Mufti Menk – Lessons from Abu Bakr RA

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was ibH main. We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of us to And may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless the oma and humanity at large. I mean, my brothers, my sisters,

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you know that we're speaking about those who were the closest to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and those who have been told by him that for you is Jenna. There were many of them who were told for you is Jenna, you will earn or you will actually be in paradise.

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from among them 10 were told in one sitting in one narration by name 10 names mentioned one after the other. The first from among them was Abu Bakr, Siddiq rhodiola. And what I will do today, because I have about 30 minutes to speak to you now,

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I won't go into his entire history, and I won't go into every detail of his life. But I will take a few details. And we will draw lessons that we can apply in our own lives so that we can also become people who are better who are closer to Allah, who are closer to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Before I begin, I actually want to say that every one of us is loved by Allah. If you doubt that, there is a problem in your heart, we are loved by Allah subhanho wa Taala because he has chosen us to be from among the oma of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah and he has created us in the first place. So therefore, His mercy shall definitely encompass us. No matter what you've done

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for as long as you are trying your best to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala never give up. Let's go into the life of Abu Bakr Siddiq starting with his name, what was his name? So every one of us say, says Abu Bakar. Abu Bakar was just a kuhnian a cornea means like,

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a pet name, you know, you have a nickname given to someone, you say a bulan someone has a beard, you say, you know, Abu Abu means someone who has the quality of it could also mean farther off. Sometimes literally, father of this person, father of that person and sometimes father of jokes. For example, father have a smile, a beautiful smile, for example. So they call him

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you know, for example, like I said, a Buddha here, you know, the guy who has a beard, etc. I remember there was a guy in the middle east who had a cap, he became famous for that. And they called him a boot cap.

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So here Abu Bakr Siddiq.

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It was a name given to him. And his real name was actually Abdullah, when you were aware of that, the reason why we need to know this is because he was the best of those to tread the earth after the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We know that the creation of Allah subhanahu wa Jalla, the highest and the most noble Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we have from among the humankind the best of the lot were the prophets of Allah, they were chosen by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So indeed, they were the best after them. There was a specific person who was considered the best of all humankind after the prophets of Allah. And that is a Booba Casa de la mano Abdullah Abdullah,

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his father was known as Abu hanifa. That was also a nickname. It was also a kuhnian Abu hanifa his father's name was actually with men with men to Panama. So that makes his name Abdullah ignorance man on the line. I'm sure a lot of you might not have known that before today. So Panama, can you just show me hands? How many did not know that? I'm the live North man. So Panama I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to share with you the name of the best of mankind after the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala, a man known as Abdullah hypnobirth man,

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a damiel Karachi.

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What a beautiful man and he is indeed one of my one of my heroes, a legend Subhan Allah I was asked a few months ago when I was in Perth.

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Who would you like to be with in general

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Who would you like to meet from among the companions or from among the people who are, you know, religious, etc, etc. And I remember saying Booba Casa de la and obviously after the messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala I really love to be with this man, because he had some qualities that really we need to learn from, we need to learn from where did this come from? The Siddiq came later on in his life, because he realized and recognized that his friend who was Mohammed Abdullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam was not a liar. So every time people said something

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referred to referring to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would believe it immediately, immediately without a doubt, when the Mirage happened and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam went up to the seven heavens from beighton mark this meaning from Mecca, tbaytel, mark this gone all the way up to the seven heavens come down and come back somehow Allah, you know what? The people of Quraysh obviously they began to laugh at it. And they began to say what a joke. And they started asking a question to abubaker Sadiq Khan, would you believe this? Without saying Who said it? The minute they said his name, he said, he said it is definitely the truth cannot be a lie. Subhana

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Allah. Now I have a question for myself and yourselves. How many of us can be so truthful that people around you would say if he said it, if she said it, it's not a lie. So can Allah sometimes we're too embarrassed of the reality. So what we do in order to run away from it just lie. So Panama just lie or created in such a way? That it's not actually a lie, but it's not true as well. It's just in the middle of dangling hanging, you know, some hand Allah.

