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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various aspects of a marriage contract, including conditions, optional elements, and the requirement of the marriage to be a woman of the same sex and the mother to be a woman of the same culture. The speakers emphasize the importance of strong marriage contracts and the need for parents to confirm acceptance of marriage. The transcript also touches on legal discussions and accusations against individuals and families related to "will" and "will" in English, and the history of the use of it in religious practices and religious communication. The dispute between a man and a woman named Maria al Imran is also discussed as a sign of a dowry and a marriage contract.
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And the ship before we start talking about the contract. He mentioned the Hadith

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that Atherton duvan measured was Luhan measured

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three things.

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When you talk about them seriously, they are serious and when you joke about them, they are serious. That means there is no joking about them. Do not joke about these three things.

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And Nika.

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What Talaq or Raja

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divorce, and bringing the woman back after divorce, there is no joking about these things.

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the most dangerous one is the middle one.

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Unfortunately, a lot of people joke about that you are divorced,

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or Wallahi. If you do this, if you go outside the house, you are divorced. And you have seen so many married couple, that they are living with each other. But if you look deep, you wouldn't have found out that they've been divorced long time ago, maybe 789 times the guy was he thinks he was joking.

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There's no joking in divorce. You're joking with your wife. You tell her. You're divorced. She's divorced.

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So this is something like when I was growing up, my father told us when we were young, that this is a word don't joke about Don't even mention it at house and you're in your home.

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It's not a it's not a joking matter. Anyway, this is one of the worst thing could ever happen.

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So it's not joking about marriage divorce or

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bringing the

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woman back after divorce.

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And then the chef mentioned the basic elements of the marriage contract.

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In this contract, like I said, there are conditions that are pillars and obligation. And then there are optional elements.

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I'm going to mention the general ones

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even though they're

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they might differ in from one madhhab to another in certain issues, but there are certain things that all the mother had agreed upon.

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Number one condition is the groom's eligibility, and I will explain one by one inshallah. Then the bride's eligibility,

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the groom's consent, the bride's permission,

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there were li approval, and the presence of two witnesses. These six are conditions short miniroot act in Nica, there are conditions to make the contract valid, just like we say, a lodo short Mysuru to Salah right without sudo there's no Salah. So these are the short routes for the Nika to be valid.

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The pillars

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the pillars, and without these Forget it, there's no no kneecap completely

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hijab while COBOL

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the offering and acceptance the father offers his daughter and the groom accepts the daughter

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the obligation which is also many people think that they are oh you know what, I don't want nothing. It's okay. No no, the dowry is an obligation mentioned even if you are very pious you want something simple or but it has to be mentioned the dowry is an obligation.

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some optional elements he mentioned which are imposed conditions Yanni.

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The wife usually is the one who put the conditions I want this this this so for example, if we get married, I don't want to move out of Dallas, you put it as a condition on the marriage. This is allowed so permitted, let's go for the groom's eligibility. First, he must be a Muslim male, second, chaste, third, sane, maroon Yanni

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must have attained puberty

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may not be related to the bride by a permanently prohibiting blood milk or marital relationship.

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Danny, she's not his sister, but his daughter. Those things in the Quran may not be related to the bride by temporary prohibiting marital relationship. Yanni the woman for example, she is

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his brother's wife, these are not allowed must perform the contact willfully and not by compulsion, he should not be forced to be married to this woman, the bride's eligibility She must be a Muslim, a Christian or a Jewish female. And of course, the Christian and the Jewish they have a couple of more restrictions she should be chaste. She should be saying may not be married, she should not be married Of course, all still inherited

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and may not be again same related to the groom in the other two forms and must perform the contact contract willfully.

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She must be agreeing to this marriage as is another thing the fathers I said. So, whether you agree or you do not agree this is the Habibi does not work. This does not work. Now, the shift dedicated a whole chapter about the bride's permission

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because of its importance, obviously, and because of the cultural you no idea that it's okay whether she agrees or not does not matter. No one if you want to have to do everything according to the Sunnah, then follow everything according to the Sunnah the Hadith Rasul Allah Islam, he said, either Radha had to come and use always have not fell yesterday mirror Subhanallah Look at the beautiful Dean. If one of you wants to give his daughter in marriage, he should ask her permission. He should ask her permission and the bride's permission is a required element. It's a required element of the marriage contract.

