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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be shortly Sabri or cilia Emery, WA lock that Amelie Sani of our Kali, so the Chanukah La La Mulana Illa Allah Montana in NACA antaranya will Hakeem are the respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam? Welcome to episode number eight hamdulillah of lifestyle How can we bring these concepts taught in the Quran revealed in the Quran taught by the Prophet SAW Selim practice by the early generations to our lives today in 2023 and beyond in sha Allah, what are these concepts in the first place and what are their importance? This is basically

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the series that we have been discussing in the past eight days at hamdulillah on blasphemy, if you do not excuse me if you did not watch the previous episodes, in sha Allah Allah you can scroll down either on live Dean page while Ibrahim page Connect is two pages in Karachi and in the Philippines, or you can pay a visit to the AWARE Academy YouTube channel for all the previous episodes in shallow time. Today one of the most key

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concepts and important action that we need to bring to our lives is called Mujaddid enough's or moja Hara, which comes from the root word Jehoiada, or jihad. The word that we often hear in the media or often misunderstood by the media or intentionally or unintentionally Long Island God knows best, but muda comes from the same root of jihad or Jehovah, which is basically to strive and to resist your evil inclination for the sake of doing something greater, despite any challenge that might face you or might distract you, you know, along the way of achieving that particular thing in shallow tan. And the importance of moja or fighting oneself is mentioned in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala

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talk to us about the origin or the or the nature of our soul, the nature of ourselves, Allah says in the Quran in NAFSA li the amount on Bisou Indeed, most certainly your soul, your neffs is pushing you towards that which is evil. And that's why we need to practice Mujahideen neffs we need to fight our own very selves or our you know,

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our selves which are always you know, pushing us towards that which is wrong Inshallah, to Allah may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the right understanding, we need to practice Mujaddid to nefs in two ways in Allah. So I hope the people are watching in sha Allah,

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or those who are watching will take notes, and those who are not taking notes and will inshallah Tada, watch the videos and the like to just listen, please share these pages, with your circles in sha Allah to bring about the benefits to others in sha Allah. So you need to practice moja that concept of striving, struggling against against your own evil inclination in two ways, number one, in that which is obligatory, and in that which is prohibited. So you need to struggle against your own self to do that, which is always obligatory and mentioned in the Quran or mentioned by the apostle and to be a must. And in doing or excusing obligations. Sometimes it is difficult except

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with those whom Allah subhanaw taala made things easy, and also excusing that which is haram. Sometimes it's very easy, but sometimes it's absolutely difficult on those whom Allah subhanaw taala will make difficult that's why we always make the dua to Allah Allah Allah. Allah Maha Elaine Lena Eban was a yin who feel Colombina as mentioned in the Quran, oh Allah make Eman Beloved to us and beautify it in our hearts meaning make it easy for us to practice what Gary Lionel COFRA Woelfel suka What are CIN and make disbelief hated to us? You know, and for so wrongdoing? YCN and disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala make it difficult for us make it hard for us to even practice

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or come closer Spamalot. So we need to make or do Mujahidin in two ways, in that which is obligatory we have to struggle in order for us to achieve

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and to execute what Allah subhanaw taala made obligatory

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and also struggle against ourselves when it comes to the Haram or prohibitions to resist as hard as we can to never fall easily into temptations. That's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said off non Jihad he said off though jihad, Jihad enough's Subhanallah Ali, he said the best the greatest form of jihad because by the way, there are many many types of jihad, those who wanted to write down Inshallah, there is jihad to neffs there is jihad against your own self, and there is jihad been knifes, and that is combative Jihad and we will not discuss it at that stage and there is jihad Bill Mal, there is jihad with your own wealth, there is jihad will Kalama jihad of the word or

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to speak a word of truth in front of a tyrant leader, and there is Jaggu shaitan, to to fight the devil shaitan Satan, that force that invisible force that always you know, try to distract us away from the straight path or take us away from the straight path. So there are five types of jihad. One of these types is jihad and neffs, which is our talk today or our topic today. Muda had to do muda or to exert effort in fighting your evil inclinations.

