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The transcript describes a video featuring Jesus who is a Christian and is a bad person. The speaker suggests cutting a friend off a relationship or finding a pleasing situation to get a better friendships. The speakers also discuss the benefits of having a friend like Allah subhanho wa taala and the history of Islam, including the use of Facebook and Twitter to express one's love for someone. The transcript concludes with a mention of a woman named Mojave and her use of cigarette in public.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen ala Hala al Amin, OBE, the star in water Salli ala Sallim ala Fatah Mila, Gambia, your email mill mousseline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine Allah Melissa la la magia el tiempo Santa one teta gyral Husna either Sheikh Salah Rob Yes sir wallet for us. sinuata mill here will be kind of studying, we thank Allah who believes that he will Jerrel for having gathered us here once again. And we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to surround us with the melodica and to cause his mercy and his Sakeena to descend upon us, and to raise us with the MBR alayhi wa Salatu was Salam and those whom he has mentioned with them, I

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your friends will make you or break you. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us, Allahu Allah de nieve, Li Li Fei and Yong goo Hara do commend you heard him, the man is on the religion on the way of his friend. So let each one of you notice who he is befriending.

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Each man will be on the religion or the way of his friend. So let each one of you notice whom he is befriending. Our friends are who we are. So, if you want a man if you want to know who he is, look at who he is surrounded by, if they are good people, he is a good person and if they are bad people, then most likely, he is a bad person as well. So, when the judge of character is those whom we surround ourselves with, then we should ensure that the ones whom we surround ourselves with are those whom we want to see in Jannah. Those whom we want to be with, after we die, Allah who is that he will Joanne says he

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will even do boom lever lever out when dawn in mood 13 The friends are enemies of each other on the day of the AMA with Allah subhanahu wa Tada except for those who are conscious of Allah subhanaw taala You see, when the basis of your relationship is the fear of horribleness that you will learn then naturally that is a friendship that will last and the reason for this is because that which is with Allah subhanaw taala lasts forever and ever. And that which which is with us ends it has an end it has a timestamp at some point, it will come to an end it is materialistic. So if your relationship is based on the love of a singer, or the love of an artist, or the love of something

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material of this dunya business, for example, that business has a timestamp, that singer has a timestamp, they will come to an end that goal will come to an end. So when you've made the money and it's over or perhaps you have fought about that money in this world, then that friendship comes to an end. But if you meet well as you learned to have Baffler, he is Turner island he worked for rock already from amongst the seven categories of people that will be shaded under the ROC of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of Yama will be to men who met for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada and they parted for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala so you need to go to the taraweeh Salah you

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need to go to a lecture you need to get together and help the poor and the needy you meet solely because you want to know what how your brother is doing. Is everything okay? In your life. I want to know that you're okay. Why not because of you but because of Allah subhanahu wa taala Allah wants to see us doing this. So I'm here to ask you, I care about you for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, such a friendship will last and you will see that person on the day of piano and you will benefit from the friendship on the day of the AMA has well. One Zeina feel so duty him meaningless

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Email Tajiri mean TF T Mobile and

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and we have removed whatever is of enmity within the hearts beneath them rivers shall be flowing on that day. So a person that you disliked perhaps in this world, even him, even him, if you saw him in the masjid and you both were religious and pious, on the day of Yama, Allah subhanho wa Taala will remove the hatred that you have within your heart for that person. So sometimes you see a person in the masjid day in, day out, you don't really like that person. But you see him every day. Right? One day when you meet him in Ghana, you won't hate him anymore. You won't dislike him anymore, there won't be any animosity between you anymore solely because you met for Allah subhanho wa taala. And

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you know, this is that we spoke about initially where everyone will hate each other. They will be enmity between each other between the friends except for those who fear Allah subhanahu Attallah now, it's amazing you think of this, right? Those who hate each other in this world, they will hate each other they as well and those who love each other in this world, for that which is not Allah subhanahu Attallah that which is not the fear of Red Bull is that you will JELA will hate each other there. So the fact that you love someone in this world for something besides Allah subhanho wa Taala means that you will hate that person up there. So even your bosom buddy the one you go to parties

