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The speakers discuss the challenges faced by Islamists and their interactions with people of other faiths, emphasizing the importance of obeying employer laws and values. They stress the need to see truth and see it as the foundation of one's relationship with Lord Jesus Christ. The importance of mutual healthy relationships and avoiding touching the holy Spirit's body and non-browns in religious settings is emphasized. The speakers also discuss social etiquette and the use of the word " Email" in personal communication, and emphasize the importance of showing appreciation for people of other faiths and not denying them.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna via bada Amara do follow the Wilhemina shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Lionheart como la who Angelina Lim yo katello confit Dean one of you free to come in the recommed and Abba room what took C to La him sadock Allahu azim. My dear respected elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala, sending salutations upon our beloved Nabil Karim salAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In our life, we are faced with differing challenges, different situation, different circumstances. One of the circumstances that I assume that many of us in this gathering would be facing, sometimes on a regular basis would be interaction with people of other faiths. So whether it be in our business dealings, whether it be in our transactions, whether it be working together, whether it be in the corporate environment, whether it be transacting, whether it be buying from them being sellers, being buyers from them, these are all situations that by and large, each and every one of us or many of us face, they might be certain people who might not have these situations and

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circumstances. But by and large, many of us do face these circumstances. Sometimes we also have the situation and circumstances where we are neighbors to people of other faiths. And Islam, which is a universal religion, which is a religion for all times and all situations, all circumstances, it is impossible, that Allah subhanahu wa taala would not have given us guidelines on how to deal with a situation. And also sometimes we have a situation that we are perhaps different for other parts of the world. There are situations where Muslims are in complete majority, they might not have that degree of interaction. We are in a country where the majority of the people are of people of other

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faiths. So we are bound to come into contact and we are bound to have interaction with them. So what is what is our what is our way of dealing with them? What is the situation of Tito's money, one of our greatest callers, in our situation, and in our era, and our time, is written a very beautiful thing. He says that sometimes many times people feel and have this type of view that there is no accommodation for tolerance. There is no accommodation for interaction with people of other faiths. Yet at the same time, when we read the example of our beloved Nebia Kareem saw Salam and the Sahaba in the earlier Muslims, we find such a great degree of compassion, such a degree, the degree of

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sympathy, such a great degree of interaction, which changed the lives when they came into contact with Muslims, that there is no there is no example with regard to it. There it is something that is very clearly that we see that it had a great impact upon the lives by the way, the Muslims interacted with them, there is no parallel like that in Islam is not only in Islamic, but in human history. Normally, when I speak about this subject, I say that there are certain things there are limitations, there are parallels, the accommodations and permissibility and the opportunities. So, in this whole particular interaction with people of other faiths, there are limitations, there are

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parallels, they are accommodation and permissibility and there are opportunities. Now, let me start off by making mention of the limitations, there is no doubt there are certain degree of limitations and how is this limitations? We must understand the basis of these limitations. Why are they these limitations? The reason is, we are an ideological and a value based

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religion. We have an ideology, we have a value. Our value is to obey Allah subhanaw taala to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala anything that leads to closeness to Allah, obedience to our deen it is valued. It took Allah aku Masada to be with people who are pious, because you will come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. There is so much emphasis upon coming close to people who are pious because it brings you closer towards Almighty Allah. There is also a clear distinction and a clear discouragement. Don't be with friends

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things that take you away from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe a cream sauce them was as Who should I be friends with? Maybe saw some said be friends with the one whom you when when you are in this company you remember ALLAH, you come close to Almighty Allah any relationship with takes you away from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is to be discouraged. Never mind relationship with people of other faiths. Allah in the Quran says lateral hippo, I'm Wailuku

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villa, don't even allow your wealth, your own wealth and your children to divert you from remembering Allah never mind people of other faiths. Don't even allow your own family to divert you from remembering Allah Tala. So what to say about people of other faiths, or other relationship. Therefore in the Holy Quran, there is a very beautiful verse and every verse is beautiful Lathi Zubieta Netta Mindu Unicam This is the fourth part of the Holy Quran in surah Al Imran don't make anyone your close confidant someone whom you share secrets with someone whom you share your values with, but from people of your own kind. The reason is very clear. It your relationship with other

