Mufti Menk – VIP Dinner in Kampala

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of correcting mistakes and mistakes in order to avoid failure is emphasized, along with the need for a strong heart on both sides of a marriage. The segment also touches on the negative impact of cryptocurrency on people and the importance of acknowledging weak people and not trying to be a leader. The speaker emphasizes the need to work hard on one's own and not give up on one's position, while also advising parents to stay true to Islam and not try to be a leader. The importance of building relationships and being careful when building them is also emphasized.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, Allah, he was happy. And we always commenced by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. We say blessings and salutations upon all those who were sent in order to remove us from the darkness, bring us to the light, the greatest being Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Thereafter, his household, his companions, and every one of us, may Allah bless us and our offspring, those who come right up to the end. I mean, my brothers, my sisters, it is an honor to be your brother.

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And I must commence with something very, very important.

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I walked in, I sat down.

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And I heard one after the other.

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Each speaker who came here

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was praising me. Did you hear that?

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I think it's unfair.

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To be very honest with you, as much as I appreciate it, I want to warn you about something

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to raise a men

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to a level of almost infallibility is a crime.

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I promise you, I'm a human. I have flaws. I have weaknesses. I have mistakes. I'm not perfect.

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To hear people one after the other pretend Well, they might be saying it with the, you know, with a good intention, they mean it. But for me sitting there, not only is it not comfortable, but as a leader. I disagree. I disagree. One of the problems of the oma is when we raise a man amongst us higher than his level.

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If I say something in one line, its value is only connected to how correct the statement is. And not just because I said it, remember that.

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But when you raise someone too high, even then mistakes, become something you think is correct. That's when we fail.

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So I would be failing in my duty as a leader or as a person whom people look up to. If I were to not, you know, clip the wings a little bit to tell you guys listen, guys, perhaps nearly all of you are better than me, if not all,

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may Allah bless you all.

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So that is a lesson because disunity is caused by men and women, sometimes, who say things you and I know are wrong. But because we've propelled them into a position of infallibility, we just blindly follow their mistakes, and we know it's wrong.

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May Allah make it easy for us?

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When we want to bring people together, we need to correct people like myself,

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when I'm going wrong, and I do go wrong, and I have to go wrong. Because I'm a human being, I will make mistakes and I do make mistakes. And I must make mistakes because I'm a human being.

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I expect you If you really love me

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to take me on my shoulder and say brother, I think you were wrong.

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I would love you in return. My father taught me from a young age son, those who love you the most are those who quietly correct you love them back.

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You will never Excel my brothers and sisters, no matter who you are, you will never Excel. If you don't love those who correct you when you are saying one plus one is five. And someone says no, it is too. If you get upset and you get angry, and you get sad and you don't like it, you will never have the right answer you follow?

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this is something that I always feel my brothers, my beloved brothers and sisters, you know, perhaps and Brother Mohammed whom I've had the good fortune of spending some time with, during my lovely stay in the pearl of Africa that is in the pearl of Africa, that will become the pearl of peace, inshallah. I'm telling you

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that he says it was very good company and I am telling you, brother, yes, your company was excellent. to Panama. Allah bless you, and all of those. The reason is, it's the heart. Don't be mistaken. If your heart is sincere on both sides. There is nothing that is too big to resolve.

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You know, I am a counselor for the last 20 years. Siobhan is absolutely correct. I know him for 20 years. I've known him for 20 years. I might look young but my children are married.

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Allah I'm honest yes Mashallah

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some of them at least

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that Allah bless you all, I promise you, when we have an issue between husband and wife, there is only one one condition you need to solve the problem a genuine heart that says if you are sincere and both of you want to solve the problem it will be solved a

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if both of them you read ah speaking of an Arabic we have Dr. Ibrahim here Mashallah. I will give this example because I know his Arabic is very, very powerful, Masha, Allah bless you.

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You read, both of them want to solve the problem, you are level granting the acceptance to solve the matter in marriage. So, Pamela, you need a heart. I tell people, it's not a war between husband and wife or ex husband and ex wife to try and prove who is or was right or wrong? No, it has to do with whether you want to solve the problem or not. If you want if there is always a solution, by the help of Allah, you need a good heart on both sides, all our issues that are not resolved. It's because one of the two or both are not sincere enough. Your ego comes in the way your pride comes in the way your position comes in the way your your heart that may be contaminated comes in the way but we have

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one gift that Allah has blessed us with. You know what that is? We can blame someone besides us. Who is that?