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with and you go to the nightclubs and you dance with and you sing with and you drink with and you enjoy this worldly life with when you get up to a bullet is that you will Jalil. You will run away from that person. You won't want to know him because he will be the source of your torment. He will be the source of your torment. You will know that this is the person whom I drank with so high today. I don't want to know Him. today. I don't want to be before Allah subhanho wa Taala with him. Why oh my are those Lattimore Allah de yaku Kulu Yara you turn it tomorrow lawsuit Lisa Vela. Yeah, Elijah, la eat any lamb Jerkins Poulin and Holly

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and on that day a person will bite onto his hands. Have you ever seen a person chewing onto his fingernails or gnawing onto his hands? He will do this why I wish I had taken a way with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam I wish I had followed his path. And I wish I had not taken such and such a person as he friend lcada Albula Nyan in victory Vida if

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any worker no shame on only 74 do. He misguided me after I had been rightly guided I was going to the masjid I was performing my salah. I was doing so many good deeds. But this guy came and took me away from the Masjid. He took me to the nightclubs. He took me to the dances and the music and the Haram and the alcohol and the drugs and the sex, etc. He took me to all of that. I wish I hadn't done it, but it's too late, then. It's too late then the chance the opportunity is right now right here. And if you have a friendship based on Ha, you have one of two choices. You have one of two choices. You either cut off that relationship or cut him off. Let him go. Yes. Perhaps you can say

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salon train A salaam aleykum. That's it. Leave him. There's no point in keeping that friend. If he's taking you to the bars and the nightclubs and the drug and alcohol. Why? Why do you want him? He's not of benefit for you in this world and is not of benefit for you in the era as well. Yes, something that is halal if you've got a friendship for a business. It's halal and hamdulillah Yes, perhaps you will not benefit in the earth here but at least you're dunya you have benefited something. You're earning money. You're doing something halal, it's good. But if you are earning the anger of Allah subhanahu Attallah through that friendship, cut that relationship or

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you can turn it into a relationship that is pleasing to rob Bullis that you will

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tell that man, tell that woman in the case of a woman sit together with him or her and tell them

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You know what we've been doing is wrong. This take a moment to sit and think of what we're up to. Every day we come out at night and we arrive at home at Virgil. We miss our fragile Salah, we miss this, we don't do this, we don't do that. And we're engaged in this and that, you know, I think it's about time we change our lives. And if that man's answer or that sister's answer is yes, Alhamdulillah there is a basis to start the change from you can encourage each other to come to the masjid. Let's start with one Salah day. So in the same manner, in the same manner that you were friends, and you encourage each each other for haram, then change that and encourage each other to

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do halal and that which is good. And Allah subhanahu wa taala will change both of your bad deeds, the same way that you went to the nightclub and you drank alcohol together. And you did Zina together or you did harm Allah will change those bad deeds into good deeds in lemon

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wa amela mellow salty ha that hula you can you met Dino Allah who say to him has an except for those who turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and they do good deeds. So Allah will turn the good deeds into bad deeds. So now the friend that you would have hated seeing with Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one you look forward to seeing is the one you want to see on the day of piano. You know,

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even if you are from amongst the sinners, even if you are from amongst those who don't do good deeds much, at least have the love of those who are righteous, and have the love of the masjid have the love of the good causes. Even if you are a sinner, or a masala Hina wants to win home. I love the righteous, and I'm not from amongst them, but I love them, I want to be with them and spend more time with them and has an enormous Lee. He was once asked, or in fact he said that I encourage you to spend time with the righteous and that will benefit you on the Day of piano. So they asked him how how will this benefit us It won't go into our scale of good deeds, this their deeds are for them

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and our deeds are for us. And he said that, you know on the day of piano when the people of Jana are sitting in Jana, and the people of Johanna in Jahannam there will be people who will say to Allah subhanahu wa Tada you know, or in fact, they will be discussing amongst themselves the people of Jana. And they will say there was such and such a person. I knew him in the dunya I don't see him here what happened to him.

