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The speaker talks about Islam and emphasizes the importance of showing mercy and giving people the deen. They also mention that people should immediately think of Allah as the busiest person on earth. The speaker suggests that people should also be contented with their actions and that they are just giving.

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When someone looks at you, they should immediately think of Allah. What does that mean? You talk to them as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Mashallah you looked at the What does that mean? May the peace and blessings of who of Allah be upon you? You mentioned Allah as soon as you started you know if I were to tell you as salaam alaikum it's assumed I'm right. I can greeting you make peace be upon you. If I want a great reward. What do I have to say? I add a little bit on top of that according to the sooner what Allah He now I've said the name of Allah while I'm addressing you, while I'm greeting you have added the name of Allah, what happened? Subhana Allah help will Allah

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mean? I am reminding you that mercy comes from Allah. That's what it is. Where does mercy come from? I want mercy. So it goes to show that if you want to contentment reach out to people in both ways, materially as well as religiously, religiously, meaning you're giving them the deen and you building your own hereafter by giving them something that is far more important than the need of this world that they have right now, although they are both important, but we're just prioritizing