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The speaker discusses the negative impact of Islam on people, particularly children, and the importance of learning from experience and finding one's own success. They also emphasize the importance of death as a part of everyone's experience and offer a framework for forgiveness. The segment emphasizes the need for forgiveness and knowing one's own actions, and the importance of death being a part of everyone's experience.

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As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Heba ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germain, my brothers and sisters, when you were born, you did not choose which country you would be in. You did not choose the city, the place you did not choose your parents, you did not choose your race, you did not choose anything Allah chose for you. Allah decided subhanahu wa taala, where he would like you to be. And so you were there. So let's not let it be a means of arrogance for a person, we should realize and understand that it is all part of the greater plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala that certain things, he does not give you a choice about

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those things. Allah Almighty has decided for reasons known to him. In fact, your parents who gave birth to you did not know you before you were born, they had no clue they had no idea. They just knew that they're going to have a child, once the wife was expecting or once your mother was expecting, what type of a child what is going to happen to the child, all of that is decided only and solely by Allah subhanho wa taala. One of the factors that Allah has kept, is an A very interesting, beautiful teaching,

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that your final judgment depends on how your life ends. It has very little to do with the middle of it. But it's important. As you do good, and you grow older, you get to reward you pile up lots of rewards. But those who pile up rewards are of different categories. Many of them unfortunately don't realize that they give away the good deeds that they do because of backbiting, slandering, gossiping, deceiving, cheating, whatever else it may be, you have wronged a fellow human being your Salah goes to them in payment, something else goes to someone else. And by the time you get to the day of judgment you did a lot of good deeds but there's very little left. So how you ended might not

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be as grand as people might have thought your life was people look at someone say look at that Saint, and then suddenly he passes away in a condition that is not known as hospital hajima what is the meaning of personal Kadima? The Prophet peace be upon him used to make a dua Oh Allah grant me a good ending. Oh Allah grant me a good death grant me a good ending. He used to make the DUA and he taught it to us the supplication Allahumma inni as a Luca HudsonAlpha tema, Oh Allah, I asked you to grant me a good end.

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Because there is a Hadith that states that a person who does a lot of good for so many years and suddenly messes up at the end they've lost and the person who's done a lot of bad through his life but suddenly made everything right at the end, they've gained a person who was a disbeliever and suddenly they became a Muslim. They believed in Allah and submitted just before they passed on. They died as submitted good news to them in Islam is a joke. bamaca blah, Islam deletes the bad that was done before it. The same applies to tell about Toba and repentance whatever was before it is deleted. So Allah Almighty, we ask him, Oh Allah grant me a good death, there is another dua, oh

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Allah keep me living upon Islam and the man and grant me death upon Islam and Iman and resurrect me with the Muslims and minima are the good people. You would like to be remembered for something good. So one of the plans of Allah Almighty is as you grow up and you grow older, you begin to discover more and more about the necessary relationship that you need with Allah. Allah allows you to go through things when you're young. Many times you have your energetic perhaps you come from a middle class family, upper class family, you might not realize the importance of a connection with Allah because you're young, you're fit your everything is moving Okay? When difficulty starts coming,

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only Allah knows what type of dua you made. Only Allah knows how much you cried at night. Only Allah knows what type of softening of the heart happened as a result of calamity that struck you. You had a major problem in your life. It softened you did it soften you Yes, I started praying people tell you this. I did not used to pray until this happened. When this happened. I changed my life. What was the thing? Well, it's considered something negative. According to the world. I lost a loved one I lost a limb something happened to my business. Something happened here there. I suffered in this way and that way now I turned to Allah and I'm liberated from what? from the shackles of shaitan.

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You are liberated because now you understand who is Allah sin, no longer appeals to you. In fact, good deeds appeal to you you want to do

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More and more Allahumma. Habib Anan Iman was the unit of equal Obinna dua of the Prophet peace be upon him Oh Allah make Beloved to us, Iman believe in you and beautify it in our hearts what gorilla in Alko. For all Furukawa is young, and oh Allah make detested to us disbelief and sin. And all forms of transgression make it detested to so when transgression is in front of our eyes, we don't see a sweetness in it. That's your connection with Allah.

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So as life progresses, we witness and we see different people lead their lives in different ways. Like I say, we only know what we see, apparently with our eyes, but Allah is the judge. Allah gave you a place of birth, a date of birth, the parents you will be born to, and every detail in that regard your race and whatever else he chose it for you. In the same way. Allah says to us, or mattered enough so I'm thank Cebu vada or I'm dirty enough to be a

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mod. Allah says a soul does not know what its sustenance is going to be tomorrow.

