Getting married? The POINT SYSTEM when looking for a spouse!

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When someone has Deen and character, as taught by the prophets are seldom

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either attack commander Lola de novo Luca wolf as a widow who when someone comes to propose for your daughter, and they have good religion, and they have good character, give that Daughter of yours in marriage to that person, if the daughter is willing, if the daughter is not willing, you are not allowed to give, if she is willing give her

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for as long as there is demon of luck in that brother, there will be Baraka. That's the Hadith. So if someone has done an applic give them a one. Give them a one one point they have one point write down one.

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If they are good looking, give them a zero. What does it make it 10 Okay, if they have a lot of wealth, give them another zero. What does that make it 100 if they come from a good family, give them another zero. What does it make it 1000 if they have a lot of other things, give them another zero. How much would that make it?

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10,000 and so on keep on giving them zeros for every other thing, but for dinner o'clock, what did you give them a one? If they don't have dnn Aflac, remove the one What are they remaining with? Zero, they have nothing. That is how we as Muslims should look at it. So the more the merrier. It is better if you have someone who's really good looking Mashallah. They come from a good family and hamdulillah they might be wealthy Alhamdulillah they have something more Alhamdulillah but if they don't have Deen and you remove the one you are left with nothing You are wasting your time my brother my sister, you will be depressed in that relationship. La ilaha illa Allah.

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Now Allah Allah, remember that example. Give it to your children. tell the others when they ask you tell them look for anything and everything. But don't compromise one thing.

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Don't compromise one thing.