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We ask every child who is here today, whose parents are alive.

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To take a moment to either visit them later today. Or to make a phone call to make a phone call, as soon as we're done here to your mother, and father, or one of them, or both of them, and just tell them I love you. I really, really miss you. And I want to appreciate the fact that you brought me up when I was little. And you really sacrificed for me, may Allah have mercy on you. Will we do that?

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Mashallah, that was quite a good Yes. hamdulillah trust me, it will change your life. Do you know why the mercy of Allah automatically descends upon a person who tries to make his or her parents happy? When the Wrath of Allah, you are asking that Allah has mercy on your parents, the angels are saying, Oh Allah, have a double mercy on this particular person. And the duty of the angels is much more powerful than your do. Remember that my beloved brothers and sisters So today, don't forget, even if you're listening to this lecture later on, today, the day that you're listening to it, make a phone call to your parents, right now.

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send them a message right now. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them you appreciate the fact that they brought you up, make you ask for their mercy. May Allah have mercy on you, my beloved parents, and May Allah open your doors. That's all. What did it cost you nothing. Even if you have a disagreement with your parents, you still do that? See the wonders that it works. And then get into the habit of sending that message every single week, at least if not every day. Subhan Allah, your life will change because when Allah instructed you to do something, and you did it, you are not only obeying the instruction of Allah that would actually bring about his mercy, but you will making

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someone happy. You make someone happy. Allah will make you happy. You make your parents happy, Allah will make you even more happy.