Zakir Naik – If Quran is the Word of Allah and Bible Matches with the Quran then who is the Author of the Bible

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the origins of the Bible and how it matches with the Bible. They mention that the Bible is a mixture of multiple the same words, and that the Bible is the last and final revelation. They also discuss errors in the Bible and how they can lead to confusion.
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Now we would even start the session have one slip. And one question on the mic. The next question is a question from brother Raj. He says Quran is a Holy Book from Allah, and it has been written by Allah Himself.

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If Bible matches a lot with the Quran, then who is the writer of the Bible?

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There is a connected question about the similar topic. This is from Mrs. Khan. My staff questions me that since the Bible came first, the Quran is taken from there rather than copied in certain aspects. Please help to clarify this.

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As far as the first question is concerned that if Quran is the word of God, and many things of the Bible match with the Quran, that means who is the right of the Bible is God the right of the Bible? We agree that Quran is the word of God, no, whatever matches with the Quran, that portion, we do not mind accepting to be the Word of God. But that does not mean that the whole of the Bible is the Word of God. What we believe that Injeel was over here the revelation which was given to Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, but since it was meant for that time, and only for those people, Almighty God did not feel it fit to preserve it. But Quran since it is the last and final revelation, Almighty God

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says in Surah, Chapter 15, verse number nine, we have revealed the Quran and we shall guarded from corruption. So today Quran is the furqan the criteria to judge right from wrong. So whatever matches with the Quran, we say, this portion, we have got no objection in accepting to be the Word of God. So if you ask me, who is the author of the Bible, so today, the Christian scholar they say that there are various different authors of each book. The Bible is derived from the Greek word Bloss, meaning the book of books to the present Bible, according to me, and according to scholars, it is a mixture. It does contain in some places the Word of God, that is remnants of the energy. It even

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contains the word of the prophets. It even contains words of historians.

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Unfortunately, it even contains *. It's a mixture, whose author many human beings also wrote.

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According to the Christian scholars,

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john Matthew, it is gospel according to john, Gospel according to Matthew, gospel, according to Luke.

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What Quran says, Is gospel according to Jesus Christ, please be upon him. What we believe in the engine, which was given to Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. But what the Bible contains is Gospel according to Matthew mazepa countermark. Gospel according to Luke, gospel according to john, what we believe is gospel of Jesus peace be upon him. So even though Christian scholars say this has been written by human beings,

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so we cannot attribute the complete Bible as the Word of God. The guy in the second part of the question asked by the other sister, that one of the staff says that if Bible came first, that means the Quran has been copied from the Bible. Yes, it can be one of the ways. But second also can be that if there are similarities, maybe the source is same.

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So part of the material of the Bible

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is matching with the Quran. So that part of the Bible which matches the Quran, the source can be seen, that is Almighty God.

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But to say that it has been copied the same we will have to say that Jesus Christ peace be upon him copied from the Old Testament and the Christian was no what we believe that the basic message of all the revelations is the same about believing in one God so this message is the same. But imagine there are hundreds of scientific errors in the Bible. Now, if you say it has been copied, and people assume those believe that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him copied the Quran from the Bible, that means Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He corrected scientific elegant copy that means you as a great scientist, so while copying the Bible, the Bible says the light of the moon has its own light.

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The Quran says the light of the moon is reflected light. Bible says in Genesis chapter number one must number 16 to 19 light of the moon his own light for answers instead of chapter 25 verse 61, light of the moon is reflected light. So Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he took the Bible and he corrected it.

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And he said, No, no, no, it's not only reflected light, it's not possible. There are many things mentioned in the Quran with signs and discovered today. Khurana mentioned 1400 years back, so no human being can write such things. What is mentioned the Quran so surely we cannot and if we refer to my talk on Quran and the Bible, in the light of science, we get more details that it surely disproves that Quran cannot be copied from the Bible. It is a Furqan it is a criteria to judge right from wrong. I hope that answers the question.

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