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Excel London, 31 05 2019

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My beloved brothers and sisters, the first piece of advice is always

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the consciousness of Allah. The development of taqwa taqwa being the relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala that is of the highest and strongest level. This is the month of Ramadan.

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Let's try and develop this consciousness in a way that when we exit Ramadan, this being the last Juma of Ramadan, we should exit Ramadan without lowering the bar that we have set during this beautiful month of Ramadan. If we have not yet got to a level that is satisfactory to say the least then there are still a few blessing days remaining and inshallah we pray that Allah grant us that ability, the energy, the power and the acceptance to be able to change ourselves before we exit this month and save the changes as we leave the month of Ramadan.

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This afternoon we will be facilitating for 1000s of people to fulfill their Tara we here prior to that inshallah, the star that will take place here and prior to that

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the lectures and the foreign competition that will happen here. Remember point number one, we do it solely and only for the sake of Allah. We don't want acknowledgement from people. We don't even want the praise of people in

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a mockingly watching Illa Allah no III don't mean come join us.

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When we feed when we give charity when we do good, we do it for the pleasure of Allah. We don't want from you any recompense, nor do we want to thank you from you. We don't want gratitude from you. Indeed, it may come from people automatically from their hearts, they may decide they want to make a deal out for you. They may decide for example, they want to perhaps acknowledge you in one way or another. But remember primarily we did not ask for the acknowledgement of human beings. All we want is the pleasure of Allah. We do things to please Allah, when you do something to please Allah, there is a very big difference in the way you do it. I am smiling even if someone is bad to me, because

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I'm conscious of the fact that this was what Allah anyway, I didn't even do it to please you. You can swear me You can shout at me. You can yell at me. You can say what you want. I'm the same calm person because I know my maker is pleased with my intention and would work with what I am trying to achieve here. So you do it for the pleasure of Allah, your attitude changes. If you become angry because someone said something bad. Correct your intention. Go back and look at it. Allah sent that person to test your guts and your patience Subhana Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us calm. When people come and say bad things when people are irritated when people become agitated when

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people are unfair when people lie and cheat sometimes when they want to take to have what they deserve, one of how you correct them will show whether or not your intention is in its place. May Allah make it such that we do things solely and only for the pleasure of Allah.

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If later on,

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people want to acknowledge Alhamdulillah or at some point people want to but that we did not intend that was not our primary intention. The same applies to name and fame. I am not doing this and you should not be doing this in order to be known in order to become famous in order to become a person who is popular in order for example, maybe to achieve something worldly, no. But if that comes as a byproduct and that was not your main aim, it brings about an even greater responsibility upon your shoulders from Allah subhanho wa Taala nobody came to volunteer in order to find a sister or a brother to get married to but if that does happen, and it did happen in the past, then it may be a

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bonus perhaps Allah subhanho wa Taala would open the doors of goodness through that responsibility. Sometimes we walk in a certain direction without expecting to achieve the goodness that then came and Allah subhanho wa Taala sent it from incarnate hegira to Allah dunya Yoshi boo ha our ma tinian ke ha ha for hegira to Allah Maha de la the beautiful hadith of Sahih al Bukhari and many other books of hadith of Nia, part of it Allah says whoever did the hit

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In order to fulfill some worldly gain or in order to get married, then they will have only that much of their intention. They didn't intend for Allah. But how many Sahaba made the hegira for the sake of Allah and after the hegira they got married, and they got married to beautiful spouses that shows that when the intention is for Allah, Allah will open all other doors May Allah subhanho wa Taala granted to us thereafter, a quick piece of advice. Learn to respect yourself to begin with, what that means your character, your conduct, the way you speak, the way you carry yourself shows that you respect yourself. You carry yourself with a certain level of respect. Secondly, learn to respect

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others. When people talk to you use the best words to refer to them. We will be distributing pamphlets we will be distributing food we will be assuring people do it with utmost respect. Food is a name of Allah, it is a gift of Allah, it is a blessing of Allah. Don't ever throw food at the direction of anyone, even if it's just a bottle of water. Did you hear that? Even if it's just a bottle of water, don't ever just throw food at someone food has its level of respect that we should afford it and accorded. And part of it is that the minimum you should actually give the food in a respectful way. Give it in a very respectful way for two reasons. You respect the one who gave us

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the food primarily who is Allah. Secondly, the person you're giving the food to May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us that understanding. Thereafter, my brothers and sisters, a lot of patience is required. A lot of patience is required. When we speak to each other, when we actually will be when everyone goes and we will be the last ones remaining. We will need a lot of sober and a lot of patience to remain to clean up to clear up the mess of people may Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us goodness and the good understanding, I thought of sharing these few words with you. But before I end this particular hotel, I want to let you know the biggest bonus that you shall receive

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the reward of every single person who is benefited in any way whatsoever today shall be upon you and upon all of us as a team by the will of Allah, anyone who facilitates any form of goodness, Allah gives them a full reward for all of the benefits of that goodness. And imagine if people have changed their lives today, what type of reward will you keep on clocking up to the day they die, so panela and if they taught that to the next generation, it will go on and on. And this is the reason why I say don't spoil your day by a few bad things that have happened always quickly converted into something good. When something bad has happened, someone broke something someone dropped something

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someone missed your clothes, someone might have, for example, damaged something here. Instead of getting angry and yelling and spoiling the moment. Human Nature might make you upset but let that moment of upset be the shortest possible moment that you could have had quickly converted to something positive break into a smile, break into a beautiful word or two and Allah will bless you remember, it's a challenge. So the point here is to refine ourselves so that we can earn the reward. That's the biggest thing you're going to get today. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to become regular with our Salah help us to become modest in our dress, help us to become beautiful in our

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speech help us to become those who give charity help us to fulfill the soul the fasting and the prayer in the best possible way. And may He make us from those who can beam that and be a means of beaming that to others such that we can earn a beautiful reward. So that on the day of piano we are not embarrassed but rather we will be the flag bearers of the goodness and we will achieve genital fear those with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam barakallahu li walakum wa Suna one afonya combi mfine mammillaria to take Maha podoco Lee has our Stouffer Allahu Allah komolika muslimeen festival una hora de for him