Mufti Menk – Trust Allah! He is in Control!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of worshipping Jesus alone and not associate partners with him is emphasized in the message of Islam. The physical demands of Islam, including physical contact with Allah, require conviction and building a strong foundation. The challenges faced by the world and the importance of building relationships with Islam are also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the need to trust Allah's plan and develop a healthy relationship with all communities, while also providing advice on building a healthy relationship with the umaterah.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa sallahu wa salam ala Baraka Allah Mallanna BIA Bada who were Allah, Allah, he was so happy here Jermaine,

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my beloved brothers, my sisters,

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we are Muslim. A Muslim is a person who submits Unto Allah, Allah Malaysia to Angela, a Muslim is a person. A Muslim is a person who does what Allah Almighty wants and how do I know what Allah Almighty wants? He sent to us messengers from the very beginning to remind us to worship Him alone, which is the most important message.

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He sent messengers and from the very beginning, Adam Alayhi Salatu was Salam reminded his own children to worship Allah alone. She alayhi salam reminded his people, his children, his family, to worship Allah alone. No, no or may peace be upon him, reminded his people to turn back to Allah alone. And if we go further and further we will find all the messengers of Allah with exactly the same message. That message was to worship Allah alone, Who is Allah, Allah is the worshipped one, He who made entire creation, that is Allah, He who made you and I, that is Allah, he whom I am going to return to, after I die and you and entire creation when it comes to an end, we'll be returning to

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none other than the one who made this creation in the first place. Allah Allah is that you will learn.

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So if you look at the message of all the messengers, it is identical when it comes to who you should worship. There was never a discrepancy, never a change. There was never any difference of opinion among the messengers, even though they came one after the other, they all called towards worshiping the maker alone, whoever made you,

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you worship Him alone, and who is he? He is the worshipped one Allah, none other than Allah. He has names He has qualities that are uniquely his, no one shares any of the qualities of Allah to the degree or the level of

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that which Allah holds. When you say this person is very forgiving. He's not on the level of Allah. Allah is gonna foreign foreign Rahim. etc. These are the names of Allah, Allah is Most forgiving. You and I, we might forgive small things. Wait until something big happens. And then something bigger happens and something even bigger happens. We have limits Allah has no limits. Allah can do what he wants Philo Lima, Yuri read, he continues to do whatever he wishes, whatever he wants. Nothing happens on Earth except by the will of Allah. He knows about it. He lets it be. It is Allah He is in control. But it's all part of a test for all of us.

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Life is short. One day is good. One day is bad. One day is for you. One day is against you, my brothers, my sisters. Believe in Allah. If you have a relation with Allah, The Good Day is Alhamdulillah the bad day is also Alhamdulillah there are five prayers a day on a good day it is five on a bad day it is still five Subhanallah In fact, when something bad happens, we get closer to Allah today. We are seated here. We thank Allah that Allah has given us a chance to sit in his beautiful house. This is the house of Allah. We are so many in number. Why are we here because there is an instruction of Allah.

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You are here and I am here to worship Allah to listen to a good word that will bring me closer to Allah to develop my Yaqeen and conviction in Allah. Do you have a guarantee? That tonight will be a happy night? Do you have a guarantee that you are going to be alive tonight? Tonight is far before tonight. There is no guarantee people can pass away here and now sometimes who knows what might happen as we live? May Allah Almighty grant us janitorial for DOS, may Allah give us a good death. May Allah help us the reason I say that from the very beginning Allah wants

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As to worship Him alone. And Allah Almighty wants us to do what he has instructed that instruction he sent messengers all these prophets of Allah and who is the final Nabhi? Who is the final messenger of Allah? Muhammad Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he teach? When it comes to belief and Aqeedah? He taught exactly what Jesus taught May peace be upon him, he taught exactly what Moses taught May peace be upon him. What was that worship your maker alone and no one else Moses May peace be upon him said Worship your maker alone, and no one else, Harun May peace be upon him same thing. Ibrahim the Prophet Abraham May peace be upon him. What did he say? He said, Do not

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worship the sun, do not worship the moon. Don't worship the stars don't worship creation, worship the one who made you alone. What Jana has to watch you hear me let the firepower Osama wah

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wah honey? Well,

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I mean, most shrinking, I have turned my face to the One Who created the heavens and the earth. Pure impure pure worship of Him alone. And I am not going to associate partners with Allah, you and I as Muslims, we do sujood what is sujood so do this prostration omitted to us Judah Allah Subhana Allah, the Prophet peace be upon him says I have been instructed to prostrate on seven bones. What are the seven bones? l Jabba the forehead and the nose is the same bone wha Shara BIA de la and V? Well, Leah Dany will rock Botania ultrafilter domain, the hands that's another two so one plus to the knees. That's another two that is now five. And then we chose your toes they go down right when you

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are in sujood they are touching the ground. So seven bones. What is that?

