al-Raghib al-Isfahani #62 – Are You Like The Bee or The Parasite

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So Raghav as for HANA, he closes the section of the book with a parable. And it's a very powerful one. He says that the person of faith, a believer is like a bee. And a person of denial is like a parasite. So is the person of faith the person who believes they're like a bee because they take a little bit from the dunya. If you look at the bee, it flies around, it buzzes around, it lands and it collects the pollen, it doesn't exhaust the pollen, right, it only takes a little bit from all the flowers, it takes exactly what it needs and no more. Obviously, we know that the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salam, he told us the importance of doing this as head for dunya, your head book,

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Allah was had female and the nurse who had booked a nurse a few refrain and abstain, you only take a little bit from the dunya, Allah is going to love you. And if you abstain and refrain from what belongs to other people, people are going to love you too. So the believer is like a bee, they go around in the dunya. Here we are, we've got, you know, resources, and fruits and food and, you know, all these sorts of things that are around us, and we only take what we need. That's the first part. The second part is that we give back more than we took, because what is the bee produced, the bee produces honey. Now if you were to put on a scale, all of the pollen that a single honeybee

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collects, and then on the other side of the skill, put all of the honey that that single bee produces, you'd find that the honey is more, first of all, and also more valuable. So they've taken only what they need from the dunya. They give back to the rest of the creation, more than what they've taken. This is the idea of being a Khalifa, being a steward of the creation. And then in the process, they make everything bloom

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because the bees when they collect their pollen, they pollinate the other flowers. And so everything flowers, they leave a trail of beauty and a trail of goodness behind them wherever they've went. A person who either has hypocrisy in their heart or who has Cofer in their heart, they have this denial and this arrogance, they're like a parasite. And it's very sad and it's very scary. How are they like a parasite a parasite because they, they take more than what they need. It's a wasteful sort of existence. What does a parasite do? A parasite finds home with a larger creature inside of a larger creature and basically eats away sometimes killing that larger creature, did it need to it

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can't even eat or consume the that larger creature, but it causes harm to that larger creature. Anyway, it uses it up and it exhausts it, and then it doesn't give anything back. So every single one of us people who we like to hope that we're people of faith, we should check ourselves and evaluate ourselves based off of these two parables. Which one are you? Are you a honeybee? Or are you a parasite? Are you somebody who is just taking stuff from the dunya using it up exhausting it leaving a trail of destruction in your wake? Or are you somebody who is making everything around you flower and bloom