Ammar Alshukry – The Best Thing about You and Me

Ammar Alshukry
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of questions.

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A lot

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of faces into a lot. We seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in a lot from the evil of ourselves. And it was sprinkled by desire some a lot of guys, no one can escape, and only allow us to be misled. No one can guide. And I've ever witnessed that there's nothing worthy of worship except a lot of love and having no partners and that kind of subtle level it was sending them is asleep in his messenger disturbing doors for a lot of us in the home. Where he says

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a lot how much of what

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you believe, fear a lot as he deserves to be here and do not die except in a state of he stood up. And the law says, Yeah, you're the master.

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alive, he says, Yeah, you're a natural.

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Let me know.

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When he says, oh, mankind, through your Lord created you from a single soul and created from that. So let's make and produce from the many men and women. We've done a lot

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of harm and fear a lot of you asked each other by and by the types of kitchen. In the vodka I didn't receive a lot of so tech, a lot is ever watched a lot of you. And a lot says yeah, even the De La Liga, or you will believe, fear a lot and speak the truth.

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he will forgive for your sins, and he will correct you for your deeds. When you're by law also. Suppose that alima whoever obeys the messenger that he is indeed one.

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today for a short period of time Sheldon, vehicle will have I wanted to speak about who

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or what the best thing about me is, and you don't have to know me to know what the best thing about me is. And I don't need to know you to know the best thing about us.

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And I've been explaining all my life, what the best thing about me is, when I was a kid in kindergarten,

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I would have to explain to people why I wouldn't, I wasn't able to share my tuna sandwich for their salami, I was able to exchange it or for their ham sandwich. Now I have to say that alized budget doesn't allow it, I can't eat it. And then when I got to middle school, I had to explain again, why I was able to get a girlfriend when everyone in seventh grade all of a sudden discovered girls and was getting a girlfriend. And I have to say that a lot of it was when I got to high school and

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everyone discovered alcohol. It was the same thing. And I got to college, there's a lot more to be discovered.

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And the answer was still the same. But the questions were similar as well, which was why does your God care whether you drink water you drink alcohol? Why does your God care whether you dress up as a goblin on October 31? Or not? Plus, does your God care with regards to whether you have a friend of the opposite gender that you're intimate with?

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What's the big deal?

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So today, I wanted to remind myself as well as everybody listening who it is that we wish it because who I wish it is the best thing about me. There is nothing that is better about me than the fact that I can say about myself that I ascribed to be I didn't do that.

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And so what does he believe about a lot. The first thing the first verse that we learned as children is and how did it

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All praise is due to a lot

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of anatomy. What is

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wrong when you look up? classical Arabic lexicons the same logic in one book he says I'm not good at it, vie medic with si

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p when whenever that belong to the Arabic language revolves around a number of meanings. The first is a medic, he is the owner. And the second is a medic was seen as the owner. The second key is the owner the master was the one who plans and the one who would have been the one who develops and the one who parishes and then pay him the one who maintains when when the one who disposes of blessings The one who gives. So we believe as Muslims that the first aspect when you're talking about Eliza is that He is the Lord of everything. He is the caretaker of everything. He is the creator of everything. He is the owner of everything and he has completed all of those things. He is perfect

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and all of those things he owns by his own

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It is perfect. He is the master. And he is perfect in that he gives that he provides. And he is perfect. And all of that when you think about how many people live in this campus or in this town, every single morning, 1000s of people wake up and have problems and have issues and they have concerns everyone has, has issues, and a lot. So it provides for every single one of the nurses in the morning, every single moment of our lives a lot is providing for us, the * that we take, we would not be able to take them without a lot of the things that we think about and the millions of things that we don't think about a lot of so it's providing quality time and you multiply that by

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the number of people who actually are on this earth and then you multiply that by the worm that's traveling in the mud and the bird that's in the sky and the fish that are in the deepest recesses of the ocean and law says that there's not a duck bomb. This is our latest blog, except that a lot of it provides for

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a lot provides for everything

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And the second attribute quickly with regards to a lot of what we believe is that he is perfect in his knowledge. He doesn't forget, he's never been aware. Last to say that what I know he is never afflicted by slumber or sleep is absolutely perfect in his knowledge a lot. There's an example in football and he says wearing double massages relate to Him belong the keys to the unseen lie. I don't know how he laughs No one knows it except for him wearing a mask in Bollywood. He knows what is in the land. And he knows what is in the sea. What am I just put him in a water putting in a limo.

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And there's not a leaf that false

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except that he knows it. What I have doesn't feel automatic Antoine asked me what he said he that he can tell you more we know a grain of sand moves in the darkest remotes, places of this earth. In the darkness of the earth. The law says what altitude what I honestly think that if you tell me will be all of a sudden, a clear booger that is recorded. If you were to try to count the leaves that fall, or try to count the snowflakes that fall during the wintertime. We know that you can't do that. Not only that was very interesting is that we learned that every snowflake is a unique design. Who is the one who created all of these things? And how powerful how knowledgeable is the one who knows

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every single snowflake, who knows every single leaf when it moves knows every single grain of sand when it moves anywhere on this earth. Not only that, but the scholars they say about a lot something that's really mind boggling they say about him. Yeah, the Macondo, my poonawalla Yep, with no kind of a family, that allies who didn't know everything that has happened in the past, he knows all of that he knows everything that will happen in the future. And he knows everything that didn't happen if it happened, how it would happen.