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Now, especially if she was a virgin bride.

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The thing is,

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there are two kinds of woman for marriage if a year and

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bicker right, because Anthea Baker, she has never been married before virgin say yep, she has been married before. They say yes. According to Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah she can make her own decision even in when we mentioned the differences like for example all they said that the niqab without really is invalid except Imam Abu Hanifa she said, he said, Ramallah he said that the bigger applies to the bigger but does not apply to the theme. He said the thing if she could marry herself, this is his or his opinion.

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um, you don't need Santa Fe unfussy him for in the theater to rebrand Nipsey Hussle. Billy Sanya will be Colorido her some to her or similar to her. Take the ones permission in regard to themselves in unversioned expresses herself with her tongue as she speaks and a virgin sign her silence is her acceptance. Her silence is her acceptance SubhanAllah.

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Even our best reported a virgin woman came through Salah Salem and told them that her father gave her a marriage against her will or solos I said and then gave her the choice

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to stay married or terminate the marriage.

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He gave her the choice you can stay if you want, and you can terminate the marriage.

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the chef went to the Wali

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the very My dear brother, which is

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99% of the time is you.

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And the hadith is so clear because we get this question all the time from young sisters. Can I get married without my father's approval?

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And especially lately, this kind of

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era that we're living in and the hadith is very clear. Learn he can

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learn he can be willing to learn he ca Ellerbee Willie, and Nika biller Willie, bow, bow, bow till three times they can without the presence of the approval of the holy or the approval of the way there really is about invalid invalid invalid three times.

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Now, who is the wedding?

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Normally a woman's really is her father. Normally, the belly

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of the bride is her father.

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If for any reason the father is unable to be her family, maybe he passed away

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He's in coma for any reason, then it will go to the

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grandfather, if the grandfather is available, if not, maybe she has a son, if not the brother, if not the uncle.

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If the woman's close relatives are non Muslims,

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someone took shahada and she's not a Muslim and she became a Muslim. So, her well he or father is not a Muslim, can they can it can be a really no on a Muslim. No, a Kaffir cannot be a Willie, on a Muslim. So what happened the situation which is which is happens a lot in America, then, in an Islamic state, the Sultan will become the Willie, but there is no Islamic State, then the Imam of the masjid, he will become the willie or if there is someone that the sister knows that is very, very righteous and known of his piety, then he could be her. Her really in in the marriage.

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Why? non Muslim cannot be early Allah says in surah Nisa, what a year shall Allah little caffeine? Me Nina Sevilla. Whether yours at Allah little cafe Rena me, Nina, Sevilla, Allah subhanaw taala will never grant the non believers a way and authority over the believers. Now here, I mentioned this before, we mentioned again in sha Allah, you know, when, when you open the fear or the translation of the Quran, of the Quran, by Yusuf Ali, he translated the word wali as a friend.

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He translated the word Willie as a friend.

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when you are sitting in a

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interfaith gathering

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happened to me one time, a couple of times the non Muslim, they're coming, you know, very excited. They want to, you know, show you that your deen is fake or your deen is not all of them, of course, but some people come with you know, I'm very excited to show you that your dean is not good. So, one of the guys you could tell from his face that you know, he's very excited to present the deal. He has a deal. He has evidence that our dean is not right. So he put after a few minutes, he said, How come you're you know, you're pretending to welcome us here and show us hospitality. And he got and he put it on the table. Your Dean said yeah, you Alladhina

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Massara will wonder well yeah, who the only are you believe do not take the Jews and the Christians and the translation of use of ally as your friends

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who you believe do not take the Jews or Christians as your friends. So use of ally May Allah reward him he made it he did a great job he translated Alia into friends now we all know that when he is much bigger than a friend when he is a guardian when he is a protector when he is someone who is supposed to make major decisions in your life. How do we for example it because I'm saying this because it might happen to any of us because till now it's still in use of ally is still friend till now if you open the Quran, anytime there's really a friend how do we

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respond to this allegation? Number one, this hadith

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there's there's a delete from the Quran that is not friend. And then there's the real from the Sunnah, the smarTrend from the Sunnah. This is the delille

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masala say salam said there is no marriage without a Willie does that mean there's no magic about my friend.

