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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – Alqareeb and why it matters to you.

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Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode discussing the semester federal law. Welcome, everybody. I hope you're having a great summer.

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Welcome, everybody.

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Hope you're having a great summer.

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Hey, people, I wanted to say I hope you're having a great summer just to date this, this video. So the person's watching it in the winter, they'll be like, Oh, well, you know, we're in Houston is perpetually summer.

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So we're now a child, let's add a jumping right into the name. Curry, but

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Yep. Okay, I'll put a meaning near, for sure.

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And again, now we've entered into the world where there's no particular verse where a law calls himself alkhoury. It's not as clean cut, as, for example, all of the names that come at the end of sort of the hatchet, who alone did the LA LA LA who is one of those other disputed names? Yeah, got it for sure. So.

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So corrib, where is it taken from a lot, he calls himself a treat for sure in the Quran many different times that he is carried that he is near

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of them. And this verse definitely deserves some reflection and thought, and I hope that all of you have heard this before. If not, it's going to blow your mind. And that is, you know, right in the middle of the verses talking about fasting and sort of the buckler. A lot of talks about.

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Exactly. Good. So he talks about fasting talks about Ramadan being legislated to you and the people before you. And then at the beginning of the next page a lot I do, it talks about more rulings of fasting, but right at the end of that page, that first page talking about fasting, sort of the bottom line, it says what

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do I need for

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eg without data? Yesterday, Lee, will you be landownership? Allah as he says, if my slaves ask you concerning me, I am near because other conversation just coming to you without the data. I respond to the color of the one who calls upon me when they call so let them respond to me. And believe in me random issue, that they may believe in me that they may be rightly guided. Now, the scholars they looked and they said, Hey, hold on a second. This is really interesting, because there are lots of different questions that are posed to the Prophet. So the lesson of that a lot of answers.

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And a lot always use a particular format in answering those questions that he doesn't use in this verse. What do I mean every time the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is asked them Allah answers in the Quran? He says, they are asking you about such and such. say to them.

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He says this aluna can Aurora they asked you about Aurora

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say Aurora I mean Imma be cool to tell them Yes, I know. Naka. I need a hill podium article in Nashville. They asked you about the new the new Crescent moons? Yeah, tell them that it is for the keeping of time and for

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lots of different verses a lot of it says alumina kind of hungry and makes it fulfilling you might even want to be ramen every night because they ask you about wine and gambling tell them that they are they have written in them. So it's always say or they're asking about this say Say Say Say Say the promises that m is always the intermediary in between except in this verse, where he says what you care about anyone your sleeves, when my sleeves asked you about me, he doesn't say a full he says I am here even the profits of the lesson is removed. When it comes to you speaking to a lot as I am near I respond to your call. So he says so let them respond to me then

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ally saying he will respond to you. So let them respond to me and believe in me landowners should do that they may be guided.

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You know, what's interesting is the following verses about hydrogen extra is actually still talking about some

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of the ANSI comala as he says

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but then it just flows right into Hydra it does in a little bit. You're very right. So Allah as yet he says, Bobo, how is that interesting? So that's interesting thing is you're talking about the five pillars of Islam of being Muslim. Yeah, right. You know, somebody who declares your faith testifies the establish a prayer

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the pay the pay there's a God they fast right but as you're doing these things in the fasting factor is what's really bringing about dupois right but when you really come close to Allah, think about it culturally, I don't know if it's the common among the Arab or even among Sudanese or whatnot. But in the DC culture, there's this thing that that okay, you don't go for Hajj until you have accumulated so many sins that you have to go for Hajj, which nowadays means about 14 years old.

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14, we need these 15 years to

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become accountable

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within the first year,

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man, but it's like I just kind of found it annoying cuz I went 400 for the first time about a decade ago, and 2006 as of ces 2016

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So I remember some of the people but you know the reason for that also, sorry not to cut you off is I've done so many times where you say hi, hedges, for you're talking about, if you're talking about before 6070 years, it was a difficult journey back then it was but I'm just saying like in the last in the last 3040 years. Yeah, ever since the invention of the airplane. Yeah, not everybody. Still not everybody goes by plane you know that.

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Yeah, some people go by boat. Some people go by. by boat. I mean by ship. Yeah, it really is still a cheaper option than playing for lots of people. Oh, my goodness.

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So for exactly a port there are people arriving off of the boat for sure. For sure. You know that gender is a port city. That is a sight to see them. Yeah, there's a port city. They go with their they go with their sheep and they go with everything that they're gonna have. They're traveling with it. Oh, wow.

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Okay, maybe in certain third world country, maybe going with the sheep thing? Recently, they probably stopped doing that. But but but the thing is, irked me was that you have these people were educated of money and everything. And it's like, well, what's the problem? You committed so many sins? You gotta go now? And I'm like, why can't Why don't you go get your house paid off. So you're like, oh, like, I'm not ready. I'm like, yeah.

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Yeah, it is cold. Obviously, they they would delay Hajj until the older and part of it was because the journey was so arduous. You're talking about 1000 years of people, they would wait, it's a six month journey or even more go back to come back. And people may not even come back. So when they would go for Hajj, they would see you off like you are never coming back. And a lot of people didn't. So they would live their lives fully until they go for Hajj.

