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Jumuah Lecture from Arcadia, Masjid. Harare, Zimbabwe.

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The history and implementation of Islam in Pakistan highlights the importance of not understanding the depth and depth of the system and not harming people who aren't at all involved. The speakers stress the need for unity among Muslims and Christian leaders and the importance of protecting one's privacy and privacy in Islam. They also encourage people to report any individuals or groups that instig violence and to be mindful of their health, financial, and social problems. The importance of achieving peace in the world and achieving Islam's guidance for life is also emphasized.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi Lambie, mousseline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Tabby in Oman tabea home tobiano Shan in Isla yo Medina bad. We always praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions, may Allah bless them all. And may He bless every single one of us, I mean,

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my beloved brothers and sisters on the globe, several incidents have occurred,

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that make it necessary for us to speak about them and to guide the Muslims in their regard. One of these was the siege that happened in Sydney, Australia, and the other was the massacre of schoolchildren in Peshawar, Pakistan.

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And it's important for us to know that as Muslims, we don't understand what part of Islam these people are following. In fact, we don't even understand what Islam they are following. Because Islam is a totally different religion, from what these people are practicing. Islam does not teach the killing of innocent people. It does not teach the killing of children and women. And in fact, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was entering Mecca to the mocha Rama in the urine, known as almond fat. At the victory of Makkah, he made it quite clear that those who put their weapon down as well shall not be touched and harmed these innocent people. Also, he makes clear

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mention of not only the prohibition of hurting or harming women, children, the elderly, those who are in their homes, those who are in the churches, but he even speaks about the destruction of trees, and infrastructure. So those who destroy infrastructure are not following Islam. Those who want to destroy the ecosystem are not following Islam, those who want to harm women, children, the elderly, and those who are in the massagin. And those who are not at war with them. Innocent people, they are not following Islam. And this is why it's important for us to speak about this, because as frustrated as we might be, because of what might be happening on Muslim lands, it does not give us

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the right to go out and hurt people who are not at all involved. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us, and may He protect us. The first issue I want to address is the issue of hostage taking in Islam.

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What has happened and what is happening, if you take a careful look, someone has a problem with a certain nationality, and they decide to pick up anyone have the same nationality, and kill him off or use him as a hostage. Which part of Islam teaches that which Hadith or which Quranic verse teaches that when a person is innocent, or not at all involved, there are people whether they are in Iraq, whether they are in Syria, whether they are in other places, some of them have gone forth in order to assist humanitarian crisis we all know about, there are people who have gone to help, and they have gone under the flag of well known Islamic organizations as well. And after a while, the

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man is taken. And after a while just because of his nationality, he is then made a big issue of and an issue of hostage and so on. And after a while he's executed in the name of Islam, you and I are not involved, you and I condemn that and we do not condone it at all. So this barbaric system is definitely an Islamic, if you take a look at the Islam we have been we have been following since we were born. We have known of a peaceful Islam, we live with the Muslims with the non Muslims, the People of the Book, the Jews, and the Christians and the others, the Hindus, people who don't even have a faith, where have we ever had a dispute with them in terms of living and life and their

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freedom? The reality is as muslimeen No, we don't. If you have a problem with someone, you may report them to the authorities, and then it will be handled by the courts, you will either get justice at the courts, or sometimes maybe the courts may find someone that you believe is guilty or innocent. In that case, you leave it for the day of judgment when Allah subhanho wa Taala will be the judge. But you do not take it into your own hands to say now because the court has found this person innocent and according to me, the person is guilty. Let me harm them. Let me kill them. Let me hurt them. Let me Rob from them. That is absolutely incorrect. And it is an Islamic because what

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we do know the prophets Allah Allah Salam speaks about himself. God

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between two people. He says

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I am definitely a human being just like you Allah in nama and Sharon with Luca Marina mattina hustle for Allah, Allah Allah Kimani akuna, Abdullah Baba jetty human bow, the prophet SAW Selim says, when there is a dispute between us, then when there is a dispute between two people who come to me, I will listen to the evidence, maybe one person can speak better than the other, maybe one person has a little advantage over the other. And I will give a ruling based on the evidence based on what is being said and based on what the evidence is in the witness and so on. If something happens to be false, and I happen to issue a ruling based on what was wrong, then the person should know for

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innama here are 2 million naira failure. Only.

