ask Allah subhana wa tada for the company of the prophets of Allah Why did he was setting them in Gen two for those that are the mean some mania or hamara a mean without inshallah Tada. open the floor for any questions or comments or question

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

concerns about the issue of Ramadan Bismillah

00:55:13--> 00:55:14

How is their optional fasting Ramadan?

00:55:18--> 00:55:58

Is there any difference between the optional faster we do outside of Ramadan and the faster Ramadan? Yes, of course because in the Hadith inside Bahati, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that none of you can come closer to Allah, then by doing the photo of the good deeds, and once you have done the father good deeds, then you come closer to a lot through the Nuffield good deeds. So there is no comparison between the father and the Nuffield the father is far more blessed. And the father is infinitely more important than any nothing and especially Ramadan. Because Ramadan is a month that is blessing. So everything that we do in it has become blessing. So there is no comparison from a

00:55:58--> 00:56:03

bond is lightyears ahead. Okay. Yes, sister is about good.

00:56:11--> 00:56:53

So the Nia, one should it be done? The Nia is something that you are aware of? Why do you wake up at 4am? Except that you're going too fast that day? That is your knee the concept of Nia is I know I'm doing this right. So in a follow the siyam, which is Ramadan, the Nia must be in the back of your mind before fudger. But in enough fill, Sam, there is concession given given that suppose you pray fudger you went to sleep you woke up on a weekend at 12 o'clock, and it's a soft winter month and find your mother is that what 534 30 Mashallah you memorize that you're waiting for the next 13 years? 13 years I'm counting to Don't worry. 13 years from now

00:56:54--> 00:57:16

is gonna be at 430. So, when that happens, you know, I only have four hours, let me fast no problem. Nothing fast. You don't have to have the Nia before fudger. It's nothing, no big deal. For the fast you have to have the knee. But what does it mean to have the knee it means that you're just aware that I'm fasting. So the point is, all of us are we're going to be fasting in Ramadan. That is the nia. Okay.

00:57:18--> 00:57:19

What about what

00:57:21--> 00:57:27

vomiting? The the Hadith is explicit that the profitsystem said that whoever

00:57:28--> 00:57:41

in voluntarily threw up may continue fasting, whoever forced himself to throw up his fast is broken. So to force yourself to throw up is something that should not be done. Okay? Yes, in the backward.

00:57:48--> 00:58:25

Okay, so as usual, we have daily if thought and daily affairs are given a domestic for everybody for free. And we need volunteers and donors to sign up for The Daily thoughts. So the calendar is already out there. And everybody knows, within a few days, the calendar is full Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. So please sign up as soon as you can. And book a day if one of you can do it great. If not, then two, three come together. 10 people come together, a group of people come together and just book up one of those days for and of course, weekends, we'll have more people. So if you want to do a weekend as well then do that. And you can also speak to

00:58:26--> 00:58:35

Brother football to get the costs and the logistics because you just have to write a check to the any group that you want. that caters the footage, hello, Todd is good.

00:58:40--> 00:59:22

If you have to travel for work, any type of traveling gives you the concession of breaking the fast if you call it and consider traveling, whether you actually break or not is up to you. You should not make your life more difficult. Because that's against the sun. But if the fast is super easy, and it's a quick flight, suppose you're taking a flight to Nashville. Why would you want to break the fast if you're regular and healthy and whatnot, you're gonna be like it's a bigger hustle to make up after Ramadan. I'm in the mood. I'm in the spirit ordering every day, go for it. So it's up to you. The Hadith is very clear. It is not righteousness too fast when you're traveling, lay some

00:59:22--> 01:00:00

in a bit of sampha suffer. What does this mean? Don't think you're extra religious or holy, if you're taking on the burden of fasting when fasting is a burden in Ramadan. But if it's regular and normal, and you don't feel much difference in fasting and not and this goes back to your own strength, and I've said this many times before that I'm a person who when I travel, my throat becomes dry and I need to drink if it's more than two hours, three hours I need to drink or else I get nauseous and whatnot. And I have traveled enough to know my schedule very well my habits. So I if it's a short flight, I will not break

01:00:00--> 01:00:36

It, okay, from here to Atlanta, I'm not gonna break it. But if it's a longer flight, I will break it. But some people might be different in some people like I can last four or five hours on a plane. It's nice and air conditioned, I don't find it, I find it a problem. So good for him. And if I had that strength, I would also not break it because we all know it's a bigger hassle to make it up after the month, but don't make life difficult. And if you feel is going to be an irritation, a nuisance, then you should break the fast because as the processor said, Allah loves that his gifts are accepted. This is a gift. So Allah loves his gift to be accepted when you're able to accept

01:00:36--> 01:00:38

them. Okay? This relay is good.

01:00:41--> 01:00:42

Can you give what?

01:00:43--> 01:00:51

Yes, yes, you can give Yes, yes, you can take blood off. It's not taking blood is not going to break the fast. No problem. inshallah. Okay. Yes. Our young boy brother woods. Yes, yes.

01:01:09--> 01:01:14

Here's how much time early in the morning. When you wake up for breakfast. You're early.