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That is the highest level of a burden is when you are on the lowest physical point. Subhanallah look, my head is on the ground. Allah says Allah caribou, Maya Kannada Abdullah behavoir who are sajit the closest my worshiper is to me when he is Institute. But where are you? I am right down right down to the ground. Subhanallah when you are close to the ground, you are closer to Allah. Have you thought of it? Allah says you want to be close to me, the closest you can ever get to me is in the position of prostration sujood. But you are never, ever allowed to make sujood for anyone or anything besides Allah, that is an a badass and all a badass all acts of worship, that is an act of

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worship and all acts of worship are only and solely for Allah. None other than Allah. Now, if Allah has made me and he told me Worship Me alone, how do I know what and how to worship Allah? How do I know? Should I wave my hands? Should I blink my eyes? Should I turn my head? Should I stomp my feet? Should I hit the drums? What should I do? What is going to be pleasing to Allah? Is it from my brain? The answer is no. It's not from your brain. Allah must decide how he wants me to worship him. I cannot do it on my own. I need to know.

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Some people when they want to worship Allah, they just do anything and say I'm sure Allah will be happy to wish what do you what are you talking about? You can just shake your head like this and say I'm sure Allah will be happy with the what is that? Where did you get it from? Did someone teach you? If they did, who was it? If it came from Allah through the messengers, you are right, if it came from someone else, you are wrong, no matter how right you think you are, you're wrong because Allah did not teach you that. So acts of worship are solely for Allah and the acts of worship are determined solely by Allah no one else may Allah Almighty make a strong you want to read the Quran

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read as much as you want. It isn't a bada. You will fulfill your five Salah fulfill the FARA then you go to the Sunnah, then you go to the nothing as much as you like, but you cannot increase the forum to say Okay, today I'm very happy with Allah so I'm going to increase instead of four. I will make six you cannot do that. It's it is wrong. It is rejected. Miami la Milan laser la Amana for Hora dune. Whoever does a deed that we did not instruct it is rebounded to them in sin. You cannot do that. You need to listen to what Allah has taught you. So when you worship Allah the way he wants, and when you develop a relationship with Allah how he wishes, what happens to you

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Heart it becomes strong and pure. You fear none but Allah. You are prepared for the meeting with Allah and you are preparing for the meeting with Allah every day. If you are to die right now you have hope in the Mercy of Allah. Why? Because I'm trying my best to do what Allah wants. This life is full of challenges every day there is a challenge. Like I said at the beginning, Yeoman laka, Yamuna. alayka a day for you a day against you. No problem. Allah is great. I am alive I will try my best I have my hands and my feet I have my ability. I'm going to do my best if Allah takes what I have a way Alhamdulillah if Allah takes me away, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I'm gone. What will

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happen to my family and my children and my women and my whatever? What? Don't worry, don't worry my brother. Don't worry. Whatever happened to the families of others, yours will also be taken care of. Maybe can I say? If you are not a good man, maybe your wife will get a better husband when you May Allah forgive us.

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May Allah grant us forgiveness be good, the best from amongst you are Eurocom Eurocom Li Li Be good to your family the best from amongst you, those who are best to their family members, may Allah make us strong. So there is one thing we need to develop and that is conviction. Your kin develop your your kin Yochanan what in Allah your faith in Allah your tower Kula Allah Allah.

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Allah, I lay my trust in Allah, where was I? 20 years ago? Where am I today? Where was I? 30 years ago? Where am I today? Well Allah He I am in a better position than I was before. I think Allah

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so if you look at the big picture, you are always winning and gaining when you came into this world. What did you have? You had nothing. You didn't even have clothes, you were crying? You didn't even know how to speak you didn't know how to walk nothing. And then Allah taught you and slowly but surely he gave you today whatever you have. Did you come to the world with it? Look at your clothes. Look at your things. Look at your watch your phone. Did you come were you born with this? No. Which means you already have more than what you came with. Do you understand what I'm saying? You have more if Allah takes it away and took it away, for as long as he is happy with you and you have a

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good relation with him. No problem. We are okay. Tomorrow we will start again tonight we will start again Bismillah and we will build a game for Allah because Allah will give us that is your clean conviction.