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You some of you were present last night? Am I right? That's why you know the answer. Imagine if I swore you.

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And I just had to solve the problem by hugging you and saying, brother, sorry, it was a fun and brother will say yes, it was a fun I love you. My brother has what happened. I'm not giving us a way out. Just blame shape on everything main shape. And the problem is in Ramadan, we hear that shape man is tired. Then what?

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Then what? Then you become a little devil inside we need to resolve that matter. My beloved brothers and sisters. Cut out your egos. We are not as big as people think we are. We are just human beings. Bring yourself to ground level.

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I enjoy watching my own clothes. I am in my own clothes. I enjoy doing my own things, packing my own bags, polishing my own shoes. And I always ask those who are traveling with me. Please give me your clothes. I will watch them. I will iron them. I will do this. I will do that. Because I know that is how we will become endeared to others.

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If you watch me when I travel, I don't even allow people to pull my bag. The first one was

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because he not only did he insists, but Subhanallah I felt that I'm going to walk out with all the cameras there. And I've been holding bags, it's not going to look nice on the Ugandans, you know. So Pamela, let me give them the bag. Otherwise, I hold the bag. You know, what is the excuse I make? It's a it's a roller with four wheels. I say this is like a walking stick that has wheels in case I slip at least I have something to hold on. They look at me and say yes, yes. They don't know that was just an excuse so that I don't have to give you the bag.

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Because I know Yes, our shares our leaders, our scholars, we will carry the shoes with them, we will make sure that we facilitate for them. But nowadays on earth that breeds a lot of arrogance. I know people who are scholars who are the most arrogant people I've ever met in this world. And the problem is we the public has caused that issue by raising them above and they began to feel I'm a big man. You are a big man, but you are just a human just like me while I'm talking about myself before anyone else. We respect our scholars, we offer them the most that we can. But we need to know

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Don't be the root cause of

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a problem. Because egos come in the way because you have caused pride when someone starts feeling big. If someone didn't open my door the door of my car I'll get upset and angry because you know what? I'm accustomed to it who made me accustomed to the public or the others. May Allah bless you. The prophet SAW Selim used to help by milking the goats. He used to help by assisting in the homes. No husband is too big to be able to go back home and help and assist because the best of creation help

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my sisters that is not a green light to go home and tell you a house

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Did you hear what happened? You must go and cook now.

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Allah bless your

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fantasies and goodness.

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Okay, let's get to our our point Pharaoh Kalani McCullough done. I hope that I don't, you know, take too much of your time. My brothers and sisters in the back there. I don't even know if you can see. So I apologize to you that and even down here I apologize to you because you have to listen to someone from the back. It's okay. The message will be stronger because you can concentrate. I tell you what, I want to quickly let you know that every one of you is loved by Allah. No matter what your struggles are, you are loved by Allah. If Allah didn't love you, he wouldn't have made you in the first place. But it's up to you to realize that love of Allah by getting closer to Allah. You

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want to feel the love of Allah, you need to try to get closer to Allah. That's when you will feel the love. Allah loves you. He may do but sometimes you disconnect from Allah and I want to prove to you what I'm saying. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that Allah subhanho wa Taala says men attend em she attained to who? hawala, it's a Hadith of the prophets of Salaam. Whoever comes to me walking, I come to him rushing. Another narration proves that whoever turns back to Allah in repentance, Allah becomes so happy so Allah, if someone from amongst us way to apologize to the other, perhaps that person may not accept the apology. Allah says there is no chance that I will

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not accept repentance if it's done properly. If you truly regret and you truly ask Allah and you truly want to change, and you truly want to turn back to your maker in a good way, Allah become so happy. One time the magicians have at the time of the Pharaoh had prostrated a single prostration one single prostration alone wiped out all the bad they've done before, and Allah gave them a total dose having been executed by the Pharaoh. I asked you a question, how many prostrations? Have you done for the sake of Allah? Isn't it more than one?

