Mufti Menk – Finding it Difficult to get Married

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker advises the audience to be chastity and patient while they try to convince them of their worthiness. They suggest that they have already experienced this and that they are already familiar with it. The speaker also suggests that they will make it easy for single people to achieve their romantic dream.
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Any advice for anyone finding it difficult to get married?

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Look for chastity. Well, try to be chaste. Allah subhanahu totalis is well your staff even leadin Allah Ji doon Anika Han had you near whom Allah whom in fugly that they should be chaste? Who? Those who are not finding Nika until Allah gives them off his bounty until Allah gives them off his Lena. So, oftentimes, we say that you know what marriage is a money hole that you're just going to drop money into. But in reality, Allah who will give you financial independence through that Nika and this is just a side point. But for those who cannot find Nika, just be chaste. And be patient. And that which will come afterwards will be amazing. Because you've reached Nikka. And you have never

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done this in your life. So imagine the joy, the pleasure, the amazement that you receive from that, as opposed to a person who has done it in a haram manner. And they get to Nika. They already know. It doesn't mean much to them. What value would you have for that Nika going into it? Knowing that this is what I have. I've already experienced it, I already know what it is. And for those who are not chaste as well, you've trained yourself to get tired of the person in a short space of time. You're done with what you want from them. Well, now it's over. That's all I needed. I've got it and move on to the next. So try to be chaste try to look after you know Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam says the one who guarantees that which is between his jaws and that which is which is between his legs. I guarantee him Jana, and think about that is not easy. It's not easy to guarantee that you will not say that which is wrong after that which is evil, immoral, curse and abuse. And it is not easy to also guarantee that which is between your legs, the private parts, and this is an avenue that Allah subhanahu wata, Allah has created Nika. So wait until that moment, and in sha Allah your marriage will not only be successful, but you will value it much more, as opposed to those who don't actually abide by this May Allah subhanahu wa taala get those who are single married. I mean, and

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may Allah bless that your Jerell make it easy for us to make it easy for them as well.

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