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Look at how our people sometimes they suffer right? Everything is going okay one day there is a big problem I lost my things. Don't be depressed turn back to Allah a few years ago I didn't have then I had now today I don't have I'm going to build again and I will start again. No problem. Alhamdulillah thank Allah look after your family. Look after your deen be convinced Allah. Allah Allah Allah He fed our Curlew in coutume, meaning, if you are true believers, if you are true believers, lay your trust in Allah.

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True believers, what do they do? Talk Quran Allah Allah, I lay my trust in Allah. Allah will look after me. Allah will take care of me. Allah will provide for me. Did you eat this morning? The answer is yes. Are you going to eat before tonight? The answer is yes. Imagine how many people are there here? 1000s. How many in the country? Millions? How many in the world? Billions. Every single one has to eat. Did you think of that? Every single one has to eat. Let's not stop there. That is only human beings. Billions, right? What about the animals? How many animals are there on earth? Wallahi they are trillions and quadrillions and more animals every day.

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They have to eat

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or Amami

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Burton fille de Illa Allah Allah here is cuchara while you're learning Musa Khan Raha Musa

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V fee kita bien mobi.

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Allah is telling you, there is nothing that leaves on Earth except Allah has taken it upon himself to provide for those things. And Allah knows when it comes when it goes when it is born, when it is going to die, where it lives and where it goes out. Allah knows absolutely

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Everything, everything is written in a book. Allah has written it. Allah knows. So for Allah, it's a small thing to give you a plate of food today, which tastes very nice for Allah. Is it big or small? It is minor. He has given billions of people food today. Do you think he's going to miss you? He will not miss you. Thank Allah, what is the solution? Build your relation with Allah. Allah is the Owner of the door of sustenance. Don't knock the wrong door, knock the right door. Which door must you knock knock the door of Allah he will give you who owns everything Allah? Why should we knock another door besides Allah? Allah Who McSweeny Behala Lika and Hara Amica Nene before the

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requirements you work, oh Allah grant me sufficiency in Halal so I do not do haram

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and I am protected from haram. And Oh Allah, you sustain me in a way that I don't depend on anyone besides you. You are the one I will only knock your door no one else's door and I will work hard and I will try and I will go through your help. I will do the right things and knock at the door of Allah. Imagine Allah owns entire creation. How can I knock the door of someone else who doesn't even own anything? He owns nothing. How can I knock the door? How

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Subhanallah knock at the door of Allah. How can you expect sustenance when you are not in the masjid? How can you expect goodness when you don't have a connection with the owner of goodness.

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So build yourself. Build the connection with Allah Salah Quran vicar Ibadah only for Allah and I will do it every day. cleanse yourself. You and I are human beings. We make mistakes. We falter Toba every day Kana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Aston Villa Hermia Tamara. In what duration in a day, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to seek the forgiveness of Allah 100 times. How many times do you seek forgiveness a day.

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So develop this beautiful relation with Allah and Allah will give you Allah will grant you Allah will provide for you. The conviction is so beautiful that when something goes wrong, you tell yourself for me it is wrong for Allah it is right.

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For Allah it is right. Say for example, one day you lose something in your business, you lose a family member someone passes away for you as a human being it is a loss for Allah. What is it?

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Is it a loss? No. No ways. For Allah. It is destiny. He planned it for you. A Jubilee unreal mini for in umbra. Who Kulu love Okay.

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Amazing are the affairs of a true believer?

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Because everything that happens to a believer is only good for him.

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If something positive happens, he does Shuker, he thanks Allah. It's good. something negative happens he bears patients, it's good reward for supper is great. Did you do subrogate? Have you done somewhere? Someone will say yes, I did suffer what happened to you? So different answers from different people. One guy will say yesterday one mosquito bit me here on my finger. I did not have sub

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that was suitable for him. Another guy says yesterday, I tripped and I got hurt on my nice suburb. Another guy says I lost my child support.

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Another guy says I lost my family cyber, cyber you see the higher level.

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Another guy says I lost my whole business server.