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Don't you have opened the mercy of this loving, loving creator, he loves so much that his mercy that he has sent down to earth is only one out of 100 portions of mercy. According to one of the narrations that love that mercy, the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala you will only feel the love when you want to feel it. The greater your challenges, the greater the love. I have a habit and Alhamdulillah I've developed it and I'm sharing it with you because it is taken straight from the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I asked you a question Who is the nourisher that cherishes the Sustainer the provider the protector the cure? And the one in whose hands lies every

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aspect of control of every aspect of existence Who is he?

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So when things don't go your way,

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it means they went his way anyway, so thanks to him twice.

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If something happens you always and hamdulillah when law when it does not happen your way you must say and hamdulillah two times and you must sleep at night without even batting an eyelid no issue so what if you lost so what if things became negative in the eyes of Allah there is never ever a negative never ever it's impossible. I genuinely am removed me for a number of hula hula hoops. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says the true believer can never have a bad situation. Amazing his affairs. Every single situation is always only good for a believer.

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You miss a plane fan Come on smile. Something goes wrong in a massive way. You lost cryptocurrency No problem. Thank Allah by the way today Bitcoin cracked 111 $1,000 Are you aware of it?

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I see you're not into bitcoin, Mashallah. Ugandans hamdulillah deal with the real gold and silver Don't worry about cryptocurrency but for those who want to know

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a lot of people lost a lot of money with cryptocurrency. Can I tell you what, it's bouncing back? Please don't go and invest and then come and blame me when you lose your money again. But I'm telling you, it's bouncing back in a bigger way than the first time. My brothers and sisters the only point I'm raising is Allah knows what he's doing. He will test you Yahoo will knock up.

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Delhi will be for you and the data against to my Dropbox secondhand.

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Every condition just think you're making you will feel the love. I told you

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Love loves you, every one of you, no matter how challenging your life is, no matter how distant you think you are from Allah, He still loves you. He's waiting for you remember that and come back to Allah come back to Allah. Remember, your struggles are unique to you. When I talk when I preach when anyone else preaches when anyone reminds you, when they look at you, when they judge you, it's only because they are saying things without knowing your exact condition. Your condition is known by man other than you and Allah.

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Your condition is known by none other than you and alarm. So don't let the words of others make you despondent. Don't let the words of others make you turn back from Allah, you need to do two things. Number one,

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keep building don't go backwards. It's called an empty castle, or it's cold and how bad than cold. You know, when a person has achieved something, they are getting closer to Allah and suddenly they go backwards. That's not safe. How would you like a cut in your salary? We don't want it right. You were getting 5000 a month. And now suddenly, the boss comes and says from next month, you're getting 1000 you're going to say here's my resignation. Why? You can't take it. It's going backwards. So if you're going backwards in your relationship with Allah, it should be worse you were doing for Salah instead of going to find you in two, three. That's not a good idea. Your duty is to inch forward.

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That is my message to you work hard on yourself, my brothers and sisters, you are VIPs wouldn't we like to be VIPs in the hereafter? What's the point of being a VIP in this world? Everyone says I'm very important. They praise you. They they have good words to say but they may not. They don't even know you because there's nothing good coming from you how many people are famous on Earth, but no one knows that in the heavens.

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How many people are famous on Earth, no one knows them in the heavens. There are no good deeds going up every day and how many are not known on Earth, but when largely the angels take up their good deeds in such large amounts that they are famous for?

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Me, Lana, Viva Viva Tony.

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Use the prophet Jonah, may peace be upon him. Allah says in the Quran had he not been from among those who praised Allah interest be every day, he would have remained in the belly of that fish until the end of time. You know what some of them are sitting say? They say when he called out to Allah from the darkness of the ocean, inside the darkness of the belly of the fish. His voice was recognized by the angels who said Oh Allah, that slave of yours who praises you every day with such a beautiful voice. The same voice today is calling out to you from a different place altogether. And Allah subhanho wa Taala saved him. That's why Allah says had he not been from among those who prays,

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perhaps you might have lasted a long time to Allah Illallah if he

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if you get close to your maker during your days of ease, Allah bless you with wealth. When you use your wealth while you have it. The day you don't have it used to the VIP, you have a position today, no matter what your position is, we have a few maybe perhaps more than 1000 here tonight.