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There was a man who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he told the prophet Muhammad Salah Salem that I wanted to become a Muslim, what is it that I need to do? What are the things that I need to do? So the process I told them and touch Had Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and you also will want to be with is that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah, and that I am the messenger of Allah, to perform your Salah to pay your prescribed charity to fast during the month of Ramadan, and to perform Hajj if you're able to. And then the man said to him, that if I do all of that, what will Allah subhanaw taala give me in return? He said, you will be with Me in

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Jannah, Allah Allah, he said, you will be with Me in Jana. So the man reflected thought for a while. And he said, we also will Allah if that's the case, if I will be with you in January if I did all of that, then why can't your people the Companions, your friends, why can they give me any of the daughters in marriage? You know, I am at the mean person, the word that means not so good looking, you know, not many people will, will desire me. So why why the people will not be me, their daughters in marriage. So the Prophet SAW Selim felt very sorry for him. And he told him go to that man, that particular house and not the door and tell the father of that particular daughter that the

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Prophet SAW Selim sent me, for your daughter to marry. The process. ALLAH is blessed has blessed me to come and marry your daughter

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SubhanAllah. Avi, when he arrived to the house, the father rejected the man. He said, No, I would not marry you to my daughter. But the daughter heard that it was the recommendation of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Selden, so she told the father yeah rasool Allah.

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He, she told her father Rasool, Allah Himself recommended me so even if you don't like him, I like him. I desire him based on the recommendation of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then the man when you heard that the Prophet SAW Selim is the one who recommended this, this the mean guy, this, this, this companion who was not so good looking or was rejected by the people. Then he went to the Prophet SAW Selim, and he told them that I apologize. I didn't know that it was your recommendation. Now I would accept now I listen. So they brought the man back to the Prophet salaallah alayhi salam, and he discovered that he has nothing to offer. He has nothing to offer this

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lady no money, nothing. So the prophets Allah Allah Selim called for Allina with all of your la nuova, I'm Ross Malik now, and I'm with the OS if I'm not mistaken, and he told you carry out his mod on his behalf meaning you pay off his mod on his behalf and this such was the greatest manners of the companions at that time the greatest way how the Companions used to cooperate and cool you know, and help each other in difficulties and in the Subhanallah so the three of them the paid 600 Durham's, you know, he's, he's more for this lady, and the marriage took place upon Allah on the wedding night. Look at this on the wedding night the man did not even stay in his home yet for over

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a night. That's his wedding night. Right? A call for jihad was announced. We need men to fight along with the Prophet Muhammad awesome.

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So that man left his wife left his home, he took his horse and he mounted the horse and he fled with the prophets of salaam he went with the Prophet SAW Salem in the into the rocket

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for you, and he died that night in the battlefield and the prophets Allah Allah Allah wa salam cried so severely. And it was said that he shrouded him with his own hands. He buried him with his own hands and he prayed the janazah on his body, some Allah Allah Muhammad SAW salah, and he said, he is with me in Jannah such a man who did not even witness you know the his own wedding nights upon Allah Ami. But his sincerity and his his his sense of responsibility that the Prophet SAW Selim needed him, he left everything and he strived against his own desire which was halal, halal design his wife,

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he left her and he went to fight for the sake of Allah. Now, we are not talking about that type of jihad as we mentioned earlier, but we are talking about the if you are unable to fight your own desire, how will you stand up in front of an enemy or in front of even an ant or an animal that is threatening you or your family members? If you cannot even fight your own desires, your own Hauer? How could you fight anything else?

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Subhanallah the our scholars told us that there are so many types. And there are five types for jihad. And there are even several types for Jihad neffs itself like fighting your own self. There are many, many types or there are many many actions in which you can excuse to experience or to exercise do you have enough one of them is to find your own self when seeking knowledge, the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala modified in order to know the guidance of Allah Subhan Allah through the Quran, learning the Quran and learning the Hadith, the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed Salah liason without striving to attain this knowledge and to seek this knowledge, how are you

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expecting yourself to be in general in the villages but how will you be able to reach to the highest level of Jannah on the day of judgments power, because knowledge seeking knowledge required patients require hours of you know, sitting in and reading books and and sitting under the feet of the older man asking them questions reflecting over the knowledge that you learned so that he can retain it later on. Subhanallah was teaching my children my students at school

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about memorizing the Quran and I was telling them that there is one methodology if you can follow in Ramadan insha Allah Tala at least you can memorize one big chapter in the Quran you know divide your time per day maybe two or three if you can actually remember I saw up look man or Surah Maryam also accused of and so on. So and I told him that you can read each Ayah 20 times read it from the moose hunt 20 times and then close the most half and then read it from memory 10 times and then open the most half again read it 10 times and then five times from memory and so on the area will stick no matter what because in repetition in repetition Do you know you can memorize anything? When do when

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when you repeat things again and again? And if you don't believe me, ask those to your own memorize songs. How did they memorize the lyrics of the song because the song is being repeated on TV repeated on cassette and so and as a result it becomes solid in the brain. Similarly already the Quran so one of the students said but that will take too much time.

