Mufti Menk – Casting Spells On Your Enemies

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of people visiting certain groups in order to separate them from others, and warns against trying to spread false rumors and false accusations. They also caution against trying to destroy relationships and focus on their connection to the Lord. The speaker also mentions a recent post about "slack on the choice of a wife" and encourages people to stay true to Islam.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, as I said in the previous session, sometimes out of desperation, people tend to visit those who cast spells, those who engage in superstitious behavior, those who do some black magic, those who actually engage in the displeasure of the Almighty, they invoke Satan to help them, they sometimes get the assistance of the gym kind to help them, they do that which is unacceptable in the eyes of Allah. All this is out of desperation, people do it in order to separate those whom, perhaps they want to see separate, because they don't get along with them. We were talking about how sometimes people don't want their

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children to marry certain, you know, people or whether it's male or female, and therefore they go in out of desperation, instead of calling out to Allah for help and guidance, instead of following what Allah says, they decide to actually go out and,

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and cause

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the loss of their own belief in Allah by using that which Allah has prohibited, which is to cast spells, to do magic, or sometimes to actually,

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you know, use the jinn in order to help them so they will go to people, there are different types of people. Some of these are don't belong to Islam, some of them say they belong to Islam, some of them appear so religious, and they say, Don't worry, I will do some deed, give me the name of this person, the mother's name of this person, and don't worry, I will make sure that they are separated. Sometimes people do magic on their own family members, sometimes they do it on their in laws, or sometimes they do it on their siblings. And I want to say this is not only prohibited, but it withdrawals you from the belief in Allah, Who says no matter what it is, you call out to Allah and

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you try your best within the acceptable means that the Almighty has given you so say for example, if your child does not want to, does not want to marry the person you want them to marry, they want to marry someone else whom you don't want. Number one, do you have a reason Do you have a valid reason if you do, you can talk to them, you can convince them you can try and explain to them, but you shouldn't be

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shoving your opinions down their throats. If you haven't managed to convince them and you try it again, you can get someone else to talk to them, they may be convinced you can pray to Allah, they may not do that, but you cannot go beyond that. You cannot become violent, you cannot beat up your children, you cannot do so you cannot go to do magic on them or to someone who claims to have knowledge of the unseen to the degree that they will be able to help you to to you know to with the unseen, make the person quit, make the person do whatever you want them to do. So to try and control people to through black magic, actually, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says whoever visits

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a fortune teller who claims to know the unseen and believes them has this believed in what I have come with, or has claimed that I have cheated in my message the Prophet peace be upon him has never cheated in his message. So another another narration speaks about how your prayer is not accepted, because you have actually rejected the Almighty and turned to the devil turned to the soup that which is superstitious, turned to the jinn kind tend to those who claim to be able to help you besides Allah. So this is very, very dangerous. You know, when you go to these people who who pretend like they can solve your problem.

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They, number one would be perhaps perhaps seeking the assistance of the devil. So it's easy for them to look at you and give you information about you and the past. And even what you might be thinking of and you start thinking wow, what a pious person, but that's not piety, they've just got your news from the jinn that Corinne that happens to be with you all along there is a jinn with you and I all the time, you know, there is an angel there is a jinn the Corinne is actually telling you to do bad, the angel is telling you to do good. So when you have a deed in front of you that needs to be done, if it's good, one side of you will say do it and the other side might make you feel lazy. And if

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it's bad, one side of you will say don't do it, and the other side might encourage you or show you, you know that it's spicy is juicy, let's just go for it, etc. If you were to listen to the angelic force, you become successful. If you're listening to the devilish force, then you become unsuccessful. So that devilish force or that jinn would actually know your whole history. What happened to you when you were young? Who's related to you who's not related to your whole history better than you know it? So when you go to some of these people who are fortune tellers, those who claim to be the word used examine sometimes, you know, not all of them are a fraud, but a lot of

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them are because if they start telling you that of the unseen I am to you. I say that