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people must not impact upon our value upon our deen upon our coming closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. So, therefore, we keep this and then of course, we are all aware of the verse letter that we will Yeah, who they want musalia to not make people off to other faiths is your protectors. Everyone knows this particular ayat it is very well known. And then another aspect with regard to the petals. So I talking about the limitations. Now talking about the petals. What are the pedals the pedals is this, that Islam is a very, is very sensitive about its distinctive identity.

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It doesn't want in any way that the truth of Islam must be mingled with falsehood, or with other isms and ideologies. You see in the Holy Quran, Allah Allah says Latin this will help Bill Burton don't mingle and don't bring Huck and battle together. Don't bring truth and falsehood together. Don't let the two mingle in such a way that you can make out the difference between one and the other. And therefore we find our Allama from time to time when they make dua amongst the doers you will hear Allahumma allinial Hakka Hakka was up nativa who allinial Bartylla Burkina was witnessed in Abba, you must have heard this dua many times from the ALMA Oh Allah let us see truth is truth

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and give us the ability to follow the truth and we are in our battle about it. And Allah let us see falsehood as falsehood and give us the ability and Tofik of staying away from it. We must see truth as truth. The first thing is to see truth is truth, to see bad thing as battle to see falsehood as falsehood. There are certain things that are happening in this world today which are clear falsehood, no matter how, how much of backing it's got from the authorities from the power, this whole particular identity crisis with regard to our the gender etc. We are very clear with regard to it. It's falsehood. So one, this particular aspect that is there we must be able to see truth as

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truth as falsehood as falsehood. And then the next step after making mention of the first dua, Allah gives us the ability to follow it gives us the ability to stay away from it. Islam is so sensitive with regard to his distinctive identity that you will find there was one incident in the time of our beloved maybe a Kareem saw slum, sir The Mushrikeen Emeka, the people of Makkah came to me via cream sauce them and said, Why don't you

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worship our idols, we will worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in return, and in one direction, you don't even have to worship just pass a hand over our idols, we will worship Allah and we will become and we will worship Allah subhanho wa Taala normally in the Holy Quran, you will find it and Attalla addresses the believers. Yeah, you want that in all believers, when Allah addresses both believers and non Muslims and people of other faiths. Yeah, you are nervous Oh people

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away from this normal way that Allah Tada adopts in the Holy Quran. When this matter came up, kuliah UL curfew rule or disbelievers, we don't worship what who worship and we don't expect you in your present state of mind for you to worship what we are worshiping. One of the reasons why we don't make Salah we don't even make sense at the time of zwaar at the time of sunrise at the time of sunset, is because the people who worship the sun, they worship at the time and that Allah tells us don't worship at that time.

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Someone might see and they will say these people they worshipping at the time when the people who worship the sun worship don't even worship at the time. Although Allah Tala love sister so much a Sagittarius should obey the academy Raman the person who makes his day it is as if he's making CJ in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala in front of Allah Tala on the ledge of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. But that three times you are not allowed to make sister so that there is no there is no confusion in the matter. Now, this is the limitations and the panels. Now what are the accommodations? Allah in the Holy Quran has been very clear that there are going to be different

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religious people in this world. That Ikara haffi de there is no compulsion in religion. You can't force a person to become a Muslim.

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It's it's not permitted for you to force a person even in the heydays of Islam. When we had glory, when we had power when we had authority, we never forced anyone to become Muslims. And that is the reasons we gave that Islam was never spread by the sword. We give the people in India this example we ruled for over 1000 years, but yet days more than Muslims in India than what there are Muslims. If we were we were forcing people to become Muslims, it wouldn't happen the situation like that. So we never ever force people to become Muslims. Allah in the Holy Quran in the 24th supper of the Holy Quran says, whoa, shut up.