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If you want the knowledge of Allah, you have to dedicate the time for ALLAH SubhanA wa, if you will say I don't have time. Wallah you have all the time in the world for all other useless stuff. But when it comes to the Quran, when it comes to the deen of Allah, we say that that's going to take too long time you must dedicate time for the knowledge of Allah and that's muda had

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to sacrifice entertainment for the sake of sitting and learning the deen of Allah subhanaw taala Subhanallah in another aspect of Bucha Hana, Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, the story of Talmud where he was talking to his soldiers, you know during the battlefield during the war. He said that in Allah MOBA Tellico winner that Allah will test you will test you through a river that you will see along the journey of towards the battlefield. Thurman Sheri Berman who Salah is sending me Allah is telling the Lord to tell them that whosoever drinks from this river is not belong to me. Woman lumea Tom who for now meaning and whosoever did not drink from the river is belong to me in

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many thorofare wolferton vra except those people that when thirst becomes really unbearable, they will take a sip as as big as maybe a you know the

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You know, you know as little as how you will take with your own hand like something very small.

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So, Shadi Rubin who in Camila min, but all of them drink Subhanallah they disobeyed followed all of them drink except few. except few Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala is telling us he linked victory in the battlefield with victory over your own soul over your own knifes victory in the battlefield will never be achieved my brothers and sisters Islam unless you defeat your own self and Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala saying this if only few people were able to hold fast or to hold strong onto the Command of Allah subhanaw taala and these are the few that always arise in every generation. These are the few that Allah subhanaw taala had filtered from the majority these are the

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few that Allah subhanaw taala had prepared Jana for these are the few Subhanallah Alim that in every generation but Al Islam or even or even for to boil the process I've said that Islam started as something strange and it will go back to that state of being strange for too little or or that they asked Who are these horrible Who are these strangers that good news has been given to them. He said those who when the entire world their entire lot is corrupted, they will remain firm. They will not go and deviate from the path of Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah created the entire dunya to filter these few Subhan Allah Amin and the rest, the rest will be the fuels as they were the fuel of the desires in this dunya they will be the fuel of hellfire on the Day of Judgment. May Allah protect us all your brownie

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bar, well thought I'll hide the dunya but in the HEMA here as for those who transgressed and preferred and favored the life of this dunya de Haim Hellfire will be the abort for them. While I'm on half I'm gone. I'll be one and a half Sanyal Hauer for a null Jen data he'll not work. But as of those who feel a lawn status, Allah subhanaw taala and his commands and he prevent himself his own soul from desires and we're not talking about Halal desires by the way because desires can be halal but can be utilized in a haram way. So we're referring to the Haram desires and those who prevent their souls from committing haram or going against Allah subhanaw taala for inner Jana to heal

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network Jana will be the final aboard my brothers and sisters in Islam muda can be of so many types can be Mujahidin lol Bella, to strive against your own selves. When you experience difficulties in life. When you experience trials and tribulations do jihad to remind yourself that Allah subhanaw taala is by your side that Allah subhanaw taala so long as you were a kind person helping others you're not harming or wronging anyone that this is a test that will pass insha Allah to Allah and will go to go its way and if it didn't, it's actually a redemption

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for whatever you have done in the past and a means for you to be in Jana. However, if you are experiencing difficulty in this dunya because you harm people, you are a liar. You are a gossiper, you are a bag biter, you are spreading evil in the community then probably this is a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala. So you ask yourself when you experience the calamity, Am I doing something wrong? Am I harming anyone? If the answer is no, then it is a test and a means for you to enter Jannah insha Allah con mucha Harada is the scholar Sita FLIR and Talia when you when you purify yourself but F la Harman Zakka indeed successful people are those who are in constant state of

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purifying themselves from what the clearer and clearer they say you have to filter your life from shirk, from sin from envy, from hatred, and to do to hear to beautify your character with good manners with truthfulness, ethos, selflessness, x, and so on and so forth. Muda is to strive all the way by brothers and sisters until you meet the prophets hustle. Culture May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the right understanding does not allow Hydra as I mentioned earlier, please if you find the episodes and the reminders are fruitful beneficials kindly share it with everyone in your circle. Don't forget to go to the YouTube channel aware Academy and try to stop

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try and share the page with others that Lohana will see the world in sha Allah as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi overcast