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Each one of you has a position, you have a responsibility, do a good job, do a blessed job, you will be loved by the people. And that is a sign of the love of Allah. You will be loved. Do a good job. Watch how you treat people we are taught, I am taught and I'm sure all of us would know. You know when you want to know someone you want to know that character. Look at how they treat the lowest person that interacts with them. When I say the lowest in terms of Dominion in terms of the world, the world considers the cleaner of the street, a very low job. But when you see a VIP greeting a man who's cleaning the street, that man has character and conduct. Do you think the Prophet Muhammad

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peace be upon him would greet a man on the street? Do you think those cleaning your rooms and your houses and your shoes and doing all those things? The Prophet Muhammad saw the movie greet them smile at them? The answer is obviously he would. Why don't you? Why don't I? Why don't we pay our workers on time? Why don't we give them good salaries? Why don't we acknowledge them? This is how we build bridges my brothers and sisters. Acknowledging the weakest of the lot is what makes you the best of the lot. When you can give time of the day I met a young boy.

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Let me tell

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The story, it's important, I have a little card.

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That card allows me access to first class lounges in some airports because of my travels. So I was sitting in the top lounge, and I was sitting with my family and suddenly you know what happens? Some family walks in, and there was a young boy who looked at it.

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You know, so he tells us about that, can I go and talk to him? The father was like, you know, the man is with his family, they busy eating. And I looked and I got up and I created this boy, because you know, and I created the family. And he said, Can I can I sit with you? Now, it's not easy. My brothers and sisters, you're with your family, you eating two things you don't want. You don't want photos while you're eating. You know, people think the chef's they like to eat and eat and eat. You know why? Every time you see a photo of the ships, they are there with food.

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Especially if you come to the world, and you see the type of food he was feeding us. It was embarrassing. today. I have to tell one of the brothers. I think it was his brother here. Did I not say to you don't take a picture. One way eating, was it you? It was you see? I said don't take a picture one when eating for this reason? Sorry. I'm actually I don't know why I'm sweating. I think coming from Zimbabwe, it was actually eight degrees, seven degrees, nine degrees. And I'm coming here. What's the weather here? It's quite warm. That's why perhaps I'm sweating a little bit, but it's okay.

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So my brothers and sisters, the point being raised is it's not easy. Two times you don't want to meaning two things you don't want. One is I was my family. You can't have an intruder come in and say can I sit with you guys? Hey, that's my family. Come on. It's my family time. So Pamela, by the way, this weekend was a weekend for my family. Do you know that? And we had changed the program here. And I decided to give it to you because you know why you become my family?

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My brothers and sisters. So I saw the young boy and in his eyes, I saw the love. You know, I can see I said I can't I can't. You know I was taught when you meet someone you only have 30 seconds to prove who you are. Did you hear what I said? When you meet someone you have 30 seconds to prove your point number one, look them in the eye. Point number two, smile at them. Point number three, say a good word. Number four, walk away.

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They will never forget your goodness, when money, make them feel very important in 30 seconds, and then you go away. It's your 30 seconds to prove yourself. Please remember what I'm saying. It's not a joke. You want to be a leader to be successful to be looked up to give people importance, no matter who they are. Even if they're cleaning. You just greet them. How are you? Brother? You're sometimes they think you're crazy because people don't do that anymore? No problem. It's crazy people who have built the world.

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Didn't they call Mohammed Salah crazy. He wasn't. But if you and I we don't even do things for people to even think that we belong to any form of position. May Allah forgive us. Let me let me continue. So the young boy sat with me for a while I took a table a separate table. I sat with him. We ordered some food. Obviously he sat he sat with me for about 2030 minutes. And then he told me, I want to tell you something, please don't change.

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I said what do you mean don't change. He said, You know,

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I come from a wealthy family. Boy, he's telling me he's probably 1112 years old, maybe early teens come from a wealthy family, we used to follow this certain pop star, a certain famous pop star in the world in America. And he says we used to pay money money in order to attend the concerts. And in order to sit right in the front. Apparently, if you want to sit in the front, you pay a big amount of money when it comes to concepts. And then there are some where they will you will meet the person and he says you know, just because of the color of my skin. That day when we pay to actually shake hands, this man came this person came and he shook hands with all the people who had failed to

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achieve that handshake. And he missed me out. And he actually went to the next person and the next one the next. So he says I was depressed. I was sad. I was suicidal, because we spent money in the family and all of us and I was the one the main guy following this person. And you know what? We missed the hand. And after that my mother gave me a CD. You know that time they were CDs. Now the CDs are obviously becoming a little bit out of fashion.