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If Allah Tala wished Allah would have made everyone into believers, if Allah wanted Allah would have made everyone Allah Allah gave everyone the ability to choose whatever they wanted and Allah Tala didn't stop them from choosing what they wanted. Although Allah says what are your thoughts about the Hill says Allah, Allah in the 23rd super of the Quran, we are not happy with this belief, but Allah Tala gave them that particular opportunity and that option, otherwise there will be no examination.

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The examination of this world depends upon you having a free will. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave now if there is going to be people who are not forced, what how do we live with them? How do you live with them? We find and we look at the examples of our beloved Nebia Kareem sallahu wa salam that despite the fact that we believe that Islam is a supreme truth in Medina in the law Hill Islam, the deen in the eyes of Almighty Allah Tala is Islam are my yep does it Adel Islami demon for the youth but I mean, whoever chooses a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him but Allah, this is what we believe Islam is these two preme truth. But that doesn't mean that in our

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interaction with one another in this world, that there is no there is no scope for common humanity. And let Allah in the Holy Quran says what Ramana Bani Adam, we have grieved granted respect and dignity to every son of Adam, Allah salatu salam, every person by virtue of being a human being is worthy of respect and dignity. As Allah Tala has declared in the Holy Quran, he is worthy of respect and dignity. There is a certain dignity that comes with being a human being, you can wash the way that so there is scope with regard to giving each and every one respect as a human being. We all know the Hadith. Very famous, we must have heard it many times from our Alama that nearly atrium saw

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Selim one day saw a million going past and he got up and someone said the other sunlight is a millionth of a non Muslim, and maybe a cream sauce from Syria said no, is it not? Is it not a human being?

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Is it not a human being? And then there is an example we are in this particular country where we are living with people of other faiths. Do we want a hostile relationship? Do we want to be killing one another? Or what type of relationship do we want? So when our beloved Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came into Madina Munawwara he signed a peck which is known as Mita Medina. Sometimes we don't read enough but go and look at the tech go and look at that agreement. 47 clauses how you will live together as a community, we will live with peace, we will live with with mutual understanding. If anyone attacks Medina, all of us simultaneously, we will protect Medina from attack from someone

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outside. It is unfortunate that the Jews of Medina did not agree upon they did not implement that. So when in the time of Gaza when the Confederates they attacked Medina, they conspired with the Confederates they conspired with a bunny with a bunny with a with a courage. That is a different matter. But look at what maybe a cream sauce from did maybe a cream sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam actually had a pact that we will live together with mutual harmony and peace, there will be peaceful coexistence 47 clauses the first step that you can say that you know came into existence with regard to how you are going to live with one another. So there is this whole aspect

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of living together with one another with, with harmony, we are living in this country as citizens. That is a different matter with regard to whether the ruling class is fulfilling its obligation or not. And we all know what's happening in that in that regard. But we are living here and go and look at all that will Amma who have written they have written that we have a pet of citizenship. So you can go irrespective how strongly you feel about certain other people, or other people's faith who are doing something in another country, you don't have the right to go and break the law and go and do something against them in this country, because you have a pact of fulfilling and abiding by the

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law of this country. That is something that is there with regard to how we are supposed to live if we don't abide by that, it is going to have a tit for tat and of course, wherever there has been Ted for Ted, it hasn't been very, very good for all types of people because he brings about a certain degree of hostility and lack of safety in the in the community. There is also the aspect of giving respect to life in our Sharia. Now of course, if there is a war, then of course that's a different matter. The matter of war is something that is quite different. There is a different role with regard to it. But even in that our beloved in the military Ahimsa Allahu alayhi wa sallam had ethics