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Someone asked you, did you go? Did you go to that club? You say, Well, people go, No, you didn't say I went, I didn't go. People go. It's neither yes nor No. This is just an example that comes to my mind. We need to be so truthful that we create a reputation. If this person's given you their work, it is done. Considering done in Sharla. I hope and I pray that I can work on this. And every one of us can work on it. Because if we don't, then we haven't learned something from the lack of acidic. lockup is like a title given to him acidic, we need to learn something from it. And the biggest thing that I learned from it is I need to make myself such that when people say when I say

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something, people believe it. And then we would also be able to recognize others who are similar.

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And we got to start the trend. People say, Well, everyone lies no they don't not everyone lies.

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May Allah make it easy. He was born of the liveliness Monrovia Moran, who was born two years after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he was actually a halifa for two years, which makes his age upon his death exactly the same as the age of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he passed away. Muhammad sallahu wa sallam passed away at what age

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63 Ababa Casa de la passed away at what age 63. But because he was born two years later, he passed away two years later as well. So Han Allah amazing. That brings me to a very interesting point. How old are you now is a question you need to ask yourself. If you are 14, well, the most beloved unto Allah lived for another 23 years to Panama, Subhana Allah. And if you're like me a little bit older than you need to worry about because you know that Allah's mercy will take you to Jenna, but you need to keep trying. That's the secret. Keep trying. I'm convinced that if I were to die, or if you were to die, we would be going to a much better place than the places we are. Or we could be while

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alive. I'm convinced because I have faith. And I know that no matter what bad I've done in my life, I know I'm going to be facing someone more merciful than my own mother. By 100 times and beyond. So I have so much of Oh, but to get that mercy, I just need to keep trying. When I do something wrong. I seek the forgiveness of Allah. I keep trying and I don't intentionally plan to be an evil person. You know, you go and you pinch and you do this and you steal and you commit this and that and every evil that you can think of and you say But didn't you hear we were told that some Allah is much more merciful than my own mother. My mother doesn't mind. Me Allah forgive us. Allah make it easy for us.

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But I'm just, you know, renewing the fact that we are believers and we believe that we are going to a better place Abubakar

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when he was young,

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a few things happen that we need to know about. Number one, he always had the best of friends, the best of friends, those who were truthful people, those who did not have bad habits. Number two, he never

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never touched alcohol, even though there was no ruling about alcohol. He didn't touch it. From the beginning before it was prohibited. He was one of those who didn't drink because he saw people drinking and what happened to them, they would lose their mind. And he said, not for me, which means he had good qualities.

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Now, I want to tell you, my brothers and sisters, I've tried to work on this and I'd like you to work on it too. And I'd like you to understand your children. May Allah bless you with children just say I mean even if you're not married, may Allah bless you with children say I mean Mashallah, you might want to know why did I say that? Even if you're not married, you say I mean? Because if you say May Allah bless me with good offspring, and you're not get married, then to our includes the fact that you're going to get married and then things will happen and then you'll have kids, it's like saying Yala, I'd like to have the latest. Tesla helped me Yala so that I can buy what would

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happen well, if you're sitting unemployed perhaps you'll get a job and thereafter you'll be earning money and thereafter you'll be doing what at what you buy so many other things and a Tesla will be 10 on your list but because that came in your other nine things came as well You follow? So Mashallah you say May Allah grant me pious offspring that's a good enough to add to say. Mr. Hanson must walk along. You know, Subhana Allah, Allah make it easy. You're waiting for Mr. Right? This is why some of the intelligent boys when you ask them, what's your name? You'd say my name is Abbas. Right?

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So Hon, Allah May Allah subhanho, wa Taala, grant us goodness and ease. So Baba, Casa de had good friends, your loved one from the beginning, he had good friends, I promise you if you had good friends.

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Happy, you don't need to show that to me, I've got one better than yours here should you can.

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Don't worry. 29 minutes, 59 seconds, I'll be done.

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Ababa, Casa de la one who had the best of friends. And I promise you with us, we need very good friends. If you want to be a good person, the first thing you need to do, ask yourself who your friends are, who you mix with, I promise you, that's the biggest thing I learned from

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in terms of relationships, in terms of your social circles. So how to love my children. And I'd like to extend it to your children too. If you want to give them advice as they are going into universities or as they're departing the home or when they're growing up. You need to do two things, you need to build a relationship with them, because that's what will solve problems. People come and say, please come and explain to my daughter, you know she's doing this and doing that. Sister, you are the mother, you're supposed to have spent so much time with your daughter all along and built a relationship. Father, you are supposed to have come home, ma ma ma, you're supposed to have come

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home, and you're supposed to have spent time with your kids before it got to where it is. Now a lot of us have problems with children not because they have been diverted and they have lost the path because we've lost the path. We didn't really build a relationship with them.

