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As salam o alaikum, my brothers and sisters, everyone wants to know how much money someone else has, or others have people get so interested to know how others are making their money? Why do they have so much and so on? If they do have, mostly people think others have more money than they actually have. But anyway, what is of greater interest is people want the money for themselves. Now, what is all this about money? Allah Almighty says that certain things have been beautified for men as a test. So money is one of them wealth, where no matter how much humankind has, humankind will always want to have more. But do you know what we are taught, there is no point in having wealth that comes

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without blessing.

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Wealth, that is a punishment from the Almighty.

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There is no point of having so much when it comes with you having lost your connection with the almighty or no happiness, no contentment, no good health, we need enough that we can survive, perhaps lead a relatively comfortable life, reach out to others using the same wealth, and at the same time, receive the blessings of the Almighty we want goodness, happiness, contentment, whatever else lovely families, we would like a beautiful cozy home where as we think of going back home, already, the heart is calmed, not a home when you think about it, and you don't even want to go anywhere near or as soon as you get in, you're totally distressed. That's not a home, that is

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perhaps a punishment from Allah. Perhaps it is the snatching away of blessings, to say the least. We need to do something about it to earn the blessings. So how would we be able to earn wealth and sustenance and at the same time, ensure that it's coming with the blessings of the Almighty? Well, here goes, point number one, your five daily prayers, no matter what if you have fulfilled those five daily prayers on a daily basis, rest assured the wealth you're going to get would be filled with blessings and goodness on condition that you've also taken care of a few other things. But that is one of the starting points. Without that there is no chance you're going to be having blessings

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in your wealth. And in fact, Allah Almighty speaks about this beautiful, beautiful verse in Surah surah Taha right at the end, Allah says, what more halacha this Salah he was tobira Allah

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instruct your family or your your relatives, you know your family members, instruct your family members to fulfill and establish prayer and bear patients upon it upon what upon the fulfillment of the prayer and the continuous reminder to your family members in a beautiful way to pray. When your father, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, even your children, were to remind you about prayer, don't feel upset, it's from Allah Almighty. They will tell you please pray or get up. It's time for Fudger and so on, you know, come on, do your prayers, it is late and so on. Those are the blessed words that were sent to your ears by Allah Almighty. They are registered by the angels and

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your reaction will also be registered. Be careful. Let's try and react correctly. It's like when the caller calls to to prayer. He says hey Allah salah, higher alpha Allah, Allah has instructed him through the blessed lips of Muhammad peace be upon him, to call out to people to say Come to Prayer Come to success. Those two come hand in hand, Come to Prayer Come to success. It's repeated. How many times a day for we have five prayers right? Each for each prayer, it is repeated four times. So four times you hear come to prayer and four times you hear Come to success. Now my brothers, my sisters, multiply that by 520 times a day you're being told, Come to Prayer Come to success. You've

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heard it if you've heard it. Your reaction is also recorded. Subhanallah now, if you were to pray, look what Allah says was to be really happy patient upon the prayer. Persevere, continue make sure it's not easy to get up in the morning to me, there will come a time once you do it for a while that you're just awake at the time. You feel like praying go and cry to the Almighty. Wash yourself and fall prostrate for Allah Almighty. When you're reminded to pray Don't be lazy. Don't be don't be upset because that is true success here Surah ba Allah Almighty says learn as I look at his car, we are not asking you to sustain us or for sustenance. We're not asking you sustenance, not as open, we

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will actually sustain you. We will provide for you. National zuka we will give you sustenance. What do you want? You want wealth you want so much more. You want your contentment, your happiness

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whatever else, we will give it to you as a result of what as a result of you, bearing patients upon prayer and instructing your family to pray. So when you tell each other to pray, by virtue of that beautiful instruction, you will already be achieving blessings in sustenance. That is amazing. That is amazing. And if you don't remind each other to pray and you're living in the same house, don't expect further blessings from Allah Almighty Subhanallah even though he does give us sometimes it's not a blessing people get wealth as a source of their ultimate downfall. That has happened to so many in the past the Quran is given examples of that. So we need to be careful, my brothers, my