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And the people of Ghana will say that, you know, he's in the hellfire. So this person will make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala he'll ask Allah subhanahu wa taala Yeah, Allah, there is such and such a person I knew in the dunya he's not with me today. My happiness is not complete without that person. I saw him. I knew he loved the righteous people. I want him to be with me Allah. So Allah subhanahu Attallah will remove that sinner from the hellfire and bring him into Jannah. And the people of Jahannam will say what happened to such and such a person? He's gone. He's left us. Did he have a righteous? Did he have a righteous father or a mother? That made shefa interceded on his behalf for

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him? Did he intercede on behalf for him did the mullah he can intercede on behalf for him and it will be said to them? No. He had a good friend in Jannah that asked Allah subhanahu wa taala to remove him from the fire so he was removed from the fire. And at this juncture these people have Johanna they will say Verma Nana Musa fear in our Saudi eating honey

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and we had no friends that were good for us in this dunya or no intercessors in the dunya to help us today fellow who and Lana karate fan Hakuna Nina meaning so if only we had a chance and we went back to the dunya and we became from amongst the believers, they will wish they had righteous company in the dunya you see the effect of having good people loving the good causes. In this world you will meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and most

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likely, in fact, the Hadith says among Ummah, Armin hubba. The man will be with the one whom he loves, with the one whom he loves. You see, when you are a sinner in this world, and you commit sin after sin after sin, and you don't turn that to Allah subhanho wa Taala that blackens your heart and it becomes hard, you begin to dislike the masjid, you begin to dislike the people of goodness. But if you constantly tell yourself what I'm doing is wrong. One day I will change perhaps Allah subhanahu wa Tada will forgive you. And

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one of the most important things and this is related and connected to friendship as well is when you sin. If you sin, and you can't let go of it and you're struggling with that sin and it's hard to let go of it. When you sit down do it on your own.

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If you smoke a cigarette, smoke it in a back alley when nobody sees you hide away from them, do it on your own. Don't do it in front of everyone. If you commit Zina and Allah subhanahu Attallah has covered you hide away that sin, seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala don't go out into the open and say I was with so and so last night I did such and such last night. Allah subhana wa Tada despises for you to say that Kulu naughty Mojave, inland Mujahideen. All of my own math is forgiven except for those who go out in the open and are bragging about it. You know what happens today? We go out in the open on social media. And we say I was with such and such a woman last night. I was

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with such and such a man last night, I attended such and such a party. I went to this party, it was awesome. You guys missed out? What are you doing? Why do you do that when Allah protected you Allah hid you. Allah hid your sins from the people, you're now coming out and bragging in front of others, as though you don't care about how Allah feels about that. You don't give a damn it doesn't matter. Allah subhanahu Attallah forgives everyone, everyone, except for the one who goes out and tells others this is what I did. Because such and such such a person does not care about Allah subhanahu Attallah you know, if you have a child, and you tell that child not to do something,

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this is prohibited. You're not allowed to go out after 9pm at night. And that child sneaks out of the house, and they leave the home quietly and come back quietly in order not to disturb you in order to assure that you do not feel bad about what they're doing. Or you tell them not to smoke, don't smoke, it's bad for you. And that child hides away and lights that cigarette alone on their own. That child is better than the one who comes up and says Dad here I am. I'm lighting up the cigarette I don't care about how you feel. You see how you feel as a parent, seeing that child doing this? Allah subhanahu wa Tada has the highest of examples. Allah created you Allah fashion you Allah

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made you Allah gave you the mouth that you are using to smoke that cigarette. Do you don't have a bit of shame and hide away from the rest of the eyes of the people don't encourage them to smoke at least. So you see when you have good friends, they will take you to the right path, they will hold your hand and take you towards Jannah but when you have bad friends, they will take you away from Jana towards the Hellfire

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Muslim narrated from Abu Radi Allahu Anhu that there was a man

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us of a man who was headed out to a another town.