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So amazing how I learned this, you tell your children firstly you develop a relationship with them. And secondly, tell them to watch the type of friends they give or guide them, guide them regarding their friends because that is what I learned from Booba Casa de la jolla when he was already a friend of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Yes, I know. Someone might say, Well, that was the key. That was destiny. Well, I can tell you something. That's quite a wise answer, because you don't blame destiny for your failure. But what you do do is wherever you've done something, and now it's already water under the bridge, you can say look, it was tequila, Angela, I'm gonna try and do

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better and continue making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Ababa, Casa de la who had the best of friends, I will make sure I have them. And I will encourage my children to have them. Because when people are going to university and they ask me, I just give you an example. And I don't know why I'm saying uni, but I think that's the age where people are molded, you know, molded? You've got to tell them when they asked me for advice. I say just have the best of friends. Make sure you have your friends with good morals and values and lovely so bad habits etc, etc. And you know what happens? People who have good friends when the friends leads Salah, even if they're lazy, they will just join

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alone. People who have good friends when they're in a job, they will also wear the hijab without a word being said, they will go to halau plays they will have good values, a lovely set of morals. But if your friends are not of that level, what do you expect? They've all gone into the wrong direction and what happens these people go as well into the wrong direction with them. This was what I learned from abubaker Casa de la mano something amazing, something unique, something powerful. So he did not taste alcohol. Another thing he never worshipped idols from the beginning. It's a point we need to know this means that he

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Even though there are things happening across the globe that might seem, you know that might be fair seeming to a lot. According to your level of understanding this is wrong. don't participate in it for yourself, keep yourself back, who told a Baba Casa de la mano that worshipping sticks and stones or foodstuffs or for example,

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idols etc, was wrong, no one told him. Everyone used to do it the whole of Quraysh used to participate with the exception of a few like Abu Bakr Siddiq and his friend Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who has not yet and abhi of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Ababa Casa de la Mora who did not worship the idols, he didn't drink alcohol, he had a lovely set of friends, he was a very, very successful businessman. He was so wealthy. At that stage, he was well known in muckety muck karma and respected although he was in his 30s, he was in his 30s, and at the stage where he sallallahu alayhi, wasallam, God Prophethood. And he heard about it from others. And then he went to

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his friend and he says, Look, I've heard from Quraysh, that you are saying, don't worship the idols don't do this, don't do that. If you want to worship Allah alone, you've got to leave what your forefathers have been doing when it's wrong. And Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told him, yes, I am saying that, and I have said that, and I tell you, my friend, Allah has sent me as a prophet, to remind people to worship Him alone, and to quit everything that is bad and evil,

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to do good, and to be kind, etc. When he heard it, you know what he said? He said, I believe, I believe in what you said. He was the first from the men from the men from the grown men to be a follower of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. The first of all mankind was Khadija Saavedra De La Hoya. And

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then we have Annie,

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who was the first from among the boys, we have Abu Bakr Siddiq, or the Allahu anhu, who was the first from among the men. So these names, you've got to know them, we have zeytinburnu haritha. He was a little slave boy who was freed. He accepted Islam right at the beginning, they did not doubt what was being said, You know why Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did not call towards himself Not once. Today we hear people speaking across the globe, Mashallah, when you hear a scholar speak, or anyone else speak, the minute they call towards themselves, they are wrong.

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When they call towards Allah and improvement of yourself for the sake of Allah, you know, that we need to pray for them. We do not need to develop a personal relationship with them.

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Especially if it's for the wrong reasons, because that's what happens sometimes. And we need to realize they are human as well they make make may make mistakes, but we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us better people. The moment someone calls towards Allah and asked you to improve for your goodness, you must thank Allah that someone's actually sent to you to remind you to do good to become a better person, purify yourself, and this is what

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Amano recognized immediately. He says this is my friend. I've known him as a truthful person. He didn't lie. He didn't cheat. He hasn't deceived anyone. He is Assad. I mean, he is the honest, the trustworthy, and he's telling me, I'm the Prophet of Allah. He says, I believe you're the Prophet of Allah. Subhana. Allah Subhana. Allah, amazing. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us such

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that we recognize truth from falsehood, and we're able to follow those who remind us

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Follow those who are asking you nothing. They are not seeking material benefit from you. But rather they are the guide ones we're trying to guide you, Allah will ask you.