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sisters, that is point number one prayer five times a day. The second thing you need if you would like to achieve lots in terms of sustenance and blessings and and lots of contentment and goodness and happiness and even multiplication in wealth, you must ensure that you seek the forgiveness of Allah on a daily basis in Surah Noor, he tells his people the Prophet Noah May peace be upon him is still very rough become Inaho Kanaka Farah seek the forgiveness of your Lord Indeed he is most forgiving, oft forgiving. You will see this summer Alaikum Madera. He will send beneficial rain from the heavens, meaning from the skies, upon you beneficial rain, William did come be a Malinois

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burnin, he will grant you Subhanallah lots of wealth as a result of what seeking forgiveness, you know getting onto the same page as he who made you so seeking forgiveness, He will grant you lots of wealth and lots of children offspring blessings, blessings in your family blessings in your wealth, by doing what by seeking the forgiveness of the Almighty. So you have your prayer, and you have the instruction of the prayer to one another. And then you have seeking the forgiveness of Allah Almighty and ensuring that you mend your ways and habits. What's the point of seeking forgiveness, when you haven't really regretted the thing you've done or you haven't prayed? Or you're not

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interested in doing the right thing. But if you seek forgiveness correctly, often on a daily basis for the sins you know you committed for those you don't know you're committed for those you don't even realize you committed sometimes that was a minor sense, but the major ones as well. We asked Allah's forgiveness individually from the sins and collectively as well May Allah Almighty grant us goodness and forgiveness. And the last point I want to make mention of if you would like baraka and blessings, my brothers and sisters, ensure that ensure that your character and conduct is amazing, don't hurt a soul. Do not slander someone, do not accuse them, Do not abuse them, do not take Bite

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about them, Do not hurt them in a way that Subhanallah it comes back to you with evil because that's called Hakuho. A bad the rights of fellow humans and Allah is very quick. Allah is very quick to retaliate against someone who has hurt people who are close to him. Subhanallah so you'd rather stay away. Make sure you treat people with respect. Make sure you utter good words, make sure you stay away from backbiting. Backbiting, is to say bad things behind your brother or sister that are true that if they heard them they would feel offended. Subhanallah Have you ever realized that if it was not true, it's called both and it's a slander? That's even worse. These are major, major major sins

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Subhanallah We ask Allah Almighty to grant us forgiveness so you won't achieve any Baraka or blessings. If you were to abuse others accused other, slandered them back, bite them, deceive them, cheat them, steal from them, and whatever else, you need to improve that. So on one hand, your prayer has improved. Your seeking forgiveness has improved and your relationship with others needs to improve. Notice how every time these three or a few of these pointers keep coming up. Because that's the essence of life. Worship Allah alone. And remember to treat everyone else with utmost respect. Many people are suffering. Many people are struggling in their families, in their wealth,

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in their health with their contentment. They don't realize the reason you're suffering is because you made someone else suffer. That's all. May Allah Almighty grant us forgiveness, and make us really from among those who can develop ourselves and take heed beautiful reminder in these beautiful nights of Ramadan. Remember, we're almost about to start the last time and these will be the most powerful nights of the entire year. For us as Muslims make the most of them. Let's change our lives. Become steadfast. Promise Allah that you're going to pray five times a day see how in the future as time passes on

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One by one, the doors of sustenance will keep opening for you, no matter what and risk includes your spouse, your children, your family members, that's also part of risk. It's part of sustenance, not just your wealth and money, but wealth and money. Don't worry about how much someone else has. Don't worry about where and how they earned it's not going to change your life in any way. It's going to make your life more miserable. Maybe worry about what Allah has given you and why he has given that to you. If you are far from Allah, then you need to worry and be concerned about that distance perhaps it is causing whatever negativity you have in your lives. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant

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us closeness to him Akula Kohli ha ha SallAllahu wasallam Baraka Island Amina Muhammad