Mindfulness of the tongue #4

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The speakers discuss the use of "ENThr" in Arabic language, which refers to the effort of the creator to acknowledge blessings and be aware of them. They also touch on the importance of being a master in one's field and cautioning with words. The segment ends with a mention of a recent meeting where a member of the Muslim community complained about the difficulty of speaking in English and the importance of being careful of what comes out of speaking in the language. The speakers emphasize the need for awareness and learning to count words, while also discussing a contest where female students are called to stand for their opinions.

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Well, I can send you a few Hello accelerometer. salotti Alexa, you do Mola Sudler. Early he was so happy human Well, I'm cool Yamuna saw at night of Jomar the bus at night and some beautiful nights and the Sunnah is to increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and all good deeds. Yahweh Al Imam will tell me the you

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the January he office Ronnie he will enter more a Buddha would apply early see you

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emotionally here beside him Hassan and I'd be saving in Audrey are the Allahu Anhu call call an abuse of Allah Allah Allah Salam generate a hadith and few commentary smaller Hadith decided today to make a point. This is within the theme of mindfulness of one's tongue.

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And this was the value of salatu salam said in this hadith Allah either Elsa hull Abdullah movement,

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Allah Kaluga took a pharaoh Listen, whenever a movement wakes up all of his organs, performed reform took fear upon the tongue. Now what is mean what is meant by Tucker Felisa meaning they accused the design of not being grateful for all of the blessings that they all that they got in covering the AMA. So we'll cover when we use it to say someone is disbeliever that is a metaphorical use usage of the word, language linguistically.

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The word Cofer does not doesn't actually mean that it means refusing to acknowledge something,

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in this case, a blessing. That's so when you refuse to acknowledge something at school for Nana, and then if you refuse to acknowledge the blessing of life coming from God, that's the ultimate act of God which is disbelief in God. So it became it became synonymous to disbelief in God based on that, but the actual usage of it is the refusal of acknowledging a blessing. So the all the organs to confederalism meaning accuses the son of being very ungrateful and causing a lot of problems meaning the organist saying, What are you doing? Wherever we have so much to be grateful for? Be careful. So they say this is what the prophet Allah says on tells us it does. tocopherols Lisa taco, tequila

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killer fina in Novick in his contest. In our judges are our judges. They say oh Tong,

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have Taqwa of Allah regarding us. Because our status is based on whatever it is you do. If you aren't happy, meaning if you're if you are righteous, if you are grateful, if you're a believer, if you only say that which is helpful and beneficial, then we will be on that same path. And if you go astray, that we all go straight with you. We are all followers of you. And other understanding we were to come here, because it's an interesting word, the concept of go for the very interesting actually root in the Arabic language because it has a number of different meanings that are attached to it. But another meeting is that they they submit to the tongue, maybe they come to it in the form

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of begging, I'm saying you are the master you are the leader, you are the bigger one. The concept of the Creator is also that as well works in both ways. And we'll talk about that maybe is a Hadith coming up where we'll talk about explaining the linguistic macro and evidence showing a different night in another meeting or is that could they come to the tongue begging and say basically saying we are we are dependent upon you if you have no Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala we're all going to be lost if you don't.

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We are Allah in his Muslim also in the ribs on the back was so deep or the Allahu and we don't have a lot of Hadith that he narrated with the low 100 with us one of them Bacala ganja Kodali Allahu Anhu kind of use on Allah Azza wa sallam Lai says shame on Phil Jessa de el Yash goo Hara Lisa Niala.

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Il is qu il Allah He Lisa veneration as a hadith Hassan I'm working towards the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said there is nothing in the body. There's no art except it is it continues to complain about the

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the tongue complaints to Allah azza wa jal complains, be the difficulties they find regarding the tongue because so had that to him and it gets very sharp.

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Not again, not literally, but metaphorically, the tongue is so sharp it can be can be so harmful, it can be so difficult. They're all afraid of what the tongue is going to do to them. You're saying that the organs are a part of this of you and I, and they're all afraid of what the tongue is going to take us get us all into. So every morning these organs say Yeah, listen, look, you have to be just be mindful, because if you don't, you're gonna get us all in trouble. And then if the tongue doesn't listen to the organs talk to each other. What is this? How are you going to manage this thing? It doesn't stop getting us into problems. But Kyla can go to Kulu Abu Bakr and Omar the

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hadith is also in the boiler Rebecca would enter a room or Abramo this after the Prophet saw some die by entropy to resign or who is pointing. Honestly say he's taking his time putting into your code or in the aura Danielle my words. This time keeps getting me in trouble. This is overkill. So these are the Allahu Anhu if you're cold or heavy

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If you look at that as an alarm and that guy in the first study for who Hollyford Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam would pull his tongue say in the herder, Oh, brother, Neil Murray, this donkey from taking me to places I shouldn't go, it keeps on leading me to a place that I don't want to be going to keep on saying things I shouldn't want. I shouldn't say that. But this is what I'm trying to explain to you. What this hadith Hadith explain is that the actual problem of our tongues is something that the whole body is very concerned about. Every aspect of you is complaining about this one organ that can ruin it for everybody.

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When the mistake of the tongue can ruin it for everything else, and they reminded every day, and they complain to Allah subhanaw taala. From its effect, the care of we have to be very careful of this. Very, very careful of what we say. And this is something that any over the next maybe a couple of week or so, I'll keep on reminding us because it's important. I should be reminded of this the most I speak the most probably amongst everyone here.

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But it's definitely something that's worthy of everyone's contemplation is worthy of thinking what you say what counts your words, this is actually an exercise that they used to give us.

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As we perform went through any development of this get used to ask us to go through a day and count count your words, count how many things you say, I couldn't do a dog is not even very difficult for me. This took me a long time to get done. So I couldn't count the words I started to count the the constant the conversations like what what did I talk about during that day? Who did I speak to? And what potentially did I say? That wasn't the right thing to say? What potentially did I say that day that could later on maybe army I'm not talking about canceled culture where you know you're saying it on a someone pulls it one day years later and they ruin your political aspirations or something I

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just talking about what can come back and harm me on the day of judgment when Allah subhanaw taala pulls all the whole archive everything and then point out you said that and then you're stuck to what you said that day was a really good exercise to do. Because every aspect of you every organ, every was saying, just be very careful. We are whatever you do, if you are righteous then we are righteous. And if you are not, then we are not. We have very little control over it. I think it's a hadith that are worthy of our contemplation, Yahweh. The man was telling me the up Jamie I hear well, Imam Abu Dawood clearly see if he must study him. He said I didn't Hassanein and he said he

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didn't agree with the Allahu Anhu bah bah NWSL Allah Allah. They're awesome. I love the movement. But in Alba Kula to confer with Lisa and Cole Illa fina for in nama nubikk in his contest, where any judge at our judging where our female snotty here and I'll be back in so deep are the Allahu Anhu called Paula never use Allah hi to you early he was a lamb they use a che village yesterday in your school there are the Lisa and the other. Doctor Rasulullah Hicks of Allah Allah and Islam smuggling hunting, you know Allah Allah Allah just overflow to really go so Allah wa salam O Allah