Mufti Menk – Be Warned of Fraudulent Charities

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker advises the caller to be careful with whom they donate to avoid fraud and to verify their legitimacy. They also suggest checking online and removing negative websites from their search history. The speaker warns that many charities, including those who claim to be doing the work on behalf of others, are doing it on their own and may result in a "total fraud" or partial fraud.
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Salam Alaikum, there are many causes that you could actually donate to. And with Ramadan coming up, I must mention, please make sure that you're donating to a legitimate place, make sure that they're not fly by nights. Sometimes there are people who advertise very, very well.

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But they're a fraud.

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And sometimes they're people who show you a lot of activities of other organizations and pretend like it's theirs. And sometimes there are people who keep popping up. They keep popping up on social media, but they don't do the work properly. Some of them eat up a lot of your donations without actually letting it reach those whom you had intended it for.

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So all I'm saying is Be very careful who you're donating to. Sometimes people think that Well, I've donated and it's up to them to do it. No, it was also up to you to verify and at least to make sure these people are legit, and they're going to do things the proper way. Sometimes there is a charity that used to be very good. And perhaps because of the change in some of their personnel, they've become very corrupt, or they've become people who don't care. Sometimes, some people collect funds for certain things, and some of the charities do this at times. And they then channeled those funds to something else. And they didn't do the work that you had intended. Do you notice, and this is why

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I say my brothers and sisters, the only thing I'm saying to you today is please verify thoroughly before you donate

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to a charity or a cause. Make sure that it's proper.

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Remember, the duty is yours. These charities are these people who claim to be doing the work on your behalf. They're actually

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doing it on your behalf as they say if they do it correctly, so you need to know who you've appointed to execute your duty Subhan Allah

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Mashallah, there are many beautiful charities out there doing lovely work and Alhamdulillah without mentioning them, you need to do your research, you need to check thoroughly. Go to the official websites and try to check online. What has happened? What is the rating of that charity? what exactly they do. A lot of the government's actually have the reports of these charities, it would be very interesting to go and look at it and check what's next to their names. Before you just take out your money. Give it in a direction and later on realize you've just thrown it away.

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May Allah forgive all of us and May Allah strengthen those who are doing things the wrong way and make them do it the right way. Because of late, I've come across many charities and even people who are collecting funds and they're actually either a total fraud or a partial fraud. That's something that's very alarming. So May Allah forgive us salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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