I Love You LIttle Girl Keeps All Her Fasts

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A person (Speaker 1) is speaking to someone named Shala who is planning to be fasting for 15 days. Speaker 1 is trying to encourage Shala to keep doing so that she can be successful in the future.

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All Mashallah. It's a little

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while you can was Salam wa Rahmatullah was that your brother earlier?

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I don't know

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well Shala I love you too. You're a little keep giving Michelle was that your brother earlier?

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Yeah. Oh Mashallah. That's amazing. Masha Allah may Allah bless you and your folks and inshallah grant you how's your Ramadan been so far?

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How is your Ramadan good? Yeah mashallah, that's nice

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to be fasting the whole month. How am I Shala that's amazing. She's planning to be fasting the whole month of Ramadan. May Allah make it easy for her and for all our children, my beloved brothers. And when I was boys, I'm just fasted 15 days. So now I'm wondering,

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everything Alhamdulillah May Allah make it easy for you and grant your goodness. I mean, I mean, I mean