Tarbiyah Of Children – Take Advantage Of Your Free Time

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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another blessing of Allah subhana wa Tada

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is the blessing

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of children.

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And it is a blessing

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comes with a responsibility.

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Yeah, you handle it either Toccoa

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Yeah, you handle it either on Google and full circle, Lee Canara.

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Or you believe,

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Dave, you're yourselves and your family use a fire. kudu harness will genre that is made up

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of men and stones.

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Our families, our wives, our children, are a responsibility on our shoulders. fulfilling this responsibility does not mean only

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to make a living, and to provide for them, it doesn't mean only to give them a shelter. It doesn't mean only to put food on the table. But what is more important than that

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is to give them the tarbiyah that they need, especially in this day and age. This responsibility lies on whose shoulders

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on the parents

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not on the messaging. Some of us think we'll send our children to weaken school, they'll be taken care of.

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And the rest of the time, their home or they're outside, and we don't care. This is the unfortunate reality that we see today

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that our parents are neglectful of this duty. And when does it hit them? When it's too late?

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When the children have become teenagers, and they're adults, and now they're out of our control, and they're out there in the dunya and they're doing all kinds of stuff. And then we come to the minister complaining to the Imam take care of my teenager.

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This responsibility

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is a responsibility that many have become neglectful of the prophets of Allah who Allah usnm said

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what could it look almost fool on camera yet?

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That each and every single one of you has a responsibility on his shoulders. And each and every single one of you will be questioned about that responsibility. Meaning before Allah subhana wa Tada Antoni of judgment.

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And among the people he mentioned

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Raju ra M Hala le Beatty.

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Will Massoud on Hurray, Yeti, the man is responsible

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for his family, and he will be questioned about that responsibility. What Amala Torah he attend a woman's school attend.

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Wilmer batubara yet

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almost all Latin hundra yet he had EMS older to riot, and I'm Beatty's OG one.

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And a woman, the wife. She is responsible for those in her household, her children. And she will be questioned about that responsibility. My dear brothers and sisters, this is a responsibility

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that we need to take seriously. Especially now if our children are young.

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Don't neglect this duty.

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Ibrahim, he has a profound statement.

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And his words

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sound as if he's speaking today.

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He says

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whoever neglects teaching his child, what benefits him and he leaves him he neglects his child. And he has done him Greek injustice.

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The corruption of most children has only come from their parents.

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Ponder over these words. He's saying

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that the evil of the children when they grow up, it doesn't come from society. It doesn't come from their friends from those around them. No. It comes from their parents. Not because their parents were evil

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because their parents neglected their duty of giving them the Tobia.

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He says the corruption of more children has only come from the parents and their neglect of them, not teaching them the fundamentals of their Deen. They neglected them when they were young, not benefiting themselves, nor benefiting their parents when they became older.

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If you're complaining about your children, when they have become teenagers, or they have become an adults, and they're not taking care of you, in your old age

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don't blame anybody but yourself. And ask yourself how did you raise your children when they were young?

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And so many parents have neglected their duty to their children, this Nirvana this blessing that Allah had blessed them with

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and it came to hit them

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in their old age.

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So read this summer holiday. Be a time

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for you to watch over your children.

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Give them something beneficial to do either for their dunya or for their Deen.

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Keep an eye on them.

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And don't let them

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be out of your control. We ask Allah subhanahu wa Tada to protect our children and to make them our good we're trying to make them the delight of our eyes.