01:01:16--> 01:01:59

Oh, if third time, if you purposely eat five minutes before? Is that what you're asking? Yeah. I mean, if you know that it's five minutes earlier than you have broken the fast. We're talking about you made a mistake, where you looked at the wrong time the clock maybe you looked at the wrong clock? Or you thought that it's gonna break at 740. And actually, it was 745. So you broke at 740 and you're eating and drinking, then somebody comes in? What are you doing is done still five minutes left? And you didn't know it was five minutes later? This? You made a mistake in figuring out the time but nobody, nobody is going to intentionally break five minutes before five minutes is

01:01:59--> 01:02:16

a bit too little to be that sacrificing your so nobody's going to intentionally break five minutes before knowing that is five minutes we said that if it's a mistake, then the majority position is that he should make up but inshallah the minority and the one that I will follow is he doesn't have to make up okay, he has good.

01:02:36--> 01:03:15

So a brother in law is saying that the when you feed the people to break the fast is this only for the poor or for anybody? Well, there's no doubt that feeding the poor has its own reward. Nobody's denying that. But the blessings of breaking the fast and giving food to break the faster for everybody. Our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Whoever provides a thought for the fasting person shall get the reward of the fasting person without his reward being diminished in any way. So if you feed 100 people, and you pay for their food, you are getting the reward of 100 people's fast and the all 100 people are getting their full reward as well. Because Allah gives and he doesn't count. So

01:03:15--> 01:03:42

it is for everybody. And our MRC has a daily if thought over here and it is for everybody. You don't have to be poor to be eating here. It's for community and for the oma to come and be a part of it. And you will get the reward now, no doubt no doubt if you go out of your way to find the poor people who need the food. In that going out of your way. There's more blessing and reward. But overall the blessings of feeding are for everybody in Charlottetown. Okay, is specifically

01:03:46--> 01:04:09

if you delay breaking the thought of by a few minutes, no, there's no need to do this. Because if thought it is down to a exact minute, you know exactly scientifically, when the disc of the moon the sun sets beyond the horizon that is down to a minute. So there's no need to delay. There's no need to

01:04:10--> 01:04:11


01:04:15--> 01:04:56

But see, I would say there is no safe side here because you if you're if you your shuck will be is your watch accurate or not? That's your shuck. If you have any iPhone or Android, your watch is accurate. Okay, your watch is accurate. But if you have one of these old watches that you have to wind up this is a winding watch actually believe it or not. If you have one of these watches that is winding up right and you forget to wind up and you're like I don't know what time it is, then you should be on the safe side just for this issue. But overall, the the breaking of the fast our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said my own machelle repenting, written remain upon good as long as they

01:04:56--> 01:04:59

do not delay the far the meaning is don't

01:05:00--> 01:05:25

Become over precautious when the media is not asking you and the thought, once upon a time, you could see it down to the exact second. These days, they can calculate it down to the exact minute. So I don't see the need to be precautious here. On the other hand fudger I don't have a problem, because fragile is a little bit more so if you wanted to the no problem if there's a need to no problem shallow down. Yes, in the back. Go ahead. Yes.

01:05:28--> 01:05:29

Brother Safi Bismillah

01:05:37--> 01:05:38


01:05:47--> 01:05:47


01:05:48--> 01:05:49

try to sleep

01:06:04--> 01:06:08

right? I'm actually going to multiply myself and make sure I'm a security guard in the parking lot

01:06:09--> 01:06:51

No, no, actually I plan to have a little get together session inshallah with some of the youth before Ramadan starts and kind of really drive it home and also on Thursday, we're actually having a meeting in order to kind of plan programs for actually from what I know the issue is actually not the teenagers the issue are the kids from ages eight to 12 that are kind of running around that's always what I was told. But regardless that entire age group what we're gonna do inshallah is a I'm going to make sure that I enforce that you know, that at this age it's time to start taking your no awful prayer little seriously start trying to take away a little seriously and inshallah you know,

01:06:51--> 01:07:23

just kind of the whole concept of of making sure that you don't leave this Ramadan regretting anything you know, and I think that's the point to kind of drive home and obviously, again, like I'm just one person I don't I don't live with them. So what I will do in sha Allah is I'll try my best to make sure that they understand that because that's at least the most that I can do. But also we are having programs throughout the entire month of Ramadan actually we're having on Wednesday nights actually, all the young people are pretty excited about on Wednesday nights we're having our Koran study on Fridays, we're continuing our series so we'll go through it's not just a one time thing I'm

01:07:23--> 01:07:29

going to talk to them beforehand. We're gonna keep reinforcing this idea every single week you know two three times a week inshallah so

01:07:35--> 01:07:37

right right, they're going back up inshallah

01:07:39--> 01:07:47

Oh no, I don't do that. As far as I know. I don't I never turned the lights on while I thought it was because I'm actually inside so I can't go outside. I'm physically unable to turn on the lights.