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There are different levels. First bill soberano Jameela, Allahu Akbar, Allah is telling Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bear beautiful patience, Allah, this world is temporary temporary. How many days remaining here few? In one year? How many days are the 365? According to Gregorian 355, according to Luna, right? Let's say 365 10 years, how many days 3650? Right. If you 20 Say 20 years, how many days

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seven and something right 7.2 7000 to one. So 20 something years, 25 years left for your life. That's not more than 10,000 days start counting your days they are finishing for 10,000 days in this world. I must already make big, big stress. And I must already you understand what I'm saying. The days are numbered. My brother count your days how many days 10,000 start to tick maybe before 10,000 You already gone? Allahu Akbar. And if you are going to stay after 10,000 You will have to retire because new young blood will come up

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When I say please move, step on the side, let me do the business. What about me you will just relax I'll give you something you are lucky. You have someone looking after you. May Allah grant us goodness few years in this world few days in this world. Don't stress if today is wrong, tomorrow will be right. And if today is right, something might go wrong according to you tomorrow according to Allah did not go wrong, it was his plan for you and for me.

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One tidy enough so mad at xe Bovada. One of the things that Allah has kept for himself, knowledge only Allah knows what is going to happen tomorrow. What are you going to earn what is going to happen to you and to me tomorrow, meaning in the future, who knows it? Will Allah he will ALLAH he only Allah knows, only Allah knows. You can plan Allah can let the plan Go ahead. But you can plan Allah can change the plan. You can think Allah knows and he is the only one who knows what will happen tomorrow. So develop your relation with Allah plan good things, when you plan to do your Salah Allah will reward you with the intention in normal man will be new Yet

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Allah, Allah Almighty is in charge he is in control. Why am I saying this? Because in the world today, we are going through a very difficult time anywhere you go in the world. Anywhere you go, anyway you go, they have different types of challenges, some worse than others. You talk to me about this place today we are in this beautiful Masjid. Mashallah, in Cape Town, I promise you, my brothers, my sisters, the problems we have.

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And the challenges we face. Some people think when they are far away, oh, these guys, they don't have any problems. Everything is there. Right? They are very rich. They are very happy. They are very healthy, and they forgot about us. That's what they think. Right? But it's not true. You have your own challenges right or wrong. Today's like this tomorrow is like that. Today, someone steals tomorrow, someone pinches the next day someone is murdered. The following day, we have another new problem with immigration or whatever else it may be all sorts of problems.

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No one knows your problems and you sometimes don't know their problems. Everyone has tests. Don't worry.

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If Allah put you in a position thanking Alhamdulillah, Allah colohan Alhamdulillah Oh Allah, I'm going to try my best. I'm going to do my best.

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And pray for the others reach out to them. Part of Islam

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is to give

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how many pillars in Islam five.

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One is the declaration of faith Shahada. After that there are four. One of them is to give Subhanallah SubhanAllah. One of the pillars of Islam is to give.

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Tonight I have a function with African Muslims agency.

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And the idea is to speak about giving charities donation Wallahi. It is a pillar of Islam. The minute you have something in your pocket, it is part of Islam a pillar of Islam. Take out something and give Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. You think about it. Part of your Islam is to think about poor people and others who don't have it's part of your Islam.

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So we ask Allah Almighty to bless us to give us baraka to give us sustenance to give us goodness, I want to end off with one point

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and that is my brothers. My sisters,

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you have in your midst, Allah ma

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you have in your midst, your chefs and your Imams.

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Please develop a good relation with them and respect them and learn from them. Allah Allah ma Orissa to lumpia

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any community that does not respect the Allama they are destroyed. Even if they are rich, they are destroyed. There is no future for them. It's finished.

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Did you hear what I said? You have your own Ummah, you have your Messiah, you have your elders in community and society, the knowledgeable, make relation with them, respect them, sit with them, listen to their lessons, talk to them, learn from them, follow what they have to say. take guidance from them. Those are the leaders they will help you to get closer to Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, any community that has ridiculed each Allama they are destroyed. Even if they think they are growing.

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Apart from ALLAH, so that is the piece of advice I want to give you to say. Build your relation with the scholars with the whole Ummah and all of us should increase our knowledge and teach one another whatever goodness we know because we are all brothers and sisters in faith in the deen of Allah. If I go today, I must be able to leave things for the other generations or for the next generations to take. May Allah Almighty bless every one of us and may Allah grant us goodness aku loco li Harada SallAllahu wasallam ma Obara, Kala Nabina Muhammad

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