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when we a cream sauce law men conquering Makkah, came to know that had he been the leader of the Allahu Taran, who had you know, head in that whole particular aspect of conquering Makkah had advanced against you know non buttons, a woman and children via cream sauce them sent a message, tell Holly not to do that and only fight against those who are competent as the Ultron in his time of effort, whenever he sent out an army, he gave him nine commands among the commands you will not kill non combatants, you will not kill woman, you will not kill children, you will not kill the people who are religious who are staying in their own particular places of religious worship and

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they are not fighting you will not burn down trees you will not impact upon the different ways that people are having an intention for food. There are nine different so there is a certain degree with regard to sacredness of life Nivea cream sauce and said man Katella hidden lamb array array hotel Jana

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he who kills a non Muslim citizen of a Muslim country. Let me repeat this, he who kills a non Muslim of a Muslim country who has been given protection by the Muslim state, he will not smell the fragrance of Jannah even if the fragrance of Jannah can be perceived by a distance of over 40 years.

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There is a sacredness of life when there is a text that is there between you and between Muslims and non Muslims. You cannot kill a non Muslim citizen of a Muslim country if you do so, you will not smell the fragrance of Jannah this is in a hadith of our beloved Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Nebia Kareem Salah Salem head certain degree of showed respect with regard to it. You know, in the time of even in the time of battle, there was a very prominent non Muslim in the Battle of the Trench who came over the trench and he was killed. So the Muslims had the body because he was a prominent person. The non Muslims asked for his body and said we will pay so much for his body.

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Maybe a Kareem said Allah Allah Salam said we will not take money, take his body back and give it back to them. Now we are Kareem saw Salam gave the body back to them.

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Then I'm just giving the example of sacredness of life whenever there is a pact between you and the Muslims and non Muslims. Then there is an aspect of financial transactions, maybe a cream sauce when transacted with the people of other faiths. And the beer Kareem saw Salam was extremely careful with regard to abiding by honesty and integrity in this particular regard. In one of the most sensitive journeys of our beloved Nebia Kareem saw Salam at the time of Hegira Nebia cream sauce needed a guide to guide him through the desert to make him rich in an unusual path from Mecca to Medina. Let me a cream sauce from employed a non Muslim guy by the name of Abdullah venerated and be occurring

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sallahu alayhi wa sallam employed him. There are so many examples of the Muslims, you know, having interaction This is a certain aspect of religious sensitivities. So how do you deal with deal with religious sensitivities in terms of dealing and lettra in the Holy Quran has told us whether to sue Bula Dena United Kingdom in Gunilla for your sub Bula ad won't be the last page of the Seven Super of the Holy Quran. To not abuse the idols people are worshipping besides Allah, because if you do so what will they do? They will in turn abuse Allah Tala and you will be the cause of anathema been abused. Don't go out in the open attack of attacking other religions. They will go back and they

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will attack Islam. And if you have to wala Kitabi Ellerbee

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The key here Asad whenever you have to engage with them, engage with them in a way, some, in a beautiful manner engage with them.

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So this is now I'll speak also with regard to now the opportunities. Once one of the things that we do find is, Islam has told us, irrespective of the way we deal with Islam as a supreme religion, supreme truth, when you deal with them, how do you deal with them? There is a certain decorum, there is a certain decency that you that you adopt when we are Kareem Sol Salam wrote a letter to the Roman Empire. We looked at that letter it is in the books of Hadith he said Buhari Sharif Muhammad from Muhammad Rasul of Allah Tala Illa, Hirakata Azima. room

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to hear a call the Great Leader of Rome, he addressed him by the title he was known. So if there is someone that you are going to address in your own particular company, he is the boss of the company. He is the CEO. You don't want to tell him Janome give me a race.