01:07:48--> 01:08:01

So I will but I will make sure that all the other youth volunteers and youth leaders inshallah know that and all the facility managers inshallah will will be aware of that as well Don't worry I'll take care of inshallah so rather than being inside maybe you should be outside

01:08:03--> 01:08:05

this is good design regular shake told me not to throw away

01:08:06--> 01:08:42

if you're not praying of thought Ah, we will facilitate our hundreds of us to be more religious will law here I'm giving you that concession vote this will take care of it. We do have a problem we know this that the youth just have a fun time in the parking lot in its own way. It's not bad they're socializing. They're meeting Muslim friends and whatnot but still we know we need to up the bar so let's hope inshallah you gives you guys a team and let's help inshallah Tada. Shall Any other questions. Yes. We encourage the youth What if we encourage the youth to come and pray the Isha Bye, but at least they're here for Russia, but then they can go and play? I would say we shouldn't

01:08:42--> 01:09:21

encourage we should mandate it. I would say salata Asia should be mandatory and we have an Islamic right to say that that nobody should be playing outside the masjid that is above the age of seven or eight indeed below that okay, but above the age of seven or eight islamically we should as much as we can mandate that nobody can be playing basketball soccer outside when certain issues going on. after Isha we cannot mandate but we would like some of maybe you can get some volunteers I understand I'm just kidding with your half kidding with you one day pray one day outside maybe a compromise released okay. But but but I think some things should be done about the you know, the

01:09:21--> 01:09:29

evening so you also share us with your suggestions and ideas as well because we're all in this together. How to make our community a better place inshallah. inshallah.

01:09:31--> 01:09:31


01:09:34--> 01:09:52

Mashallah. So, brother Rosemont is saying clock in and clock out for the teenagers so they can be rewarded. And brothers man is going to give $1 per Raka right, that's what you said, huh? $1 per guy for every dollar we prayed right? Brother Brother, just said let's make him in charge. He just volunteered

01:10:02--> 01:10:27

Yes, where's brother? Ooh sleazy here, I say, we had translated the door of winter. Right? So he's saying from day one, if we can hand it out, and give it to everybody, so if you can have that done, I had translated the whole document. Obviously, we changed the road, but at least the main to us were there that we can follow along each other. It's a good idea, and let's do this inshallah. for that. Okay, final questions before we wrap up Bismillah.

01:10:39--> 01:11:16

Can other communities of Memphis follow our federal federal, I realized is only federal timing ratios, the same mother, it was the same, it's only federal time short. This is not this is not Massoud related. The issue is the angle is 15, or 18. Doesn't matter which machine you happen to be geographically closer to, there are both opinions out there. And those massage you choose the 18 degree and as I said, I respect that it is a valid point. But it's not set in stone. And I don't have a problem with the 15 degree angle, and that's the one we're going with so they are allowed to opt in. And I've explained here who says what, and the end of the day, this is a speciality that the

01:11:16--> 01:11:23

average lay Muslim should just choose a specialist and go with it. And whichever specialist they choose, they are not suited for this inshallah Tada.

01:11:48--> 01:12:26

A valid point brother body's saying that there's only so much MMIC can do brother Safi can do to manage the youth in the end of the day. This isn't just a free babysitting for teenagers. The babysitting is for the little kids, the toddlers, that's Yes, we will take charge professionals are there. But in terms of teenagers, really the main response to and even not just preteens as well, the main responsibility is the family. And some years we've actually had issues that are not good at all, and even sometimes close to accidents happening with cars running in the me, the kids running in front of the cars and whatnot. It's not something that MIT can monitor and I say this fair and

01:12:26--> 01:13:04

squared, the primary responsibility is on the parents, US parents and I'm one of you, I myself have three teenagers. I'm one of you guys in this regard as well. It's our responsibility to talk to our children and lay the rules for them. And in brutal honesty, half joking with a smile, we as parents can give incentives to our children and we should give incentives if you pray you know the whole month of Ramadan you know, I'll get you this you know, and it is holiday. The scholars have said you can incentivize that that age incentives work you know, it's not a problem to do that I'll get to your ps4 whatever it is, you know, get it for you. It's not a problem to the your EAD gift. If you

01:13:04--> 01:13:31

pray this much if you memorize this much that's what the oma has done. What are the Koran prizes for what are the you know, memorizing Mattoon for all of this is good and Helen and you as the parents should take charge that make it a standard for them. If you do this much you're going to get you know this and more happier than this that Allah will be happy with. You always add the religious aspect but no problem adding some Dunleavy. So I agree 100%. The primary responsibility is the parents Dinesh and then the final question is celibacy.

01:13:33--> 01:14:13

So we are getting a student from the University of Medina. He's from Florida, born and raised, and he's currently studying in Medina. And he studied with one of the world famous Korra party to Sham here in America is world famous. He's on YouTube many times he's his student. So he's a very Mashallah young lad 20 to 23 years old, and he's his lead in his home state of Florida. This is the first time he's going to be coming out of his state. So we're excited to have him he's going to be an up and coming name in the future years because he's still a student in Medina. So inshallah and he speaks English obviously born and raised here. So we're looking forward to that and I can send

01:14:13--> 01:14:27

some clips for MIT as well that they can listen to. He's also on YouTube arquata inshallah, and with that, inshallah, Tada. We will break for Southeast Asia. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah for blessings and Baraka, zachman lacus, and I'm at a conference aloha vodka.