Lightening Calamities with Conviction

Mohammad Elshinawy


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The speakers discuss the importance of seeing through trials and not just looking for wisdom. They share stories of individuals who have certainty and lighten trials, and share stories of individuals who give heartfelt thank-you but refuse judge payments. They also discuss personal experiences of finding loved ones and illness, including a woman who found her son in her dream room and eventually found him.

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Now on ecomondo not everyone, I pray everybody as well and safe and strong. And I pray that Allah azza wa jal makes us safer and stronger and healthier in our bodies in our spirits as this trial progresses, so,

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a question

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wouldn't trials be so much easier? If we just could see through them and see the wisdom behind them? Of course they would.

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And many thoughtful believers look back at their lives and what they perceive as calamities or were in fact calamities at the moment they look back and say Suppan, Allah, Allah has been so good to me. If it weren't for this, it wouldn't have been that and if it weren't for this, it would have been that

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and we should all do this.

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But some believers, may Allah make us and you have them are able to notice some of this in the middle of the calamity in the middle of the calamity. How does a person do that? How does a person lighten the the thrust the forcefulness of a trial? By seeing through it? And in a nutshell, it is your theme. It is what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in that day, that he hardly ever stood from a gathering without making Oh Allah, this is a part of it. Grant for me portion for me mentally if any man to Halloween will be here later, massage, massage dounia Oh Allah grant me of certainty of conviction, that through which you will light in for me

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the calamities of this world, and part of the drought, by the way, is him saying what the gentleman said about NFP Dena and don't cause our calamity to be in our religious commitment, while at agilely dounia agbada hamina. And do not make this world the greatest of our concerns. While mapillary mina nor the extent of our knowledge, you see a person that has certainty and Allah does not just see the apparent nature of this world and judge based on that a person that has the pain that for sure there is certainty, that is the person that our love begins to unveil for them in the middle of the storm, some of that, which they are certain about some of that wisdom that they are certain about.

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And so, in a few moments, I want to share with you a beautiful example of that. And I pray that you yourself, have some examples of this and shout low to Allah in your life or you begin to develop the certainty required to start seeing some of the wisdom because if you doubt that there is wisdom, you will not look for it. But if you are certain that there is wisdom, extensive wisdom in comprehensible wisdom, Allah will allow you to comprehend some of it. And this is the story about we'll be left with Jeremy law, who's an amazing Ted Berry,

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Abdullah Mohammed and narrator he says that I came upon a tent in the outskirts of Egypt in the middle of nowhere. And I went in there as a very shabby tent was anyone even living here I found a man that had no arms and no legs. They were amputated. And he was blind in his eyes and very hard of hearing. It's kind of like I've never seen anyone like this.

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But then he was saying something kept repeating something that it was just boggling, mind boggling. He was saying, Oh Allah grant me an opportunity to show gratitude to you for all your favors. And the fact that you've preferred me over so much of your creation. He says, so I blurted out, hey, you like what are you saying? How can you even say that?

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He said, I swear, I will pay levassor that if Allah would send the skies crashing down on me to just decimate me and send the oceans upon me to annihilate me and send fire upon me to incinerate me, I would do nothing more than just continue thanking him the way I am right now. He says, but for what like at that point for what he says for the fact that he gave me a heart

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that remembers him and a tongue that can thank him. That in and of itself is a blessing, a huge priceless blessing. And then he said to him, but listen, I had a young boy, one of my sons. They used to go out and fetch water for me helped me make well, because I can't move.

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And I haven't seen him for days. Can you find him for me? So Abdullah Mohammed said, Of course, he set out. And as he's scouting the area, he found a bunch of animals like cougars or lions,

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wild cats eating adds to the body of a corpse and he realized no one lives around here. This must be his son, he said, but then I told myself how in the world do I bring someone like that more bad news? He said and then Allah guided me to

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The story of a young family is surrounded let me just try to bolster him with dimension of a Europe was so patient through so much for years on end, locked in his bed. So I went and I entered and I said, Do you know are you alehissalaam? The Prophet of Allah? He said, Of course I know are you. He said when Allah tested him and his health and his wealth and his family members, what did he do? He said he was patient. So he said to him, then know that Allah has chosen to test you in every way that he has chosen to test

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out your buddies, Sam. And so this man,

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this disabled man said, Alhamdulillah he led me believe in reality, many are see for your available will be now he said thank you, Allah, that you did not did not leave behind any one of my offspring till the day that they disobeyed you, and would get taken to the fire. And then he took a deep guess and he himself died. After loving them Mohammed the narrator says

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I didn't know what to do, how do I wash and shroud someone like this? So I went out to finally I found some passer bys. I pulled them in I said, I need help. I need help. When they entered the tent immediately they pounced on top of that little club and they began to weep and to kiss him all over his eyes in his face and and he said, You know this man, they said, Of course we know this man. You don't know him. This is Inaba. This is the student of Abdullah and Ibis, the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his cousin. This is his student. He fled from the city, fearing that the governor would force him to become the chief justice and Supreme Court Judge, he

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feared the responsibility so he fled. And apparently in the wilderness here, he caught some diseases caused some illnesses called gangrene. He lost his limbs. They said, so we watched him, and we prayed over him and everybody went their separate directions. He said that night I saw him in my dream, dress in this very luxurious garment, very luxurious silk, strutting in what was clear to be Jenna. And reciting the verses of Allah and sort of a rod salaamu alaykum Bhima sabato infinera Morocco but the the words of the angels when they enter upon the believers and say to them, peace be upon you.

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For the patience that you exhibited, how excellent the destination This is, you're about to find out. This is what the angels tell the believers in paradise.

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He says, So I said to him in my dream,

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how did you reach these stations in general? And he said to me, there are certain levels in Paradise, that a person will not be able to reach on their own worth, not for the fact that they were grateful during ease, and they were patient through difficulty. So May Allah azza wa jal grant me and you they attain the certainty by which we will lighten for us the calamities of this world and allow us to see some of the wisdom notice some of the wisdom so that we can further fall in love with him and further trust and be patient with whatever he throws our way. I love them. I mean, keep us in your prayers and you'll be an hour certainly said I won't make