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The professor Salaam says what I have given them wrongfully is actually a piece of the fire. If they want, they can take it and if they want, they can leave it. So if they've taken it, they will have to pay on the Day of Judgment, and perhaps they will lose their agenda. And if they have left it then inshallah they will be able to earn justice, at least on the Day of Judgment, because they were bothered about justice here. If you take a careful look at Pakistan, and what happened in Pakistan just two days ago, where more than 100 little children were killed for what what was the purpose? Why? So someone might argue that Oh, these were the children of military men, that is no

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justification whatsoever all or what you know, whatsoever. Look at Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he went to tarrif, look at his example. They beat him up personally, physically, he was bleeding. And the angels came to him to say, if you want, we can crush these people between the mountains, what did he say? He said, I am sent as a mercy. We don't want that to happen. If they don't accept, perhaps their children will accept patients suffer. You want people to come to Islam, to me, every non Muslim is a potential Muslim, which means he can be a Muslim. So it's up to me my character, my conduct, the way I deal with him the way I talk to him or her, and the way I interact.

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They should be attracted to Islam. But if I am taught to kill off all non Muslims, who is going to accept Islam? What about my forefathers? Some generations back maybe 500 years? 1000 years, whenever it was, they were not Muslim. So if the teaching was that you need to kill off the non Muslim, I would not be standing here. No, would you because at some stage far back, they will not Muslim. So it's important for us to know this. In part, if Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was patient, he made a draft for them a beautiful draft he took, he took the knock meaning they he did not make a bad deal against them. And at the same time, he made a good deal. Oh Allah, if these people are not accepting

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at least from their progeny, from their offspring from their children, let people accept the deal. in a few years time, there was a victory in that region today, take a look at life and tell me how many non Muslims there are there.

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Why there was patience, there was a lot of forbearance, there was a system of Dawa, people have lost the plot. And we think that the non Muslims are our enemies. The minute we think that automatically we will not be able to call them towards Islam, and they will get the wrong image of Islam. Because if you look at from amongst a seated here, there are so many who are non Muslim before, or their fathers or forefathers were non Muslim, and not very long time ago recently. But what happened, someone somehow came and did good business with them. A good business deal. So many people accepted Islam because they saw upright, upright people. Also what has happened is sometimes people have

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worked at someone's business or at someone's home, they have seen upright character, this person is straight, they pay me on time, they don't swear. They speak proper good words. They are honest. They are they're polite. They treat me like a human being and they feel in their heart. Let me accept Islam. What is this? It is definitely the faith. We don't drink. We don't commit adultery, we don't go into the clubs and the issues and problems that are being faced by the majority of the globe. A true Muslim will not face those issues, because you don't have those problems. So this is why Let's be careful, let us understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed a duty on our shoulders to

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sort problems out not to create problems. We should never ever create a problem. You and I have sent our children to school and Subhan Allah v school children are growing up. They are innocent. Perhaps if we are making a mistake tomorrow, they will correct us. Look at Ibrahim Alayhi Salam he was the son of a bad man. You know this, as was a bad man. He used to worship idols. He used to do so much of evil. What happened? Ibrahim alayhis salam Allah decided to guide him. That alone proves that no matter how bad your father is, it does not make the children that bad. The children are innocent. These are

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innocent children, the whole globe acknowledges they are innocent. Yes, they are. There are others who have pillaged and slaughtered our own children we know but two wrongs do not make a right remember this, someone sometimes might want to think and try and justify to say you know they are bombing us every day. They are killing our children every day. They are doing this on a daily basis with unmanned aircraft and various other things. My brother, my sister, we understand we are painting we are hurting, we are bleeding. We want to solve the problem we are trying to sort things out but at the same time, it does not give us the right and it does not justify the killing of

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innocent children. If someone has murdered someone else. Subhana Allah, it does not give us the right to murder a third party altogether. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us. And may Allah grant us guidance and ease. It's important we understand this. The world is bleeding today and people are blaming the Muslims because from amongst us, some are being brainwashed, brainwashed by what they do not understand verses of the Quran. They don't understand the ababu or the reasons of revelation of the verses of the Quran. They don't understand the ability or they don't understand how to extract rules and regulations from verses of the Quran. They read something someone shows