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Yeah. So I'll add a couple of quick meetings with regards to it. But the first one obviously is allies nearest to you, in the sense that he's aware of everything that you do. He's right there by your side. He's close to you all of the things that you're going through. Yeah. Alonzo, again, is aware and hence I even have a thought he was asked, What is the distance between the heavens and the earth? I didn't have a lot of what is the decision that is the earth. He said the distance of the heavens and the earth is an answered prayer.

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That is deep. That's very deep. Yeah. He said the distance between heaven and earth is an answer for that is how much is between them is there. So a lot as it commands for us to

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believe in him and respond to him. Another meaning of AlKhateeb is his nearness to the one who repents.

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You have to knock on a lot of doors to get forgiveness from Eliza again. It's so accessible. Is it the only incident in which is mentioned in the Quran?

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No, okay.

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Eliza, you mentioned that a lot of times and another verse he says, first of all, from A to B to LA. in Nairobi, a caribou Jeep, a larger says but it's in this context. So seek forgiveness from him and repent, Sam, my lord is deep. He is near. And he is Mooji he is Mujib, someone who response Okay, so the prophet SAW a lot as we did as mentioning that a lot as though God is near and close to the one who seeks His forgiveness.

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Also a lot as again, is also close with his support and his victory, you know, the province of Iceland?

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Yeah, you know, it's always near, it's never

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this thing where the victory of allies you didn't so distant the province of the lightest and and he says a lot of laughs at the despair of his sleeve, even though his help is so close, like a person is just, they're overwhelmed. And they're there. They're about to lose it they're about to and a lot of the problems of sensors, a lot of you laugh at that, because it helps is right around the corner. It's so close. So one of the companions, he said, I also will lie does our word laugh? And he said, Yes. So he said, If that's the case, then we will never

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stop seeking good from a Lord that laughs That was so astonishing to them that they would get their Lord lashes like what do you mean? It's just something that if you didn't know that about a lie, you had never had a lot of laughs And then he said then we will never stop expecting good from a Lord that laughs like that's the lesson that if our Lord laughs than we're we're always gonna no matter how difficult to get, yeah, we're gonna be good. And so a lot as it is victory and a lot of support and his help is always always very near and his care is always very near.

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The last meaning of Korea that I want to mention here is just feeling that a lot as real as close to you. Okay, that allows you to get is near to you. How's that different conversing with a lot has a good night.

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Hello, friends, yeah. Okay, as as Yes, that allows again is close to you, you can reach out to him, you can speak to him. A lot of times, you know, our relationship with a lot of debt is just one of request, not necessarily one of conversation. Got it. Not one of you know complaint

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when he wants to vent every vent to a large budget, like that's the that's the talking to a lot as again, communicating to him your hopes and desires and wants and wishes. And it's interesting. That could be a very therapeutic and reflective activity. And I'm just remembering the famous poet and form of a man

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who basically wrote a famous phone called Chicka

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chicka. And yeah, and Derbyshire. Just basically, the whole poem is a complaint to a lot. Yeah. And then he wrote a follow up with what would a loving response potentially be? And it's funny, because a lot of people

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like, yeah, you're supposed to play and apparently that is he attributed speech to a lot

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of lesson. Yeah. But I mean, but, but just the act of like, him expressing the very sentiments that a community of Muslims were feeling. Yeah. And I just remember because my dad was a big fan of it, and my dad's name as well, too. And

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I'm sure there's some level of affinity there. But just the idea that look, what the people before you earn is what they earned. What have you done? Yeah. Yeah. cometan kohara la casa Tanaka maka septum so our lives are getting,

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you know, this, this notion of a career has so many different connotations. But really, it's, you know, the presence of, again, some of these names are similar. You know, they they create similar sentiments. But oh, Kareem is the one who's near. He's always present with you. He's always looking out for you. You can always talk to him, you can always make requests. He's never distant. And in fact, even when I talked to him, yeah. I don't need to raise my voice. And that's what the prophets I said them, you know, the Sahaba, one time, even the tech leaders that they were making, they were traveling with the promises of them, and they were making the creators and they were making it loud.

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And the Bible says that he was saying to them, calm down the Lord that you're, you know, he's not far distant. He's close. And so even being soft spoken, and you're conversing a lot. When I was first learning does Ruth

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for us on he remember, we were going over the eyes of Mr. Yeah, like 189 to, like 195. And so within that there's a whole series where

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they come on to the 30

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minute only minutes, right, but one of the mistakes that everybody in the circle is Robin.

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Robin, you know, Robin

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beautiful attributes, we ask advisors to grant us the ability to understand it and live according to it. And what's interesting is even with with Sam when going over those very verses, he's explaining how, when you're calling upon Allah and the portion of that, that becomes the law. It's Robin,

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right? But the part that's conversation when the believer says supersonic in it

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so the verse starts with

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robina Mahal after her belting on silver hammock. So we're having a puppy now that we're not robina in the command to the cylinder of data from alcohol. I mean, I mean, I'm sorry. Like that is still conversation. You're still talking like, like the person is talking. It's like as if he's talking about like, having this realization and having like these, this creation is and versus before that. Now. Wait.

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A moment you will have been a mess.

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And so it's just like, it's just a conversation that that intimacies like you don't have to end when he said this provenance. Yeah. Beautiful. Mashallah.

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Okay, so let's end here. Let us know hamadryad Osaka syndicateroom.