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I mean, wow, Allah will deal with him is a different matter. But I mean, you deal with him by the title that is known by maybe a cream sauce alum, Tony La Huracan Azima room. I'm writing a letter to Heracles, the great reader of loom. Nabisco, slim, aggressive honor, was honored with his title that he was known by the mere Kareem SallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. All of us know not

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even accepted the invitation of non Muslims. And one amazing thing I always when I speak to many people in many countries, I've been to many audiences. I say we always emphasize Sunette Sunette of Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam. How many people have made Amal on the Sunnah, that maybe a Karim saw Salam one day came to know a Jewish youngster is sick in Madina Munawwara maybe a cream sauce, I went to visit him and when the VA cream sauce them the whole incident is we all know what happened after that. Maybe a cream sauce alum when he saw him on his deathbed and he was very sick. Now you saw some said except Islam. You looked at his father, his father knew that Islam was the truth, the

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people who knew the scriptures properly from the Jewish religion. We believe that they knew that Islam was a true religion. And he said it Abul Qasim followed Nebia cream sauce to them he became a Muslim.

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But how many of us have made a man on the Sunnah, that you know a non Muslim is sick in your neighborhood. How many of us have gone to go and visit a non Muslim who is sick? But yet we say we must follow the Sunnah. Then there is another aspect with regard to it that there is a certain degree of social etiquettes that how do you deal with your neighbors? How do you deal with the people whom you come into contact with?

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In the time of our beloved Nebia Kareem Salah Salem, you know, Has it ever occurred to me I had two wives one was a male Roman the mother of Aisha Radi Allahu Tirana, and one was to Taylor Catania didn't become a Muslim. She was the mother of asthma the Dora the sister of eyeshadow, the Allahu Tana. So when she came to visit her daughter Nebia, Kareem Salah Julio cinemas asthma asthma, how do I deal with my mother?

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So maybe I tell him so slim said deal with your mother was gonna

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show her respect, show her kindness he is your mother. And then according to the rewires, this verse was revealed, Lion Harper Mala, who your cattle openfit deal with whenever you're free to come in the article, and cover room or Toxie to lay him.

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Allah does not prevent you with regard to those non Muslims, or people of other faiths, who Don't expel you from your homes, who are not hostile to you, that you must be kind to them. And you know what word Allah used in the verse to nature part of the Quran, the word that is used is P bill, be kind to them. That word is used in the Hadith to refer to kindness to parents, be ruled validated, be kind to your parents, the very same word Allah used to refer to those people of other faiths, who are not hostile to you and who Don't expel you from your homes.

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I was in Sri Lanka many years back. So when I heard I had a small get together with prominent business people, and we sit and we spoke about and they spoke about the rising, anti Muslim sentiment, so I told them listen, one of the things is if they no matter how they treat you, we have a value system that tells us how we must treat them. So I read this verse, And I gave the translation of the verse and I asked the people who are there has anyone Have you ever knew about this verse?

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Allah does not prevent you with regard to people of other faiths, who Don't expel you from your homes who are not hostile to you that you must treat them with kindness, who Allah in Azim they were people who are well read. Not all of them said we never ever heard of this verse.

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Because there is a certain verse that comes to the mind when we sit and talk about our relation

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So, why does this verse Not feature?

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Why does this verse Not feature when Allah tells us how we are supposed to relate? There is a certain degree with regard to how we are supposed to deal with them that makes a difference. And then I said, the last thing is opportunity, my dear respective brothers, it is only in the field of interaction with people that we can show people the beauty of Islam, people are not going to see the beauty of Islam in your long sisters at the time of the Hadith as important as it is.

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It is between you and Allah subhanho wa taala. How do people make up the mind with regard to Islam? How do people make up their mind with regard to the beauty of Islam? How do people make up their mind with regard to the teachings of Islam? It is only in two ways in our interaction with them in our o'clock with them in our dealings with them in our financial transaction with them. And if we are not going to present the true Islamic teachings with regard to Islam, how how we are supposed to intake how are we going to be able to be able to win people, this particular you know, mindset that has gone up now that we're not supposed to have any interaction with non Muslims if that if that was

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the right way. If that was the way that Islam teaches us, then you will and I many of us, maybe not all of us, but many of us, we went India, our forefathers were non Muslims.

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If that was the perception that we are not supposed to have any interaction, we would have still be remain non Muslims.