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Today you have tomorrow you might not have today you don't have tomorrow you might have more than everybody else. Allah knows. So be humble. That's the message. Turn to Allah. Then Allah says, Allah alone knows where he has chosen your spot of death. Allah chose it, you were born. The exact spot of death of yours is chosen. The hadith says when Allah has written for you to die some way he creates a reason for you to arrive at your place of death is a reason. That reason could be business. It could be tourism, it could be anything and it could be a good deed. This morning, we woke up to news.

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We woke up to news of the death of one of the members of our own community who had his own struggles throughout his life. 49 years old, where did he pass away and what happened to him? He was here in this masjid for most of the Germans. He used to be around amongst us just before Ramadan. I remember meeting him and he decided you know what, I want to go for Umrah Ramadan, I haven't been in a while young man 49 years old. So he took his family along and they went for ombre.

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He made Ramadan Ramadan the Hadith says Whoever makes hombre in Ramadan gets a reward of making Hajj with me. That's the Hadith, correct narration you make an ombre in Ramadan, it's equivalent to a reward for Hajj with me. He made his ombre he fell ill he went to Madina Munawwara and he felt even more ill they took him into the ICU unit. They put him onto a ventilator this morning being a Friday in the city of Madina Munawwara the man passes away. What happened to him? Like I say he had he struggles through his life only Allah knows that he chose for him a burial a few meters away from Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. He's one of the very few I only know of one other from our communities

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buried there many years back.

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But Allah Almighty chose his place of death made him go there made him do the ombre with his family in Ramadan with that reward allowed him to spend the beautiful days of Ramadan in Madina Munawwara and decided your resting place is a few meters away from my hubby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will rest in a place where so many of the companions are buried. There will be Allahu Allah may Allah be pleased with them. Now let me tell you why am I speaking about this today? It is a big deal. It is a very big deal if you think of it. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells us many stata Ania muda feeling Medina de familia Falfa Imani ash hadoo Lehman Murphy and in one narration Ashfur

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Oh lemon mafia, whoever can pass away or can die in Medina should do so. What does that mean? Sounds a bit scary, isn't it? It means frequent Medina keep yourself busy in travelled to Medina now and again and when you're a little bit older and so on, try to go and spend much more time in Medina. Medina is the only place on Earth even though Maccha has the Haram and the Kaaba and the Salah in Makkah is 100,000 times more than any other Masjid besides Masjid the number with Medina is the only place on Earth that Nabi SallAllahu wasallam made a specific dua of the virtue of dying in that place. No other place Did he ever say there is a virtue of dying in this place? He says, Whoever can

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die here die here because I will bear witness for Him and I will intercede for him on his behalf on the Day of Judgment that Allah mercy. If the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is interceding on your behalf confirmed you have

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of Jana, may Allah grant that to us.

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Obviously we cannot guarantee any specific people who would be in Jannah because we do not own Jana but we have witness of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. One might wonder how is that virtue so great. Allah chose the spot. So many other pious people did not have that spot. Where is it? I told you a few meters from the Habib

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a few meters from the Habib sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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the closeness is such that very closeness itself is a virtue. I was reading up on the virtue of passing away in Medina this morning after this death, and I had tears in my eyes, when I read the reasons why the person is the most fortunate to pass away in Medina. Because never will there be a moment when they will not be pious people standing around the graveyard making dua for the people who have passed away. There are millions of who judge every year, every month, every Ramadan. Every week. Throughout the year we'll be visiting Bucky and saying Oh ALLAH forgive the people in this graveyard from them, they will be saints and so many sinners who have repented. Because when you go

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to Makkah, you are forgiven, you go to Medina, you're making dua for the deceased Bucky.

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Another thing you are in the midst of the companions, you enjoy that Subhanallah it was chosen by Allah.

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Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam made this dua to say you know what, whoever is going to die in Medina, I'm going to bear witness for them I will actually intercede fight their case on the day of pm or May Allah Almighty grant us a good death. I tell you to die in Salah is not the same as to die while you are oblivious of Allah. People say May Allah give me the acceptance to pass away in sujood, my brother, if that is really a dua increase your sujood make more sujood there's a greater chance of you You hardly pray and you say Allah, God grant me death in sujood. What's the Judah you're going to? You know, die in Allah, Allah gifts, but we change our lives. A good thing, a gift

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of Allah, is that we are not judged by our sins, we are judged by our repentance Subhanallah what a gift of Allah. What do you whatever you did in your past? Allah says, I won't judge you with that if you seek forgiveness, I judge you with repentance. Allah asked his angels did he repent he did give him

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in fact your deeds are Wait, good deeds and bad deeds on the scale of the Day of Judgment. Allah says, I know you did bad deeds, you're a human. But if your good deeds are more good luck to you, good news to you. Family.

