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AI: Summary © The importance of flexibility and forgiveness in Islam is emphasized, as negative situations can be profitable and causing regret. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to acknowledge their actions as part of Islam, and offers advice on how to avoid regret. The importance of thanking others and showing one's weaknesses is also emphasized. Additionally, the speaker discusses the need for everyone to acknowledge their actions as part of Islam, and mentions the possibility of showing weaknesses as part of one's culture.
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When you are greeted you respond to greeting so to greet is a sooner but to reply is a follow up what that means is to greet is voluntary but to reply is compulsory on might say how come because the response is actually what was dictated in the Quran and I've already read the verse for you. It's dictated by Allah when you are greeted greet back, that's an instruction, I cannot change it. It's not compulsory, Allah says it. So that's what it is, then we have,

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if a person invites you, you need to respond

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to the invitation, they invite you for food,

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you have to respond if you're a believer, it's one of their rights. But this is not a facade, right, which means some scholars say if it is a wedding, what is known as walima. And if it is done properly, according to the laws of Allah subhanho, wa Taala, the do's and don'ts are taken care of, and you have no valid excuse, then you have to go, there's no option you have to go. That's what some of the scholars say. But a lot of them say, look, it's recommended to go It's recommended to go and if there is something wrong happening, you cannot go. Now, how do we understand this? We are seated here in the midst of, I think, a little bit more than a few 1000 people here.

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Imagine you were to invite me and say you have to come, I can only go to one person's house or I can only enjoy a meal with one group of people. It's possible. What about the rest? They will all right, you hate mail, we came you went to the rich people's house, you didn't come to the everyone uses their own excuse. You know, it's just a cheap way of explaining who we are sometimes. So you have to find an excuse for the person as well. If they cannot respond to your invitation, you need to know that there is a valid reason and you don't need to know the reason sometimes if they say look, I cannot make it say no problem. That's a that's also a right to understand when someone presents an

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excuse to understand, don't become dirty, don't become hard. You know, people say I know I've tasted this. People say you only go to the rich and famous. That's because you don't know you don't live with me my life. Perhaps the bulk of it is with those who are way, way below the general level of the poor person in your country. SubhanAllah. And this is honest. So what I don't need to explain that to the world. But if you hate me as a result, and you think you know what, this guy didn't come this person didn't respond. Like I was invited to a certain Masjid.

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And I couldn't go because I didn't have the time I was on the I had a duplicate appointment. And I excused myself and I got such a nasty mail. I'll never forget it.

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It's not like I have not forgiven but I won't forget it. You know this business of forgive and forget, it doesn't work. I don't know if you've ever heard, forgive and forget.

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We will forgive but we will remember it. Because the Hadith says law you will the minimum enjoy

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a true believers never bitten from the same source twice. So if you forgot you're going to be bitten again.

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So to say forgiven forget, sometimes it's a way of blackmailing people, I think Allah subhanho wa Taala help us. But what is meant perhaps by forget is not that you don't remember the incident, but you have forgotten. You've tried your best perhaps to forget the hurt that it caused or maybe to forget things that you might have fought you're going to do in return and whatever else. But forgiveness definitely we cannot compromise that is definitely encouraged. Very, very strongly in Islam. That's also one of the rights. One of the rights is for us to forgive one another as far as possible. Learn to forgive, learn to forgive. Okay, so if a person invites you, we respond to the

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invitation then when someone sneezes, and they praise Allah Alhamdulillah for you to respond to that with a draft for them is a right they have over you. So if I sneeze right now, and I said hamdulillah and you've heard it, it's your duty to say your hammock Allah may Allah have mercy on you. Because sneezing is a gift of Allah, it has

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perhaps deflected or held back some form of bacteria or disease or anything else that may want to get into your system, foreign objects or bodies, whatever. And you sneeze you need to say Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah.

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And the person who hears that it's their right it's their duty to say your hammock Allah or your hammock. Illa if you're a female,

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if the ones sneezing was a female. Why? Because we should thank Allah upon the goodness of someone else. And that's why going straight into another write that we have amongst one another that we fail a lot of the times is to be happy at the happiness of another and to be sad at the loss of another. That's right, a

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lot of Hari Shama totally agree.

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Don't ever become pleased at the loss of your brother. Why? Because there is a chance your Hmong Allahu

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Allah might have mercy on that person and test you with the same. So don't show like you're excited, you know you hear that someone suffered a loss you say yes, I'm glad they deserved it Not at all. Someone passed away who finally, May Allah forgive us. You don't say that no matter what, when there is a loss, you need to make sure that you definitely feel the pain, even if the degree is small, but you're a human and on top of that you're a member of the oma. So that is one of the rights. And how do we know this? It comes and it stems from the issue of when you sneeze, and you say Alhamdulillah they should be a response with the dryer hammock Allah and they should be a response again coming

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from the sneezer to say yeah, de como la jolla, Slovak, may Allah guide you and improve your affairs. This is something that is beautiful. Have you noticed in Islam, it's filled with supplication from the beginning when I see your Salah mala that's a supplication. I'm praying for who for you. sneeze supplicate your supplicate for me, we supplicating for one another hammock Allah. Allahu carderock May Allah increase you in status for Allah hulak May Allah forgive you. These are words that we shouldn't be saying to one another because when I say a prayer for you, the angels are saying I mean for me with the same prayer or they are saying Oh Allah grant him the same,

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or her.

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So this is why we keep on praying for one another. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Have mercy on every one of us. Then, when a person is sick and Ill it's important for us to visit them.

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It's important for us to show concern, because they are on a low and this is why we say your expression, the expression on your face will law he my brothers and sisters can be an act of worship. If it is correct.

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