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So this is the first delille that they will he is not a friend.

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It cannot be a friend. How could this was SLM said the manage without a friend battle battle battle? Impossible. And the delete from the Quran who remember

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we mentioned that before was the delete from the Quran that when he is not a friend

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if Allah subhanaw taala permitted me to marry a Christian, so she could be my wife but she cannot be my friend.

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You understand?

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If he's saying do not take the Christians as your friends and Allah gave me permission to Maria al Kitab. So she can be my wife but she cannot be my friend.

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So this is a delete from the Quran that the word friend translation the translation of the word will he is wrong as a friend. It could be one

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Have them. It could be a friend one of them, but it's not the major one. You know how sometimes you have a translation of a word, six, seven translations, and then there's a seventh one, this could be the fourth fifth one. But it's not the phrase not the the first one friend. How can Allah subhanaw taala, he told me that the added Kitab in the set of added Kitab are permitted for me to marry. So this guy was telling me, You are not allowed, you're not allowed to take us as friends. You're not allowed to take us as friends, we tell them exactly how can I not take you as a friend, and Allah told me to marry from you. So I can, I can marry your daughter, but she cannot be my friend. So this

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is a delete from the Quran, that the word translation of the word friend is is not right.

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he said a woman may not appoint her Willy.

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Besides the idea of a non Muslim, a woman cannot say, because maybe she had a problem with her father, or her father is really a pious man and want her to get a righteous husband, and she loves somebody else. So you said,

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Uncle, can you be my way? My father? I don't like his choice.

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Does that work? No, she cannot appoint her own where he actually is her father. Now when does the father loses his villa.

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When he starts going against the Sharia, he knows that the guy is drunken. He knows that the guy does not pray. He knows that the guy is crooked. He knows everything about the guy just because he has a lot of money. He wants to give her to his give him to his daughter.

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His Wilaya will drop. She can go to the judge and tell him my father is forcing me to marry a man who is faster. He is a facet. He does not pray. And according to many, he doesn't pray he's a careful how can I marry a Kaffir

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then his Wilaya will will will drop he will not become the willie anymore. And then she they can assign. Either the judge will assign or he he or she can find another volley from her from her family members.

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We'll take one more in sha Allah Tala, then the witnesses, the witnesses. Another condition for the validity of the marriage contract is the presence of at least two trustworthy to trustworthy witnesses. The witnesses must be male.

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They must be male, to male witnesses. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lanica Ellerbee Willie will share he they huddle. A marriage contract is not valid without a Willie and to trust worthy witnesses.

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The witnesses should witness and hear all of the contracts details, including the permission given by the bride to the Willie and if they if the bride is available, they would come to her and listen that she did really approve on or this this marriage so inshallah to Allah if Allah kept us alive next week, we'll come to a that's why I left it separate because it is the dowry and all we have to know all we should know about the dowry. May Allah subhanaw taala bless our young men with righteous wives. And Allah bless our look at Abdullah had he started clapping I said we have this

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and we are loved this our our daughters with righteous husbands. May Allah subhanaw taala fill all our homes with love and mercy and tranquility. May Allah subhanaw taala unite our hearts Allama Flanagan Obinna Serafina Fiorina with a bit of Domina on sort of narrow column will caffeine Allah morphic minima to Hibou water da la mer fitna, Lima two Hibou turbo Allama Filon our Hamner era but I mean, Robin attina Dunya Hassan, Hassan walk in either the NA Robin Allah to the Fluvanna bad data will have done Arminda don't Khurana in the cantilever hub or some of our hamadryad early he was happy Germaine Subhana kendama Huntik Masha Allah Allah Allah and the Sufi Rocha wanted to salata

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