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Members magazine for all income homeowners and move on those whose good deeds on the scale are heavier. They are the successful ones. Allah didn't say you did not do bad deeds. You did a few bad deeds. Did you make amends? Did you seek forgiveness? Like I said earlier, Allah alone knows your tears. Allah knows what you went through. Allah knows the salah you might have fulfilled at night when everyone was asleep. For Allah to write the death for you in solitude is not a joke. It is called Personal karma. It's called a good death. It is something worth speaking about. It is something worth mentioning

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it imagine the people visiting

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every one of them visits Bucky and not once. So many times. Imagine one Salah in that Masjid is multiplied. 1000s of times your janazah is fulfilled in that same Masjid. How many times is that multiplied? When the Prophet SAW Selim says Salah tune famous GD ha follow mean Alfie Salatin famous you are Hillel Masjid Al haram. And another narration says I shall not Aleph either 10,000 times or 1000 times better than a prayer anywhere else. What are the numbers of the people reading Salah on you? When the Hadith says if there's a number of people who make Salah to Janaza and it's Elijah number nine or so rose that you have people who would inshallah be granted forgiveness by Allah

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because others would have been witness for the made dua for them. Nevermind nine serfs, nevermind 900 serfs, nevermind 9000 subs, we talking of? numbers that we don't even realize. And who are they? They are people who have come with a soft heart, what are they doing making dua there are people from the descendants of the Prophet peace be upon him making dua. When you see a person who passes away in Madina Munawwara the jostling that happens from the Muslim ummah, who is present in Madina Munawwara to carry the janazah you only find the best of the hearts carrying the jhanas and they take it all the way to the grave they will fight to get to the grave and to help to dig and to help

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meaning to put the the body down and to make dua and to cover and so on. Do you know why? The hadith says whoever read Salah to janazah on someone has a mountain full of reward. And if you follow it through to actually go and do the burial with you get to mountains over

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award as big as Mount oil.

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So the people want it. Mount Ohio does right there. Imagine your resting place has been chosen one hand. There's the green dome And subhanAllah there is the the masjid Nabawi a few meters away the resting place of Nabi SallAllahu Sallam few meters away. You're resting here around you there's all companions, some of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so many more. The other side there is Mount ortho decide that is 100. There there is the wealth of Oman here there is something where do you think Allah chose? Allah Allah Allah Allah?

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May Allah grant us a good death. Brother Mooney kasi passed away this morning at Fudger. in Madina, Munawwara a member of our own community, like I said, he had his struggles and challenges through his life. But the point is, look at what Allah gave him at the end something many of us can only make dua for we ask Allah people say, Oh Allah grant me death in Medina, that man got it. And what type of a death is something I want to reiterate and repeat, as I end my speech here?

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A death preceded by an hombre in Ramadan, which is equivalent to a reward of having made Hajj with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as I said, What do you think Allah favorite the man was? And why? I don't know. You don't know. Perhaps no one knows. But there has to be something that Allah knows something that Allah knows because Allah chooses and selects May Allah Almighty grant all of us a good death the moral of this entire speech is number one, we make dua for them for May Allah grant him Jana forgive his shortcomings. We do know that millions of people every day will be making dua for him also, so he probably wouldn't really you know for our dua is more our benefit to be honest

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with you and obviously benefit of the deceased to a smaller degree but millions of people every day will be visiting him they will be making salaam to him every minute of the day because they will be there Bucky Salam aleikum, Allah dar i was there too. Not too long ago, we all went well make Salam millions every day. So you are basically all the time surrounded by all this goodness Subhanallah the model is Let's live our lives in a way

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that Allah gives us also a good death. May Allah accept it from us. May Allah forgive the brothers shortcomings make it easy for his widow, His children. And may Allah Almighty grant us all a lesson from this. And may Allah Almighty truly make us such that we lead our entire lives in a way that we would like to die. Because the prophets Allah Selim says, You lead you die the way you lead your life and you will be resurrected. The way you passed away.

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You resurrected the way you pass away. I have a lot more to say time is limited and I will cut it there but by the will of Allah we make dua for all the motorhoming who have passed on. And this member of our community who like I said, used to make Jamal Salah here in the same Masjid before Ramadan. We met him so many times passed on 49 years old. Please remember him in your DUA. And may Allah Almighty make it easy for all of us the day he takes us away. May He grant us all a blessed death in Madina Munawwara I mean, also Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, WA one and if hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen