Is Allah Responsible for Crime on Earth

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Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters recently there was a crime committed against an innocent person in a certain country, quite a bad crime. And people emailed me asking me, where was the almighty? Why didn't Allah Almighty stop this crime? If he is so merciful, so loving, so caring? Why didn't he stop this crime? Then there are people who've asked me a question, if Allah is so merciful, why doesn't he stop the wars that are happening on earth? Why doesn't he stop the killing and the loss of life on earth? And then there are others who say if the almighty hears our prayers, why didn't he answer my prayer, when I'm asking for something for many years, and I'm just not

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getting it. Let's put things into perspective. Allah Almighty, yes, he has destined things we do believe in predestiny. But we also believe there are two types of predestination, that which you have had no role to play in, solely and only the Almighty. And that which the Almighty gave you a certain capacity to be able to fulfill a certain will, a limited free will, Allah has given you that is what he's going to test you regarding. That is what he's going to ask you about where you have had the will that was given by him, the fact that he knows how you're going to use your will, does not mean he forced you to do what you did. Remember that you are responsible and accountable for

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everything you do. And everything you say, and this is why criminals, Allah Almighty says punish them. Allah says punish them in such a way that it can be a deterrent. For those who are considering that crime. When a person steals he cannot come and say, well, the Almighty has decreed it, we will say, well, the Almighty gave you have a choice. He showed you what was right what was wrong. He told you do that, which is right, I'm releasing you onto earth. And when you came onto the earth, you did that which was wrong, although it was within your capacity to do which was right, that which was right. So who is responsible here? is Allah responsible? The fact that he gave you a choice? How can

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he be responsible? It's you who's responsible. Hence, you will be punished when you do something wrong. And that punishment will be according to the level of your crime. Like I said, in an earlier lecture, proportionate punishment, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, so don't blame the Almighty. Listen to the verse Allah says vahagn fossa do feel very well Buhari Bhima casa, but he didn't

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letting me know Allah, Allah whom, yo Joe, in Surah, to whom Allah says, the chaos and corruption, the crime has become rampant on Earth, because of the doings of man, man did it, Allah did not do it. When Allah gave you the earth, He gave you a good earth. But we came on to it and we spoiled it, we began to fight each other, kill each other steal from each other, like we've just heard commit crime against each other. May Allah protect us, however, we as human kind of failing each other. We are supposed to be protecting the young and the vulnerable. We're supposed to be considering each other, our brothers and sisters, and we're supposed to be protecting not just our own families, but

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humanity at large. When crime happens in a community, that community has failed. When crime happens in a country, the country needs to do better. Obviously, a country is very big, but we never blame Allah Almighty, He did not force you to do your deeds. Like I said, if there was something where he did not give you the capacity or the say, or he did not give you a choice at all, then he will never hold you accountable for that. You are walking and suddenly the ground opens and you're swallowed. He's never going to ask you why did the ground swallow you. But if you with your own hands and the the limited choice that the Almighty has given you have done something to harm yourself, he's going

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to ask you, why did you do that? I gave you the choice I showed you the way and this is very clear. In the Quran. Also, Allah says, we have shown you the way that the correct path, the wrong path is in front of you. It's up to you to choose it. We've given you the limited choice but Allah knows what you're going to choose the fact that he knows the future and the future is as good as the present or the past to him does not mean that he forced you to do what you're doing. Remember that it doesn't mean that he forced you. You have a choice to make when you're getting married. He knows what choice you're going to make ultimately, but you don't know the choice. The fact that he knew

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the future does not mean he forced you to marry that particular person. You were a fool if you made the wrong choices, among all within the limited capacity given to you by Allah Almighty. So my brothers and sisters, remember, don't blame the almighty for crimes that you and I have committed. Don't blame the almighty for something another human being has done and some

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might say, Well, what was the sin of the innocent victim? Do you know what that is? What mankind is there for, in order to make sure that people are protected, we are the ones who failed. We are the ones. And we don't blame a victim when a crime is committed against the victim. Someone is raped, and people start picking on the person who was raped. And they start saying, well, she was like this, what was she doing here? And why was she alone? And why was she, whether she was alone or not, we should have such a strong society and community that they would actually protect her if they saw her alone. Unfortunately, we don't have that community. So what do we do? We need to develop a

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better relationship with Allah to have the consciousness of Allah such that when we love Allah, we love his creatures, we wouldn't harm His creatures because we are interested in actually developing a powerful relationship with Allah. I love Allah. So when I see a woman walking all on her own, I shouldn't harm her. She's a creature of Allah, I should respect her and honor her, for example. So let's not blame Allah, he has laid it clear lady bear, but we are the ones who actually engage in crime because our relationship with Allah has become weak. We've lost values and morals, we've lost who we are supposed to be as human beings. And then we want to blame everyone besides ourselves. So