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Have you not heard our verses being recited before you reminding you of the Day of Judgment? and thereafter? What answer Are we going to give? We're going to have to say yes, yes, yes, you have, Oh ALLAH and we have heard them. May Allah make it easy for us. So Baba Casa de la mano accepts Islam. As he accepted Islam, there was a crisis. What was the crisis?

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People started trying to affect them in their business. They want to boycott them in their business because why they're Muslim. Doesn't that ring a bell? You're a Muslim. Sometimes people say, Don't buy them buy from the store next door. It happens. That's your store. But you have people who will do this to you because you're a Muslim. They won't. They won't promote you for it can happen. Unfortunately, it's their sickness.

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Must someone's evil make

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He will know that some Muslim, keep on doing good. No matter how bad people are to you remember these words. That's what Abu Bakr Siddiq did. He kept on doing good. He became even better as a result. You know what he did, the money that he had, he started looking for people who are oppressed. He started looking for people who were being harmed, especially those who were enslaved by the idea by the pre Islamic ignorance period. A balaclava was being of your love and he was being tortured. So what did I

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do? He went to Romania.

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He tells him, you know what, I want to buy this slave, he says, well, it's not for sale. And then he says, You know what, I wouldn't even sell him for a penny, because he's so cheap.

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That ended in Abacus. Who using his own money to buy someone and tell him listen, I bought you so that they do not oppress you anymore. And you are free for the sake of Allah. He did not do it to one, he did it to so many. The list is actually quite long. So Pamela, Monica O'Hara, they are actually so many of them. So Panama, and you know what else he did? Those whom he knew he went to them, and he started telling them, you know what, Muhammad, peace be upon him, Mohammed salatu salam, my friend, our friend, he is definitely the Nabhi of Allah. And I would suggest you except because he's calling you towards worshiping your maker alone and no one else and he's calling you

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towards goodness. He's asking us to leave and to abandon all evil and evil habits, etc, etc. And guess what happened? They started coming through one by one with manna for the love and who came with the effort of

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his friend Abdullah, man who was alive, man, I already told you he was a MOBA Casa de la and so Abdullah is calling with Madame navfor. And he accepted it. Who else?

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Amazing. Do you know the 10 names of the 10 who are going to paradise a lot of them were actually invited to Islam by Abu Bakr Siddiq.

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He is the one who went up to them and said, You know what? Come Listen to this. Listen to what this man is saying.

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Allah Subhana Allah who went to them? It was

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he actually tried now what do I learn from it? It's good to know the history. But I told you today, I want to draw lessons. The lesson is, when I have goodness, do I share it with people?

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You know, we forward WhatsApp messages. And I'm giving you something practical, because I don't want to make things difficult. We forward WhatsApp messages that are jokes, sometimes.

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It is permissible, if that is something within limits. It's allowed, you're allowed to laugh. You know, this morning, someone sent me a message. And I forwarded it to a few of my friends. And I can tell you what it was. They said, You know, I just want to thank all of my friends who have you know, made my 2017 are a beautiful success. And they stood by me, etc. And I've dedicated this little song. And the lyrics of the song are so beautiful and so good. And I they touched my heart, and I hope they can touch yours. And it was sent to me by a respectable person. So I'm looking at the song. I just downloaded it. And I'm thinking, wow, something big gonna come out. And I promise you,

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there's a Mongolian boy singing in Chinese or something. Nobody understands him. And he's just being bad.