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We would have still remained non Muslims if there was no interaction between Muslims and non Muslims. It was a people of Arabia who came to the Indian peninsula. They showed people another way of life they showed people the beauty that's when people accepted Islam when they saw the beauty now this whole particular actions you know, this whole mindset don't have anything to do. So we have no have nothing to do. How do you show people it is said about Herbalife the Mobarak. Time is running out, let me just conclude this, you know, these are the opportunities. I believe in him about a chronically when he will put up his house next to him he had a non Muslim neighbor, the non Muslim

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neighbor had to leave the neighborhood. So when he left the neighborhood, he put up his house the price of his house worth double the market value. So someone you know asked him How can you charge this is not the market value of the house. How can you sell it at such a price? Why are you asking such a steep price? What a remarkable answer he gave. He said a half is the market value. The other half is the privilege and honor of being a neighbor to Abdullah Ibrahim Obara.

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I wonder what happens if Muslims come into a neighborhood?

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Does the price of the estate go the prime minister will go up or does he go down?

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Can you imagine someone said I'm selling the house I'm asking you double for being the having the privilege of being a neighbor to Abdullah Nimmo Bara? Some rewires, McMansion was Medina, Humber, most of us who live near Mobarak

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how many Muslims how many non Muslims Ekrem Albina. Vidal was an arch enemy of Islam, but he went away from Makkah. When Muslims conquered Makkah, he was on his way to Yemen, and of course something happened to the boat and he came back to did that. His wife, meanwhile came to our beloved maybe a cream sauce Salam and said, I want to show my husband and she was the niece of Abuja Hello. But instead I want to show my husband what I have seen about your conduct, give him safety. Give him protection till he comes and see you. Maybe a cream sauce and said go I have given him protection. She goes and see a Chroma and said, the prophet of Almighty Allah despite conquering Makkah has

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given you protection.

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He can't believe it. But when he comes in front of in the presence of Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam buna, what happens to be a cream sauce seldom gets up. Firstly, it tells the Sahaba don't speak bad about his father, although he was a butcher, by speaking bad about the Father, you only heard the feelings of the dead and you you don't change the fortune of the dead you only heard the feelings of the living whatever whatever has happened Allah will deal with him appropriately in accordance with what he has done but don't speak bad about him. You heard the feelings of the loving the via cream sauce them caught up in this showed him respect honored him, one rewired say that

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maybe saw some caught up in such an excitement that maybe saw slums lucky became lose maybe salsa made to bring it up. And then we saw slim embraced it. He became a Muslim. And then he gave his life in the path of Almighty Allah when they counted the wounds of his body 90 wounds on the front of his body. What changed him that flat and I will conclude with one thing recently, there was a visitor who came to our offices, and he was speaking about Mawlana Shaykh al Islam was at one on a Monday Rahmatullah live, he said, When Mara Madani Rahmatullah li fighting against the British colonialists was imprisoned, so in the in the in the present in the jail, they were people of other faiths also.

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So while interacting with them once

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You know, there was a non Muslim who used to come every day in the presence of mana Hussein Ahmed Matney, everyday used to come. And after a few days he stopped coming. So one and I sent him a message. He said, What happened? Are you sick? You're not well, why are not coming? You used to come every day to visit us? Why don't you come? Now what reply he gave, he said more now, I'm not coming because I'm not well, I'm just worried if I see more in your company or become a Muslim.

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If I stay more in your company, I will become a Muslim. So I entitled this whenever I speak about the situation with regard to our interaction, our relationship with people whom we come into contact with. In conclusion, I said many of us and I think I would assume in this particular community might be people who are professionals, we interact with non Muslims, what is our relationship? How do we deal with them? There are limitations. There are parents, I spoke about the limitations I spoke about the parents, Islam is very sensitive about his distinctive identity, it must not be mixed, it must be clear cut, but at the same time, there is accommodation, there is permissibility and these

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opportunities, let us keep this in mind and bring all of that together when we deal with people of other faiths.

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Standing outside the facilities downstairs in the hall