Why Is Passing In Front Of Someone In The Haram Allowed

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers


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The speaker discusses the rules of Mecca and the crowded atmosphere during high season, which can cause harm and privacy. They suggest that people should not pray in front of individuals who are praying, and that if they stop, it will cause harm. The speaker also mentions that they have been allowed to apply rules to people who have a identifies as a woman or woman-related sex, and that they should not be smart.

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We know that we are not allowed to walk in front of someone who's praying, especially if we are a woman. Why rule change when we are in the huddle?

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Yes, it is correct that the person should not walk in front of someone realized praying if he has a sutra in front of him or her, or if they don't have the sutra to walk between where their feet where they stand and the place where they put their head. Because in the Bissell Allah Salim said if you pray to some sutra, an object in front of you and someone tried to walk in front of you stop that person, and if he insist, push him back is a bond

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as a Nabi sallallahu Sallam said,

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this is generally speaking. And by the way, the rule is not Mecca and Medina, the rule is related to the master Han and invested never. And then skarsten in Mecca, and all the Harlem during Hajj, like damn and other mentioned that this is during the Hajj time. And the reason for this because it became too crowded. If Mr. Helme Allah said, and basically, the sum Maliki and some of the other O'Hara law said, if you can avoid walking between the person and the sutra, you should, but if you can't, it's too crowded. Otherwise, if you stop, that, basically there is hundreds of 1000s of people and hundreds of people behind you. And that will create a chaos, no doubt, I will not come.

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We understand from the principle *tier that the Shinya come to stablish ease and not to put us in difficulty and not to cause harm. And that all will happen if we say you have to apply this rules in the midst of that harm, especially during high season in hard on Ramadan, and things of that nature. That's why I came home a lot like the Hinata. And the men in the NAF and some of the Maliki the Shafi allowed this to happen in Mecca, in the Harlem in Mecca and the Harlem in Medina.

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And Mecca is not like other cities and Mr. Holloman Mecca is not like others because it's too crowded. And if you stop people from walking, you will cause harm to people. And I would say this also apply to any nested would it's too crowded, like after Juma here, it is so crowded and you have to go back to work. And if you're going to wait for everybody to finish a certain, you know, it might be you lose your basically time or you know you come late for your job and can cause harm. In this case we allowed. People shouldn't be smart in the way they pray where they pray. Sydney will give room for people to go through without the need of going in front of them while they're praying.

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I asked a lot harder to make it easy for all of us. Some of us