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Salam aleikum. When you insult your own loved ones, calling them idiots, donkey, an ape, a pig, a swine, whatever it may be calling them names abusing them saying you're useless, you'll never make it, you affect them. Their mental well being is at stake. Many become suicidal over time. It shows up in some cases later on in their lives. And it really affects them, it shapes them, becoming people that you wouldn't like them to be simply because you never encouraged them. You did not say good words to them. This is why we as believers are taught to say empowering words. Even when our children have made the biggest mistake, something very embarrassing, it's okay. Use respectful

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terms, correct them, remind them, don't lose hope. And at the same time, never insult others, especially your own family, your loved ones, those who look up to you Don't insult them. Don't call them bad names. Don't ever tell them you will never make it You're useless. You're an idiot and so on. So hon Allah, Allah Allah Ameen, May Allah forgive us, my brothers and sisters.

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At times we call our wives or husbands or siblings or parents or children or relatives or friends, bad words, we use these words do you know these words shape the person later on in life, they become people you would be embarrassed of simply because when you had to mold them, you molded them using the wrong mold altogether. Use good words. Do you know many children struggle with mental health simply because they were belittled when they were young. They were bad words were used. They were never told how pretty how good looking they are, how lovely they are. They were only picked on when they failed. They were made to feel so embarrassed that they were shy of their own selves Subhana

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Allah, they were ashamed of themselves. But Subhanallah you remember, if your child has failed an examination, it's not the end of the world. If your child didn't make the grades or Subhana Allah, whoever your child is, and whatever Allah has blessed you with. Remember, it is a blessing from Allah, your test. That's what it is. Children are always gorgeous. We need to make sure we say good words, even to our spouses. Even when we don't get along even when we're angry and upset. Use respectful terms. If you really believe in the day of reckoning, you will know every word you utter, you are going to have to answer to the almighty for those words. Don't think your words are not

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going to come back to haunt you. They always do especially the bad ones May Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard us. People go through divorce and after divorce, do not give your ex spouse the opportunity to communicate with you in a derogatory way. Do not give them the chance to communicate with you in a derogatory way that is really some powerful advice. If they would like to communicate respectfully Let it be if not, remember, you have every right to block them off totally May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness. The same applies My beloved brothers and sisters, those who are parents, those who have siblings, the older and the younger, empower them with good words they will

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become beautiful people as they grow older because of the good words that you've used. Because bad words as much as we tell people, you should not let it affect you they are affected by bad words. In most cases, you've got to develop a thick skin at times to enjoy the insults when you know that that is absolute hogwash, may Allah protect us that is absolutely unacceptable. At times we become people who are bothered less by such words. But if you are constantly told how useless you are, you become useless. If you are constantly told what type of a failure you are, you begin to fail. Remember, if you're constantly told you can do it, you will manage it is happening you have a bright future in

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Sharla. If things are going to come you begin to believe that to the degree that you're empowered and Mashallah you begin to perform much better. So I encourage every one of you be careful the words you use, those words will either take you to heaven or hell to gender or to jahannam honestly, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told Mara dibny Jabba the Allahu anhu about watching the tongue. And he said, control your tongue and more other than the devil says, What are you talking about our messenger? Will we be actually held accountable for what we say if we haven't acted upon it? And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says What do you mean or more have? Do the people of Hellfire go

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into Hellfire for any other reason than the way they use their tongues?

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So this is why I say beautiful words, every word that comes out of your mouth will be held against you on the Day of Judgment. And you know what, in most cases, you pay a price, heavy price for the evil words that you've uttered in this world before you actually enter the hereafter. So those of you who said all of this and you've done bad in this regard, seek forgiveness from those you've hurt, especially if they're your children, those who look up to you, empower them, seek forgiveness, say good words to them, make sure that they feel the blessings and the goodness May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant every one of us a goodness aku Kohli hada wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa salam o

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.