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Is It Sunnah To Finish The Qur’an In Taraweeh

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Imam Wisam Sharieff answers

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Is this another finished a whole or on in Ramadan in Malawi?

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Peace be upon you and I do hope by watching this question you're gonna have a fantastic Ramadan. First off Ramadan is the month of Koran consuming the Quran and bathing in its healing. healing and nutrient powers is something you should be doing. But you use a very strong word is it so Now first off, please let's define that word for yourself so that all these faith IQ questions can be beneficial. Everyone's going to use it differently. Did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam tell you to or finish the Koran every Ramadan in de la we know he didn't. During the time of oromo the love with Dinah on the concept of the multiple Jamaat as the groups of people praying the Ramadan

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prayer separately was pulled together. And then over time, as people didn't know as much pour on had memorized and one person read better than everyone than others. It gathered and became a consistent means, but I hope through these faith IQ questions you'll come to see just because something isn't so not your definition of Sona doesn't mean that there's some benefit that's been derived in the routines and rituals of gathering the people together in order to finish the Koran did the Prophet peace be upon him read the whole Quran in Ramadan and thought Ah, we know he did not