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Assalamu alaikum imagine someone you don't like. Let's say a chef. You don't like walks into the masjid and pees, urinates on the carpet in one corner.

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What would happen? I'm sure all the other chefs and all the people who don't like the chef would actually get up and make refutations and tech field and make so much you know, this person is not a Muslim, they're a fossick. They're a coffee. They're a forger, whatever words they want to use against them that are unacceptable. They would go to town and make sure they have the name written in big on the title of the YouTube video or on the thumbnail and everywhere else and they would splash it all over the internet and enjoy doing it because you know what? We finally nailed this guy. I tell you something.

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I tell you something. The profits are seldom, his companions were the best of companions, the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him. We're better than any chef that's available today.

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And I tell you, one man walks in from the companions of the Prophet cinema. Bedouin men walked into the machine and did exactly that one corner of the machine, he peed, he relieved himself. Okay. Do you know what? To this day? You don't know his name. I don't know his name. Why? the sincerity of correcting an ill is usually depicted by not mentioning names SubhanAllah. One might say but I have to and that's, it's no, no, no, no, you don't have to. You can mention Look, this has happened. And if this is what it was, I just want to teach you that this is wrong. It's not the way to do things. And this is how things should be done. I got that from the Hadith, from the teachings of Mohammed

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Salah Salim not once but many, many times in his life. When people came to the wives of the Prophet of Solomon said some unacceptable things. He got up on the member and he addressed the matter. He said, My bamboo aquarium you know, what is it with people who did this and did that? Up to this day. I don't know the names. You don't know the names either. Why? It was something not worth mentioning in terms of name. We would have hated those stavroula Sahaba right up to this day just because their names are available, but they they may have been they were better than you and I in any of the shares here today. You know that the soup was happy you're not supposed to be swearing or cursing

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any one of the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim at all that's a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Salah. So, remember, if you want to follow the Sunnah, abstained from taking names of people when something bad happens if you're really a true teacher who wants to teach following the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim. If it's really necessary, you might want to take a name but respectfully express your disagreement. Yes, did you hear that? But generally, if you want to teach the public what's right and wrong, the professor Sallam said, This Masjid is not for urinating. It's not for this and that it's for the vicar of Allah. It's for the delivery of the Quran. It is for Salah. So he taught the

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public and no one else ever came into the masjid after that and urinated again, never didn't happen.

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Was it relevant to mention the name? Well, I tell you if that happened today, that guy would have been canceled. Totally.

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I promise you, that guy would have been canceled. Luckily, he was at the time when the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was there personally, personally, he taught us don't cancel the guy. He did the worst thing possible that could have come to the minds of anyone. I mean, I told you think about the person you don't like having done something like that. Ooh, that's your opportunity gleefully. beautifully. You rub your hands and Mashallah, oh, I've got my chance to nail this check. It's over. That's life history nail in the coffin. That's why we don't use coffins that rely on Allah. We just use a shroud. We call it a Kevin.

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So there are no nails in that.

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So my brothers and sisters, it's something I've learned. I practice upon it. Others may not. It's up to them. But I've learned that

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whenever I've seen things wrong, I don't mention names. I like to correct the thing. If you haven't heard it, it's okay. But if you've heard it, you know, I don't have something against another human. I'd rather have it. Have the teaching come up. That's correct. in a beautiful way. Some people say you didn't talk about this. You didn't say this. You didn't want I did in my own way. If you haven't picked it up or haven't heard it, please don't blame me. Please don't blame me. So I thought I'd speak about this urination in the machine and what happens you know, the benefit that we learn from that particular incident, and how different we have become today, our shares those we look up to

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those in the dour, those who want to

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teach people how how far we've drifted away from the methodology of the Prophet peace be upon him and we claim We are the champions of the cause. I've come across big checks when I say big checks i mean you know really big guys man, we look up to them. But unfortunately the blunders made sometimes happen from everyone and this is why I say mommy hiding in the way Holloman Konami de la Sahaja sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Imam Malik even NSE mama daddy hegira May Allah be pleased with him? Do you know what he said that there is no one on earth home, you can take everything from, you have to take some and you have to reject some you have to sort of filter what they say. That's why I've

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always stood by take the good and leave the bad people don't understand what I've said when I say that I'm just following him a Malick statement, you know, we'll take the good and you'll have to filter some of it. The problem is, we sometimes blindly follow the mistakes of people we consider on the sooner they are also making blunders at times. If that blunder is manifest to you, you can never say but that chef knows more than you. So how come you know? If Allah has has made it clear that this person is made a blunder? They've made a blunder. They are human, they will not then be of Allah. And if you think that there is anyone who's absolutely perfect, you need help. sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam the Prophet of Allah was that, but no one else from amongst us No way. So let's try and understand, you know, when you want to correct things, if you were to personalize it, it becomes a game it becomes a targeted hit. But if it's not personalized, and it's general, it becomes a point of benefit for the entire ummah. Recently, there was someone who highlighted something that happened in a certain country, and I decided to talk about it without mentioning the country, the beauty of it, and I knew it would happen in the comments.

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There were people from various countries who said, This happened in my country. And I was thinking, Wow, I didn't even know it happened in other countries, but it was expected when you follow the prophetic method inshallah. And if Subhanallah, there would be broader benefit. I was saying, if I am making a mistake, correct me. But if you want to correct me, at least send me an email, you know, pass a message across to me do something and when you want to talk about it, I personally, I don't mind if you mentioned my name, but I'm sure there would be greater benefit if you mentioned an issue generally and spoke about it. Where there is a requirement that you mentioned a name respectfully

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mentioned it, for example, something specific, you have to respectfully mention a name mention it. Yeah. But not with spearing of that hate and everything. Some of you search and you hunt for false. You study their lives, you study their private lives, we don't have the time for that we shouldn't be. We shouldn't be if in my teachings generally, there is something that contradicts what was revealed. Please let me know. You can go loud out and refute I personally don't mind because what's important is not following me. It's following what's right. So I don't want to lead people astray. But you don't have to go nitpicking picking on something that I don't even teach. I haven't taught

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it out in the public or, you know, I may have faulted you walk with me one day I try my best always to be on best behavior for the sake of Allah. Once in a while, we might say a word that might be this, you know, you might as you're looking to the left or the right, you know, you might there might be a person of the opposite sex, I will try generally to follow as best as I can. The lowering of the gaze and whatever. If someone picks on me and they saw that moment, and they start saying, whoa, this guy does and look at him as a stray and I saw him looking, hey, gosh, go back to the heartbeat. I'm a human man. I'm a human. I will try my best and I will. But you know, Subhana life

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that's what you want to pick on. That shows what cloth you're cut from. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness and understanding shukran for listening, my brothers and sisters. Remember, don't urinate in the masjid. And remember,

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don't say the name of the person who urinated in the masjid. I hope you understood the message. A call only had I was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.