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But CD on Sabbath. It was just a lecture by humans. I heard one lecture. I started searching I found I heard another one, a third one, a fourth one. And I've been following you for the last six months. And I'm such a happy person. And today I was shocked to see you sitting here and know that I sat with you. You are better than the person I thought you were.

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And he says to me, don't change now. He can see what he wants for me in the eyes of Allah. I'm still a normal person.

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I have, I have to also control my temper. I have to watch my words, I stopped using so many bad words that I mean, when I say bad words not really bad, but so many negative words that we used to use. You don't need to use them. You know, you call a person and he did that idiot. You don't need to say he did. You can say that person. Why do you use such a cheap word? It says more about you than it says about them. When you say that guy is a monkey and that guy is a donkey. They're not monkeys and donkeys. If they were monkeys and monkeys, you look just like them.

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So you don't need to use cheap words, because it doesn't help you. It really won't help you. Anyway. So the young boy says, Now I've realized that

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I've met someone who's actually given me time of the day for free. And I said, You know what? Some Let me tell you, he didn't shake your hand because Allah loves you.

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Did you ever because Allah wanted you to change your life. I mean, you couldn't even shook your hand when we were going to meet here today.

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So he didn't sometimes Allah let certain negatives happen according to you in your life, to bring you to Him because He loves you.

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So that's point number one, develop your relationship with Allah in your unique issues. Some of you might have lost loved ones might have lost money, you might have lost anything. You might be struggling with your health with your relationships. Don't worry, keep on inching forward, keep on calling out to Allah miracles do happen. miracles do happen, I would never have believed I'm going to stand here in front of you talking to you so soon. SubhanAllah and it happened. I would love to come back every year. But unfortunately, there are so many places to go. I think with the food I've eaten Subhana Allah when I go home, they're gonna tell me no more Uganda, you've gained so much

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weight. Now what are we going to do? I don't know.

00:26:56 --> 00:26:58

But anyway, that's a good sign. I think that's a good sign.

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The second and last point I want to raise

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please reach out to those in need. And Allah will reach out to help people help them in every way. Today we heard about the activities being done. I guarantee you, every one of you is doing good work. Every one of you is doing good work. Even if it is a little bit, you are doing good. Increase the good work. That's what I want to increase it. Keep reaching out to people, even if it is just with your expression, even if it is with any goodness, keep reaching out, keep helping keep assisting. No matter who you are, how old you are. Help people you will find Allah help people serve people you will find Allah. go and visit the sick, pray for them you will find Allah there is a

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hadith that speaks about it. On the day of judgment, a person will be told by Allah subhanho wa Taala I was sick, and you didn't visit me? And the man will say but you are poor. And I mean, how could you have been sick? He says, didn't you hear of such and such a slave of mine who was sick and he'll Have you visited him, you would have found me? found me meaning it would have drawn you closer to Allah. How many of us care for the widows and the orphans? How many of us cared for those in need? If we do, let's increase it inshallah. Let's increase it.

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One more point has come to my mind. Because we are talking of burning bridges. Maybe I will mention this tomorrow. But let me say to you, my brothers and sisters, don't talk bad about others closed.

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If you want to say something, say good or keep quiet, man can you mean to be laggy when you're moving up hearing for

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whoever believes truly in alarm and is worried about the day of judgment will only utter lack or should only utter that which is beneficial or remain silence. That is an instruction of Mohammed Abdullah Al Hashimi and bachi sung Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Don't talk bad about others. See good words. Speak good. Look for the good in people you say good about them. Say good about them. Sometimes as an American, you might want to tell someone under certain circumstances. Just be careful. Use respectful words to express your concern. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy. You want to build a bridge. What's your time say good things about others. Imagine a mother in law

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talking good about her daughter in law and vice versa. So Pamela, they will be a new Uganda Subhan Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all. I hope you have actually taken a little bit of my my light statements lightly inshallah. Allah Allah sallallahu wasallam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

Kampala, Uganda, Building Bridges, 22 June 2019

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