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them something and next thing they are prepared to give up their lives. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us an understanding we should be giving up our lives striving to earn the the the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala through obedience through Salah. What is ironic is a person who cannot get up for salah and the person who is delayed for the other Salawat a person who perhaps has not even fulfilled the sooner of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in his or her life suddenly lines up as a suicide bomber over below where is this from? My brother, start with your Salah and understand that if you do it properly, you never get to the end that you are going towards. Why because you would have

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proper knowledge you would understand that this is not it. Islam prohibits suicide. If a person kills himself what will happen? That person the Hadith already says In fact the Quran speaks of it while at APU fusa come in Allah How can I be Kumar Hema Do not kill yourself, do not harm yourself for Indeed Allah is very merciful upon you. Similarly, Allah says, Allah to be a de Camila Tanaka y sin in Allah, how you been listening, do not use your own hands to harm yourselves. Be good, be kind for Allah loves those who are good and kind. Imagine kindness on top of that, goodness, on top of that, do you know that even if there is an animal, we are not allowed to just take the life of an

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animal aimlessly, those who go out fishing and you you know as a sport, and they they catch the fish and let it be, you know, harmed and after a little while, they throw it back in and every time you catch this big fish, you find that, you know, part of its mouth is injured because of others who have caught the fish and they've taken it out and put it back that according to us is not allowed because you are harming and a creature of Allah and you will taste the wrath of it somewhere down your life. The same applies. If we were to do something just as a sport. You know the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim says never use a living animal as a target. So people look at targets they look at

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an animal Okay, guys, you want to shoot? Let's go and shoot these animals. And you shoot the animal and you leave it? What was it for just to know how to aim? Why couldn't you have used the brick? Why couldn't you have used a little dart board or something else? Why do you have to use a living animal or a living creature? The Hadith says it is haram haram meaning it's not allowed. That is a creature of Allah. Why are you taking the life away of a creature of Allah? Imagine if it's a human being Subhana Allah, imagine if it's a human being. And on top of that, imagine if it is someone who's saying the Shahada, the little children that went off in Pakistan, may Allah grant him Jana, and May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala make it a means of their parents forgiveness and entry into Gemini as well. no justification whatsoever. Imagine they were reciting the Shahada. They were at a school where the Quran was being taught. And here you have people in the name of the same Quran, and they are going through Nay, they did not do that in my name and in yours. Not at all. We disagree, and we very strongly disagree. So this is why it's important for us to make mention of this in order to educate the Muslim masses Do not be from amongst those who loses the plot, or who becomes so upset that what you start doing is wrong. You know, sometimes Yes. And I'm repeating this, we become upset, we

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become hurt because we see what's happening to our brothers, our sisters, but the solution is not to do something that is worse or equal. No. The solution is to solve the matter in a different way today. Let's face it in our own societies and communities, we are split into 2030 groups. One brother doesn't want to see the other brother

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Because he says I mean aloud and this one says it softly and one when he's sitting in the shadow he'll, he'll put his finger up and down and the other one just leaves it up and one doesn't do it. So we are fighting we are not talking this one is a cafe. This one is a non Muslim. This one is a you know this one. There will always be difference of opinion in the oma you will not be able to banish difference. There was difference of opinion even in the Sahaba of the Allahu Allah home. But unity is how to deal with difference of opinion that is unity that will make you be united or disunited. So if you know how to deal with difference brother, I love the color blue. You love the

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color green Alhamdulillah You are my brother, I will greet you you can carry on enjoying your green, I will enjoy my blue and so on. But I don't agree with you and your color choice. But I love you because we share the Shahada. The same applies I might be a Maliki you might be a hair Shafi. The other one might be a Hanafi or the other one might be slfp. Whatever it is, these people say the Shahada, they say a shadow Allah Allah Illallah Muhammad Abdul Rasul, Allah, Allah. After that their account is with Allah, if you want to discuss something, no problem, but to start labeling and harming and wanting to hurt and going around backbiting and spreading mischief and tale and creating