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Whatever he's saying, and I'm looking at it, and I'm thinking this is a prank anyway, make my day. It made my day. And I just forwarded it to a few of my close buddies to make them laugh. You know what happens with your buddies, some of them laugh, and some of them say, waste of data.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness. So the point I'm raising is we're ready to share things like that, which really, they don't harm you. They don't do any good. They don't do any bad. They just a little laugh. But when it comes to a good powerful message, we do not want to share those messages. We're too embarrassed sometimes. Now let me teach you a thing or two. Nowadays, it's very, very difficult to get people to listen to more than three minutes, I have been advising my friends who are perhaps you know, online, that is to say, when there is a clip that you forward, someone, let's get into the topic, as soon as they open the clip, you don't need to have an intro

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and you have a big thing. Wasting time. More than a second is a waste. Most of us don't realize that in the first second or two, we decide whether we want to listen to the rest of the message or not. Am I right? One second, not more. So in the first second, I need to make it clear that you need this message. And that's how it is so therefore don't send long long things to someone you know, when I see a long message I leave it I don't unless it is a topic that I desperately need. Some handle. I don't read long messages. You want something Get to the point. That's what it is. So Pamela don't do the per story. You know the per story.

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I can tell it to you because it's been a few years since I said it, and I need to relate it again. So they say, there was someone who was violence against a certain woman, and that's unacceptable. Remember this? So when they brought him to the courts, and they asked him, Why were you violent? He said, You know what? This lady here, she had a big purse, she was looking at me smiling. She opened the purse, she took out a little purse from the first purse. And then she put the other one down. And then she looked at me and smiled. And then she opened the second purse, and took out a third purse from inside the second purse and smiled at me and put it down. And then she opened, the third

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person took on the fourth purse from the third purse. And she looked at me and smiled and put the third purse down. And then she opened the fourth purse, and took out of her purse, and looked at me and smiled, and put the fourth purse down. And then she opened the fifth purse. And she looked at me and smiled. And she took out the sixth purse from inside the fifth purse and put the first down, and then she smiled at me. Then she opened the sixth purse. And what did she do? She got the seventh purse, and she took that purse, and she put the purse down. That was the sixth one. Then the seventh one. I took our eight first so the judge says Hey, hey, Get to the point. So he says judge, Judge,

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I'm only telling you the story and look how angry you're getting I was right there.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgive us. Anyway, that was interesting. The point being raised is when you want to do something, get straight to the point Get to the point. You want to say something to the point, Abu Bakr, Siddiq robiola, one who got to the point and voila, he it helped these people he was not embarrassed. What's my friend going to say? I'm a Muslim, etc. No, you wearing a scarf, you must explain to your friends, this is why I do it. But for that, you will have to learn why you're doing it. Many people are prepared to give up Islam. I promise you the number is growing because of ignorance. That's why that's why when you don't know your deen, when you haven't studied

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when you haven't made the effort, for example, to to go through proper answers for questions that people will legitimately ask you, you won't be able to answer them and then you'll feel embarrassed. You feel like you know, yeah, there are some people out there who are just there to get you, you know, just to get at you. We're lucky we have belief we have a man. But I promise you it's a beautiful religion filled with love, respect of others, etc, etc. Don't let people make you think otherwise.

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Islam is not a religion of hate. Don't let people make you believe that trust me, they are wrong. They are totally wrong. You see people different from you. You should be even better to them because you're marketing your deen to them. And they will look at you the day they hear bad about Muslims. They'll say No way. I interact with so many Muslims at work and guess what they are? people. They are absolutely beautiful, Abubakar So,

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this is a big thing that I learned from him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala peace and blessings be upon these companions. And as he grew older, do you know what Allah blessed him with the companionship of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam in his life through the Hydra, he was with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam at the time of difficulty and hardship, he was always there.

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So a lot of the people accepted Islam through his effort. Every war that happened he participated in it to defend Islam to go back to try and get what they have lost in Mecca, and ultimately they got it the victory of Makkah. He was the only one the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him to leave the prayers, although he was there himself, but he was unwell. He's the only one so he was indeed the highest. The highest of all of the companions, Abubakar

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Abdullah have known as man.

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He took up the lava after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away, and they were beautiful, beautiful two years where the foundation was laid. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all goodness and May Allah subhanho wa Taala open our doors. Like I said, I just had 30 minutes to speak to you. And I have a few more seconds to go. I want to tell you in 30 minutes, you cannot do justice to the entire life of someone but the idea is to draw a few points and learn lessons for ourselves. I hope you benefited from what I've said. I'll see you later on in the day inshallah. kuqali hada sallallahu wasallam albaraka la Vina Muhammad Salah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Brother, I still have 30 seconds remaining.

Light Upon Light Conference UK,30 December 2017

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