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So you think about the combinations, or the permutations of all of these things. in a single day, we made 1000s of choices as human beings 1000s of choices, the least of them, are the words that we choose during the day, every single word that you choose is a choice. And there is a vast amount of options when when you choose anything, right. And so when you look at all of the choices that you make, every single day, a lot of the scholars say about a lot, that if you had changed and altered any one of those choices, he knows how it affected the rest of your life. But not only that, but you are the result of many choices as well. You are the result of the choice of your father to marry

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your mother, as opposed to marrying someone else. You are the result of grandparents who decided to move to a particular city or move to a new town. These are all choices that a lot so that knows how you're likely not to anyone who goes through such change. What if you weren't born into the family? The family that you were born into? What if you weren't the race that you are? What if you didn't speak the language that you spoke? What if you didn't choose the university that you went to or the major that you chose? A lot, so didn't know what if you weren't the gender that you are when you were born 100 years prior or 100 years after? A lot of those higher levels are played out? In all of

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these circumstances? We believe about a lot this knowledge is perfect.

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His knowledge is absolutely perfect. And so when we're talking about destiny, and predestination as a topic in Islam, which is one of the pillars of our faith, it comes from the understanding that our laws knowledge is perfect. He knows when it's in the past, and he knows what is in the future.

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The third thing that I want to mention with regards to a lot

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is that he is forgiving, and he loves to forgive

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the level of losses. The next activity says

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One who is filled with mercy, and the one who is consistent in his mercy. He loves to forgive. A lot of times when people are not listening, they look at how the Muslim world, they're their viewpoints of their god again, imagine a strict gun, the image of someone who tells them to dress in a particular way, and commands the do's and don'ts of their life, even in the most minor CEO of affairs, they look at someone who commands them and demands from devil worship and obedience.

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You say you don't know a lot.

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He continues to give us a promise of the lightest, and like you said, not possible.

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There is no one that is more patient with harm that he has heard that Allah is their own no good word, to me, Rafi.

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They ascribe to a lot a son.

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And he continues to give them health, he continues to give them well, there is no one was more patient with harm than a lot. I give you an example.

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Because the Prophet said, people show him

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The fact Other than that, he gives them lessons when they think other than him. He removes from them anxiety and fear. And they worship other than Him or problem. So listen, I'm sorry, human beings consistently

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show a lot of evil from themselves, a lot continues to send them goodness himself. There was a man who was that article in this paper, this man, he was his wife. He loves his wife dearly. And she had

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she was in need of kidney she had kidney failure. And so their kidneys match and he opted to give her

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one kidneys. The sixth of the surgery was successful, and she got better. Over time. She got back to normal and years passed after that. And their relationship changed and she cheated on him.

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So made this newsworthy. It wasn't the fact that she cheated on her husband. But what made it newsworthy was the fact that he took her to court and demanding to have his kidney back.

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And he could not comprehend how after he had showed her such goodness from himself that he had showed her such sacrifice, that she would turn to him with such ingratitude, joy and gratitude is an IRA.

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So when you think about this type of a scenario, and it's laughable, but really how many of us do this with a lot.

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He gave us bodies, he made a strong, he made us beautiful. So use these bodies to transgress the limits of a lot. We gave us wealth gave us a lot of wealth. I don't care how much money you make. You're living in the United States of America, then you are more wealthy. And you are living by and large in the states of opulence compared to the rest of the world.

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He gave me this money. So what do you do with it? He told you here. These are many ways that you can spend on yourself, spend all your money spend on yourself, no problem, but these are certain avenues. Do not spend your money in this way. And then we go when you spend that money. And then when we have a problem, we get sick, we have an issue in our family. All of a sudden we're raising our hands and we're saying why isn't God answering our prayers?

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We say a lot. So yeah, even with all of that was forgiving and he loves to forgive. He extends his hands during the days except except the the forgiveness or just accept the presence of God who sins during the night and he extends his hand during the night to accept the repentance of those who extend their hand or to sin during the day. He is forgiving and he loves forgiven. If a person takes a step towards him, he takes multiple steps towards him and if a person comes to him walking, then he comes in hastily. So if a person ever asks you, they say to you that I feel distance from God, I feel distant from Allah. Simply ask them which one Have you moved? Which one of you

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must have?

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He loves

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to say that he is alive, He is

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everything he is the master of everything. He is the Beneficent, the Most Merciful is an ideal is ideal.

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The reason why I like to call him a liar though.

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In English, a lot of people they say God is simply because I believe that the term a lot is what he means himself.

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And even the term God becomes restricted to how beautiful the name a lot is. The one who is loved the one who is the most loved a lot. There is nothing that any one of us can aspire to.

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As I began my foot but there is no title that you will ever be able to acquire.

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husband or wife, mother or father, doctor or president, that is better, that is pure that is greater that is more holy than being the sleep of such an excellent master. What an excellent master miserable slave. You forgot he forgave me. He gave you guidance and you still straight you asked for mercy that he gave what is it that allowance for us? It's very simple. On the day of judgment, the person will be brought forth and it will be said to him if you can ransom everything that is on the earth all ages.

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Which you ransom all of it to save yourself from the Hellfire but that will say no, yes. Then it will be said to him. I asked you for what is much less than that. How much took him out.

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And now to see condition.

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Magic is what is much less than that. You simply do not associate partners that you worship alone.

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But you refuse to accept the condition except to worship.

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We ask Allah to grant us the ability to look a lot nicer

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when you become enough for my

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environment, I want to set up

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a car God until I do Oh no. Hello, let me Pacifica magic Voodoo even and I'll be nostalgic. I mean try to come back to when you will not be returning

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to a match oh we are a no sorry. We're doing Yeah. with gentle loving love. Yes. My what I'm sorry. No. But what's going on? Other than

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brutalize me mean that was our fault and I don't want certain alumni out and I would I just don't see it being you know what, that's

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what I would do but what I didn't know. was how to do not are not supposed to be supposed to know.

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Lots of love.

Friday Khutbah Br. Ammar Al-Shukry

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