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stories and dis uniting the oma, the day a disaster has to strike, we will only be killing one another, we will only be killing one another why we have more differences amongst us than we do with the Jewish neighbor. And with the Christian neighbor, Subhana Allah. And this is why we say, as Muslims, there is a uniform rule, no matter who it is to start with, it's a human being number one. Thereafter, they have rights. Let me give you one simple example. There is the explanation of the neighbor and the rights of a neighbor in Islam. And it is quite clear that if he's a neighbor, who's a non Muslim, he has one right over you. He's a neighbor, if he's a neighbor, who is a Muslim, he

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has two rights over you, because he's a neighbor, and he's a Muslim, if he's a neighbor, and the Muslim and the relative, he has three rights over you because of all three things and so on. And if he's a neighbor, and he's a relative, and he then will, and he's a Muslim, and he's sick and Ill then he has another write known as the rights of those who are seeking deal and you are the neighbor. If there is a funeral at that house, you also have another right to fulfill. This is Islam. This is what we know about. We have been living with people who are non Muslim for decades on end in our own lives. I'm talking about we've never had a problem. We have a live and let live

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policy, they would come to us. I have had in my own home Jehovah's witnesses who have come and they have wanted to discuss religion, and we've discussed it. So they came in and they've discussed whatever they wanted, they were satisfied and they left. I did not spit on them. I did not treat them in an evil way because they were coming to fulfill what they felt his duty. And I have been to several people's homes in order to talk about Islam. And I was welcome and Subhana Allah, sometimes not only home, but I've even been to schools and various other places where they've invited me to say come and talk about Islam. Let's hear what it's all about. And they we've answered questions and

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they were very respectful. This is the this is the way things should be done very respectfully. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala tells Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allah in Al Bella in another place. Ma Ma Sunni illallah wa salam. Ala Moana tubu Noah Dokdo demo on the duty of the messenger is to deliver the message. Once you've delivered the message that hisab is on Allah. I cannot force hidayah down your throat look at Abu Talib. He was the uncle of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. He was not a Muslim. He was not a Christian. He was not a Jew. He was an idol worshiper. Those are worse than the Jews and the Christians but he supported Islam. He supported Muhammad

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Sallallahu sallam, he actually went out in defense of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to say that if anyone touches this nephew of mine, they have touched me I will fight them. This was the day he passed away. That year was known as the year of sadness because the prophets Allah Salah more sad, but this was a non Muslim who died. And on his deathbed something interesting happened. The prophet SAW Selim says yeah, I'm pulchella Martin O'Hara Jolla cabbie Hi, I'm Al qiyamah Oh, my uncle say one statement. C'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah say it just utterly. I will fight your case on the day of gamma. And what happens Subhana Allah, he didn't want to utter it because of the

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others who are around. There were some of the cronies of the mushrikeen who are nearby. And so he looked at him and he didn't want to utter it. And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was sad, when he was said, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded him to say you know what, he Daya and guidance is not in your hands. You only have the hidayah known as a Delilah, well, he said you can only guide them by showing them the path and telling them this is the right thing, but whether or not they accept it at two feet, whether they are going to get that acceptance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To follow the path is in the hands of Allah. So Allah says in

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Nikola Tesla demon,

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demon me.

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Well who are

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you Oh Mohamed Salah Salem do not guide whomsoever you wish. It is Allah who guides whomsoever He wishes. And he is all knowing of who is rightly guided. Sometimes a person might come to you pretending to be a Muslim and they are not. And sometimes a person might come to you, or only Allah knows what is in their heart. A person wants to accept Islam, something is delaying them. Sometimes a person from the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, a person who does bad evil deeds for 70 years, right near the end of his life. He turned he made Toba, he asked Allah forgiveness. He's read the Shahada, whatever he did in terms of Toba and Allah says he got gentlemen, he got paradise, but

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his whole life he led in a bad way that is Allah, Allah loved him for some reason. And sometimes there is a person who does good deeds, he might read Salah in the first stuff, he might give a lot of charity, he might do so much of good, but right at the end, something bad happens and he goes to john, so it is up to Allah to guide. This is why there is also another narration called Hadith and roofless the person who is bankrupt is the one who has a lot of Salah he has a lot of Zakat, a lot of good deeds, but his heart was dirty, the heart How was he dirty, he had cheated this one he had enmity against this one he was backbiting this one he's usurp the wealth of that one. So on the Day