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Again, if they start if they start telling you things of the unseen, they're lying to you. And if they tell you who did the magic on you, that is the biggest lie. And if you believe them, you've just believed in Allah. That's what Allah says. You've just believed in what Mohammed Salah has come with, because they lie. I've known of Jean Klein that actually live, Every family has a little bit of a crack in it in the extended family, the minute something goes wrong with your belly, it's just something you ate, probably tomorrow or the next day, or a week later, when the bug is out, you'll feel okay. But in the meantime, we become desperate and so impatient. rather than waiting for that

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wind to be passed properly, we go out and lose our faith to see who did what on me. And suddenly they give you names. And those names are people who they know you've got a problem with, because the gymnast told them. So when you have a problem with someone, they didn't do that magic against you, but you think they did it against you. So you actually end up losing your faith by believing an innocent person to be guilty, simply because there was a little crack in that relationship. And now they've convinced you that wow, this person has done some black magic on you. They'll tell you to look to the corner of the ceiling, you'll see a face that faces of someone and you recognize the

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person that's not the guilty person. That's just the jinn showing you what's going on sometimes sometimes there is, you know, a little bit of truth in what is said. But we need to know it's prohibited to go to such people. It's prohibited to try and destroy a relationship by going to the devil, by casting spells and doing that if you were to do that, how can you call yourself a Muslim? How can you call yourself a believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala so my brothers and sisters, let's understand when you want something, you ask Allah for it and you try your best to get it in the proper legal channels in a way that will not earn the displeasure of Allah. Do not become impatient

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by trying to do that which makes you lose your, your connection with the Almighty. At the same time, your deen your dunya your Hara, your religion, your livelihood and your hereafter all of it is lost. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to

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to forgive us and to make it easy for every one of us to to be steadfast. Remember, like I said, I actually received not one but many emails saying that oh, you know, my so and so has done black magic because they don't want us to be married with someone with such and such a person that is happening and it's happening a lot. If you do that you're actually doomed because that black magic comes back to affect you the door of it, it will definitely come back to ruin you, your family, your children, because Laia Hakan macusa, you elaborate Lee, you know, a bad plot and an evil plan will only come back to those who deserve it. And that is the people who have done it in the first place.

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So don't ever feel the need to try and fix someone by engaging in magic by going to see a fortune teller by going to see what is called in southern Africa, sangoma, or a Nanga what is in Zimbabwe, that's what they're called, sometimes, if it's a herbalist, someone giving you some herbal medication, etc. That's another story. But I'm talking of engaging in that which is superstitious, in order to cast spells on people, those spells come back to you, they will definitely come back to ruin you and your life very, very soon. And they will, they may temporarily give you that ruining of this particular person, that you may see the slight result of it and get excited. But remember, it's

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nothing to do with Islam. It's prohibited in the deen of Allah. It's not allowed. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, guide us protect us. And like I say, pray for goodness, learn to love people learn to love the freedom that Allah has blessed people with. Give them that freedom. They can choose their spouses, let them choose guide them, keep guiding them As parents, we sometimes feel let down by the choices of our children. But you know what, engage with them, talk to them, convince them they may be convinced. And if they have someone whom you're just picking on because of something. You know what we had a comment one of the comments on the previous post that I posted about how sometimes we

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were unhappy with the choice of our sons the choice of a wife, someone said, you know, as much as we were unhappy, we let it happen. And it turned out to be the best thing. And this person didn't really have wealth and he turned out to be later on one of the biggest businessmen Wow. And I said they I commented by saying you know what? You followed what Allah wanted. So Allah gave you everything that you wanted, so Han Allah amazing. So let's just follow the instructions of Allah the help of Allah. Sorry, the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he will help us. I pray you have a beautiful Sunday evening as Sunday evening in those places where it is Sunday evening, and those who

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are still starting their Sunday in the States and the other countries. I pray that you have a good day. The rest of your weekend and a lovely week ahead. May Allah protect all of us. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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