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So as he was headed out, Allah subhanho wa Taala sent an angel to stand on that road on that path and meet this man. So he met the man and he asked him, he said, Why are you going out to this town? So he says, I'm going to meet a person, a friend of mine. So the angel asks him, he says, Why are you going to meet this person? Is it because there is some benefit that you will gain from that? Is there some money that he owes you? Is there something that you will actually receive in return? So he says love?

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He boo Fila there is nothing except that I love him for the sake of Allah subhanahu Attallah I love him for the sake of Allah subhanahu Attallah so the angel tells him but I have

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come to you from Allah subhanho wa Taala to tell you, that Allah subhanahu wa taala loves you in the same manner that you love this friend of yours. Allah subhanho wa Taala loves you because you love this friend of yours. Allahu Akbar. This man actually went out only to meet a person for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that resulted in the love of Rob bull is that you will Gela and you know what happens when Allah loves you? Either I have Bala hula de nada Gibreel when Allah subhanahu wa taala loves a person he calls out to Gibreel in Allah Tala, you hit buffo lernen Heba indeed Allah loves so and so. So love him as well energy bream so Gibreel loves him. And then Gibreel calls out

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to the people of the heavens ya allah sama oh people of the heavens in Allah Tada you hit boo land and that he boo

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indeed Allah loves so and so. So love him as well for you Hey, boo hoo hoo summer. So the people of the heavens love him as well.

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Then through my your ruler, who will Kabu fill Earth and then acceptance is placed on Earth for that person as well. All of this solely because this person went to look out for his brother that he loves for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tala take out a bit of time to look for a person that you can love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala a person that you will look forward to seeing on the day of piano, you know, not only friends, not only friends, but even family members will be enemies of each other. If they did not do if they did not have that blood relation for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala ilmiah Fear only

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he will, he will be while Sahiba De Waal, Danny Lee Colima machinery in whom young man even shut up only on the Day of Judgment, a man will run away from his brother and his own mother and his own father. Why and his own wife and his own child, why will he run away from them? Because he didn't remind them of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in this world, and they benefited nothing from each other. In fact, they will have harm to each other. So on that day, I don't want to see you. Don't ask me for any of my good deeds. Don't ask me for any goodness, I can't help you today. Today I'm bothered about myself and myself alone. I only care about what's going to happen to me. As opposed to those

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who love each other for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala who reminded each other to wake up for Fajr Salah who reminded each other to read the Quran who reminded each other too fast for the sake of Allah subhanahu Attallah these people will be with Allah subhanho wa Taala and they will love each other and they will then be there enjoying themselves more than they did in this dunya together so they will enjoy each other's company on a higher plane. Imagine I told you that the person that you love from the bottom of your heart and try to make this your wife why because you a lot of the time a lot of your life is spent with your wife. So if you spend this time quality time not only

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because you love her because of her good looks, and you love her because she's a good person, but you love her for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Then on the day of Yama, imagine you've enjoyed that love in this plane of the dunya you've loved each other in the plane of the dunya Imagine going and enjoying that love on a plane that is higher

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with Allah subhanahu wa taala for Allah subhanho wa Taala imagine enjoying that same relationship in the akhira on a higher plane was Allah subhanahu wa taala and if your marriage if your marriage is in dire straits, one of the easiest ways to rectify that

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is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala together, take time out you know we talk about counseling, and we talk about going to a person who may be able to help us a *hole counselor or someone is that is all good but take out time to worship Allah subhanahu wa taala together and you will enjoy a sweetness especially the tahajjud salah the Tahajjud prayer you will enjoy a sweetness that you have not seen

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Join before and that marriage will carry into Jannah with you may Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us the ability, ability to have good friends and ability to love those who are good and to be loved by those who are good. I mean wa sallahu wa Salam o Baraka ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi and remain