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of Judgment, all all his good deeds are given away. This one takes this that one takes that that one takes that this one takes the other thing and what happens? everything, every deed of his is finished, but there are still people whom he owes things to. So some of their bad deeds will come on to him. May Allah not do that to us. May He forgive us, my brothers and sisters, Islam, it means peace. It stands for peace, it promotes peace, it teaches peace and everything that you will achieve is peace in this world peace in the next peace in your grave peace with your children, peace in your environment, peace, that is Islam. Anything that destroys that in any way is not Islam. Remember

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this and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless us. Sometimes we become impatient, and I will end with this piece of advice. We have problems because Allah put us in the world to test us. Allah did not put us in this world to enjoy. Nobody is enjoying nobody, even the wealthiest person cannot sleep sometimes he has other problems which you don't have an I don't have even a person who doesn't have anything. Maybe he's got good health. You know, I normally tell people, those who are very rich, they can afford expensive food. expensive food comes with sickness, you must remember this, the cheap food doesn't come with sickness, you know, from amongst us, those who eat salads and we

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will. How many of you have a huge cholesterol problem. No zero. The doctors say it's only when you start eating pizza and you start eating expensive food and you want to have burgers and coke you have a big problem. But so Allah blessed some with different types of issues you don't understand it's a fact of life. And this is why we say take a look at Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his life you will learn a lot. Allah did not make him a rich man. Allah kept him standard standard. There were days when they didn't have anything to eat. I surely Allah says in Quran, Allah Muhammad even though we were the family of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we had one month we saw the moon another

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month we saw the moon another month we saw the moon and we didn't light a stove in our house. Subhan Allah, anyone is as poor as that. Put up your hand. Three months no food Have you had that? No one that is the best of creation of milk wakamaru soon. Look at what he went through. This is a test of Allah subhanho wa Taala we have much more we are sometimes ungrateful, but the point I was raising is Allah will create difficulty in our lives in order to test us because we were brought into this world for a test. So you have a health problem. You have either major or minor financial problem major or minor social problem, major or minor? It has to come nobody can avoid this. It has to come.

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That is your test from Allah. That's why he created you. So what should you do? be steadfast ask Allah goodness and be steadfast continue making dua and don't lose hope. That's the beauty. So some people say how can I keep on making throughout my whole life? That's what is called. That is disbelief. You are turning away from Allah. You are becoming impatient with Allah make dua look at AU of Allah is Allah He made a dua for how many years on him, he carried on making one donation says his wife was asking him that, you know, now, in fact, at one stage, he didn't even want to make the draft because he said, Allah has given me Nima for so long, and I still haven't suffered for that

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long so Han Allah and his wife is busy telling him Why don't you ask Allah but look at us. We ask a lot today. We ask a lot tomorrow. By Sunday. If nothing comes, we are upset. We are angry. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us you ask for one year, two years, 20 years 40 years may be in your life you won't see it but in the next life your children will see how

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Do you know don't lose patience, or ask Allah and also what is important is to be less bad. That means when you are asking Allah if Allah has given you the capacity to do something, then you should fulfill it. Like I'm asking Allah Oh Allah help me with wealth help me with sustenance, but I am able, I am capable, I don't want to work. I don't want to go and look for a job. If that is the case, you are playing the fool with Allah. This is why the Hadith says you want your camel to be protected first you tight and then you say well, I look after my camel and then you go away because Allah gave you the capacity my brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanahu wa taala. Grant us

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goodness, I chose to speak about this because it's bubbling in our hearts, we are hurting, we are bleeding for so many things that are happening on the globe. But it should never be that we are to blame. We are clear cut. We are following the Islam, the mainstream Islam that which is understood by the bulk of the globe, these few exceptions that we do have, they do not represent Islam. We are peaceful and we preach peace. And this is why we say if anyone comes to any one of us here, and if anyone tries to instigate violence, please do yourself and the rest of the favor by reporting them to the police no matter what. Because the day there is a disaster. We don't want ourselves to be

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blamed, and we don't even want that disaster to come. So our teachings are quite clear and open. If there is someone instigating violence, please don't think you can handle it on your own. Go and report him as a Muslim. It is your duty you owe it to the rest of the Muslims May Allah subhanho wa Taala correct us rectify us God grant us guidance was Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad