Mufti Menk – For what is your Dua?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Darroche act in shaping one's life and how it is linked to achieving good health and success. They give examples of how people make different stages of the Darroche act, such as starting with a clock and then going on to a door, and how this act is linked to achieving success. The speaker also mentions the importance of having a positive mindset and being patient in achieving success.
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And that's why when we are taught to do our

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Allah speaks about Hajj, mela take us all for her general Muhammad.

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And in hajj you know that the dua that you make is actually very important. Remember one thing, not every place that you're going to make a dua is equivalent is equal. Some places are more noble, more spiritual, more elevated than others. It's better to make a do are in a Masjid, for example, some times are better than others, the third of the night. You know, they call it the Sudoku lady in the last third of the night is more blessed. You really have a problem, set your clock, get up cry to Allah, you really have issues you need to come to the masjid cry to Allah cry to Allah in when you have done an act of worship. Imagine people going for Hajj. So Allah talks about something very

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interesting Sudoku Baqarah. The dua that people make when they go for Hajj. It's mentioned in the Quran. And Allah gives you two examples.

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Allah says amin and semi aku from among the people there are some who only say, Robin, Tina Finn Dunia wama who've been keynoting

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they only say Oh Allah grant me grant me grant me regarding the dounia regarding this world, but they have forgotten totally the hereafter. So they have no portion of the hereafter in their do app or even in reality.

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But then Allah says,

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woman whom my poo from among the people, they are those who call out in a different way. They say, Rob Bana Tina dunia Hi, Santa Asana. wolfin. Asana joaquina

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Oh Allah grant us goodness in this world and grant us goodness in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of hellfire. If you look at that, do our Allah says una Inka whom no see, boom, em, Casa boo. Those are the ones who will get a portion of what they have earned. They have a concern for the hereafter more than the concern for this life. Evidence of it is divided into three. They say grant as goodness in the dunya. That's one portion. Then they say grant us goodness in the hereafter. That's the second portion, then they say save us from the punishment of hellfire. That's the third portion. How many portions of three are connected to the life after death and how many are connected

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to this life? One to this life and to to the others. Allah says those are the ones who know what's going on. Those are the true believers. Allah says we want you to lead a good life. We will test you when we test you take it in your stripe, you will not suffer for more than a short period of time, be it a year, two years, five years, 10 years. What is 10 years in your 70 year life? Nothing. Subhana Allah Allah says take it in your stride. Be patient.

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