If God Is Uncreated, Then How Can We Feel His Existence

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Dr Zakir Naik answers a Question posed by Agnostic Brother. If God is ‘Uncreated’, then how can we feel his existence?

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Yeah, hi, my name is Ahmed. I come from the glorious country of Iraq and I'm a born Muslim. My problem is that I practice Islam when I would rather first read request question from the non Muslims once all the question from non Muslims over inshallah we'll give you a chance. Yeah, but I'm telling my probably it's, but But you said your ama that you're a born Muslim. I am born Muslim. But now are you Muslim or not? I'm agnostic. So now you have left the religion of Islam. Yeah, I'm confused. Okay, fine. If you have never heard of Islam, you can ask the question with them. Okay. So my question is, how come I don't have the faith that you and the other Muslims have and some of my

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friends, even though I practice Islam a lot, and I even did Amara, but I still do most of the sins that are forbidden in Islam. And I sometimes I'm lazy to do the prayer and the other subjects we have to do in Islam. I have read many books and about other religions and conspiracy theories and documentaries and such I even have seen your own videos in YouTube. And there are many questions that go around my head, about Allah and the messenger and Muslims in general. And basically the the most important question is, you said in one of your debates or questions that Allah has the creator and he's uncreated, but I have realized how can the uncreated exist and if he exists, how can we

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notice him? How can we see him or hear him or feel him or know of his existence is V's uncreated in our own dimension? Also? That's one of the questions.

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I'm afraid that he's a born Muslim. He comes from Iraq.

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He read the Quran, he read the books, but he commits many sins he believes, maybe sometimes agnostic, and lazy for praying, whether before I answer a main question,

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if you do things, and if you are lazy for praying, that does not make you a non Muslim.

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As long as you believe that praying further, sometimes you miss it's a sin. It's a major sin that you sometimes don't pray. But that doesn't make you a non Muslim.

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If you say praying is not required,

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then you're doing good.

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But if sometimes you do sin sometime minus in some time major sin it is haram. It forbidden, but that does not throw you outside the fold of Islam.

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There are some times verses of the shaitaan asking you why you're a Muslim, but this is wrong in Islam, this is wrong. And it does deviate the person's mind. At that time, maybe your Eman may be low.

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But these things should not meet you consider that you are non Muslim.

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regarding a question that I mentioned in my speech, and you're right, that Almighty God is the Creator, but he himself is uncreated.

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You ask the question, how can done create it? How can we see then created

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and how it's possible?

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Allah subhana wa Taala is Holic is the creator. And by definition, he's uncreated.

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Because normally people say that when they try and prove in logic,

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that everything has a creator,

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who created this table, the government from where he got from the tree who created the tree, so it goes back to Allah. So when many of the people tried to convince any theists, they try and say that everything has a creator, and then they get trapped, when the thief asked him who created Allah?

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So if you hear my tapes, I never go that way. I asked the atheist that How did you come to know about the universe? How did you come to know about the functioning of the stars of the sun? And he says,

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and goes back that the Creator, so it's the vice versa? So if you know how to deal with logic, you don't trip over this problem with the atheist trap. The Muslim or the believers by saying who created Allah, by definition? allies, uncreated?

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And if you are the question, Who created Allah? If you have heard matrix I give the reply, that suppose a person comes and says that my brother john, Yeah, I know. I saw that I heard That's funny. But I mean, how does he exist? If he is uncreated? Not that rivella Mater? Yeah. Between you and Allah, how does he exist me? He was existing

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from he doesn't have a beginning, you and I have a beginning that human being so that is the difference between us and Allah. You can say that I love to be like us. If allies like you and me, why should you worship him? I see but have you heard of the phenomenon the big brother used by various orders and political agendas,

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To control the people and such by implementing it into multiple gods and then later on it became a monotheistic religions all over the world to make it easier.

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I've never heard of the Big Brother. It's not a religion. It's like a theory and idea, basically, for

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us was this idea of a, what does it say is that when you have a big brother, it's easier for you to live life, when you have someone watching you the whole time, understanding the whole time protecting you the whole time being with you the whole time, and you can talk to him all the he never talks to you back maybe in your dreams, do it your mind. And such, it's easier for you to live, while a human who does not have a big brother, and is not easily controlled into doing so. And having complete freedom is a danger for the major ruling powers and such. What does he say? I don't understand. Big Brother, maybe the big brother may not be the God of it. What does it have to do

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with Islam? And God? What does it have to do? Because basically, Allah is watching the whole time. He was like a big brother. Indeed, you use him for your protection, so you won't be scared. You know what I mean?

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So this is the hypothesis hypothesis.

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If you have heard, how do I convince

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an atheist? If you have heard my answer that you said that you're agnostic atheist? Yeah. So first thing I do to an atheist? graduate him? What? I congratulate him.

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Have you heard man COVID gift? Yeah, your congratulations for having seen your debates with the atheist. I just saw your answers on some questions. If you haven't seen that of a theist? No, but I've seen your debate with David William Campbell. And

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ya know, when an atheist tells me, he does not believe in God like your theory of Big Brother. Yeah. And if you believe in that theory, I will ask you, first thing I do to the atheists, I congratulate him, you know why? Yeah. Because they think and they don't follow what their parent does and stuff like that. No, no, I congratulate him because he's not doing blind belief. The other people are doing blind belief. He is a Christian with a father as a Christian. He's in the book of fathers and most of the Muslim Muslim have a father as a Muslim. He's thinking, he says, There is no God. He has said the first part of the Islamic Sharia law.

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The reason I congratulate him is because he has said the first part of the Islamic Shahada, Islamic creed, La Ilaha, the only thing after doing Illallah which I shall do inshallah,

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if you have heard my answer, an atheist, become an atheist, because he believes in science, he believes in logic, I asked him, that if an equipment is bought in front of him, which no one in the world has ever seen. And if the question is asked that who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this new equipment? Or the answer?

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Of course, he's going to tell you the producer, the maker of the Creator, producer maker, so when we ask him questions, that how did this universe come into existence? He will talk about the Big Bang. This what we're going to talk is already mentioned the front 1400 years ago in for chapter 21, verse number 30, alamgir Allah Xena Kuru anessa Mattila de kandra. nama do non believer see that the heavens and the earth are joined together and we close them asunder. This what you came to know 50 years back is mentioned over and 14 years ago who could have mentioned that? Well, in various civilizations in like 2000 or 5000 BC, before Islam came or Christianity itself, there was various

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civilizations that are good in astronomy and they know more about our solar system than we do now. Sadly, rather whether your knowledge or fine with little not in depth, I do agree, there are certain things which are known as hypothesis. For example, for example,

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we came to know we were proved that the Earth was spherical, in 1577. I know that in sixth century BC,

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they were told to believe that the Earth was spherical. But the same Pythagoras who believed the earth was spherical, also believed that the Earth was the center of the universe which is wrong. You show me one civilization, which believe 100% what the Quran has mentioned. I challenge you, what you say. So do you mean to say there was a person who said okay, this civilization out 100 things these two things are right, or 100 thing, the five things are right out of this 100 and pick and choose who can do that no one besides the Creator.

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Even if you know that there were 10 different civilizations, hundreds of civilizations, there is not a single civilization that you know in the past, which knew 100% of science what we know today.

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So where is your logic? Where is your theory? I do know that certain

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hypothesis which will prove later on, but there is not a single civilization which knows everything already mentioned the Quran. So the answer goes back to the original question Who could have collected this in the Quran? Someone 1400 years back could he do and say, Okay out of these unearthing these three are right out of these unearthing these to arise out of this is not possible, mathematically possible.

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Well, you never gave the idea of extraterrestrials or so. I mean knowledge is power. And rather than Matthew simple question, we are not committed to our debate. Yeah, I'm asking you a question point out a single civilization you're asking something else? Yeah, we are not here to discuss you can come in the room and discuss. You ask a question. I'm giving you the answer. You gave about old civilization. I told you right? But out of 100 thing 98 they were wrong. So I am asking you Who could have mentioned this in the Quran? You're talking something else now? Yeah, why Muslim? The simple question two plus two equals How much? You are saying I'm telling you three multiply by three

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is how much? I'm asking a name you're telling that Where do you live? Yeah, I'm asking a simple question. Name me a single civilization which have everything mentioned in the Quran.

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Do you know if any are not Yes or no? Well, not everything Of course. Even not 10% why Babylon knows of some most of the planets and such planet is not the only dimension in the Quran. There are 1000 dimensions the Quran to say about 1000 things are mentioned in the Quran. 10% would be equal to 100 things did Babylonian civilization knew about 103 mentioned the grant? No, because they knew five or six things

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in percentage wise very small.

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Who can be the author of the Quran? Besides the creator to know what is right What is wrong? Today science has established the hypotheses mentioned by Babylonian so many centuries back is today proven? So these are hypotheses in the past, which out of them many have been rejected, some have been accepted. So to collect all which is 100%. Correct. has to be from the creator and no one is Hope that answers the question. Yeah.