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my brothers and sisters, remember what Allah says that all this that you are witnessing in terms of crime and killing, its man who has committed this. Sometimes people use the name of Allah to kill others. Allah says, I gave the life Why did you take it away? I am the one who gave the life I'm the Most Merciful. I'm the most kind look at what you've done. So Allah allows us during our time on Earth, a certain capacity in order to test us that's what we're here on earth for. And we've always said the Quran speaks about how we've come on to the earth to be tested. Many of us are failing the test simply because we want to blame allowing bad things happen, and when good things happen. Where

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is Allah in the equation? Subhana Allah, so we need to be balanced people when bad things happen to us. Yes, we turned to Allah in Lima here in LA Hara john, you know, we all were from Allah we belong to allow, we're going to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But remember, my brothers and sisters, we as human beings look at death as the worst thing that could have ever happened to us. Whereas Allah looks at it differently. He says, When I love you, at times, I take you back to me, and I want you to come back your test and your examination is over, you can only get to paradise after death, not during your time on Earth. So remember that sometimes a person passes away, it's a mercy, it's

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the mercy of Allah that has taken them away. We look at it as negative simply because we're going to be missing the person. But definitely, if someone were to take the life of another, we are responsible as humankind, to make sure that that person is stopped number one, or punished number two, to make sure that they don't do it again, or to make sure that they come to justice, they are brought to the book into justice. We cannot allow crime to keep on happening. Like I say, don't blame Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah is very merciful. Again, people say what about the innocent person who it was perpetrated against? Well, you need to do something about it. Sometimes,

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if you're still alive, be patient. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant you elevation, Allah will open your doors, and at the same time, make sure that you have taken steps to penalize the criminal so that things like this don't happen. It's been happening from the beginning crime was committed in the children of Adam. We all know the story of Abel and Cain happyland carbene, where Cain killed Abel. That was who those were the children of Adam alayhis salam, and guess what they committed crime? Did anyone ever blame Allah for the crimes committed by men? No, not at all. So let's not blame Allah, for that, when you're calling out to Allah and he hasn't. You think he hasn't heard

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your prayer he actually has, but he knows the future better than you. So he will protect you say you want children. He knows he doesn't want to give you children who will be the source of great depression, anxiety or absolute loss, embarrassment, whatever, as he says, I love you so much. I'm just not going to give you those children. I don't want you to be, you know, to go through that type of pain. You'd rather just go through the pain of not having had the kids so you don't know trust him. That is Allah. In that particular case, you have a very small role to play. But if Allah has chosen no children for you, then that's it. May Allah bless all those who don't have children, with

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children. And yes, we will try our best to seek remedy, seek medical assistance, etc. But if Allah has still written you're not going to have it, you're not going to have it. That is part of tech deal. The predestiny where you don't really have a choice, but where you do have a choice. You

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Never, ever blame the Almighty, Allah Subhana. Allah to Allah is the Most Merciful. That's the whole reason why he has set a penal code. If we follow the Penal Code set by Allah, it would actually result in those considering crime to to be, you know, not to do it because they would be deterred completely. And they would say, I'm not going to do this, if I do this, you know, what's going to happen to me, I'm going to be punished so severely, that it's not worth it at all. Sometimes in some countries where people get away with murder, and the punishment is not proportionate to the crime, crime becomes rampant, so panela those countries at times they support the criminals by, you know,

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not punishing them in a way that would be a deterrent to others. So Islam says, You don't commit crime. And if someone does, they need to be made an example of take a look at those countries where they're so strict, everyone follows the law. Everyone drives according to the speed limit, they know what's going to happen. But those countries where that doesn't happen, look at how they drive, just the driving will tell you how disciplined the places. It's just a way of looking at it. But my brothers and sisters, I hope these few words have helped you. And I pray that we can actually

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refrain from blaming Allah or holding him accountable when we did a crime. Imagine if you did a crime. Your father is not responsible. Your mother is not responsible, and no one else besides you is responsible. While 002 is Raka. No one actually shall shoulder the burden of another. That's what Allah Almighty says. So imagine if you and I cannot shoulder the burden of another. Why do we want a lot to shoulder the burden of someone who's committed a crime? So let's think about this. My brothers and sisters, may Allah grant protection to our brothers and sisters all over the world. And may we refrain and abstain from harming people, be it backbiting, be gossip, slander, be it stealing

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from them, you whatever else it may be, may the almighty grant us all goodness and ease. We as mankind are really meant to be looking out for one another, helping one another, protecting one another. That is who the best of mankind is, but the one who doesn't even care for the others. Definitely has a very weak relationship with Allah. Hi, Ron Nancy and Pharaoh homeliness, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says the best of people, the one who helps the others the most helps, notice helps. So that would mean the worst of people, the ones who actually harm people the most akula Kali hava was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.