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The speaker discusses the benefits of seclusion and how it can lead to isolation and depression. They emphasize the importance of giving hope and giving everyone a chance to fulfill their minds. The speaker also mentions the need to practice graduation and fill in gaps with family.

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My brothers and sisters, this is a good call, it's a serious thing, and no need to be depressed about isolation sometimes, or depressed about quarantine in certain instances depressed about being on lockdown. in certain instances, we're in it together, human beings are in this together. And we as muslimeen have an added advantage where we've got so much to do that seclusion. Remember Musa alayhis salam was placed in a small box, imagine a little baby in a box. But that was how he was ultimately saved by the help of Allah. And the same happens to the people of the cave in seclusion. Remember, they were saved? How many years was that? I don't know how long this is going to last. But

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I know it is the mercy of Allah, we might come out of it. Having struggled and suffered in one way, but we will come out having gained in many other ways. So let's be considerate of others. Learn to give people hope, no matter how hopeless you may be feeling. It's time to give everyone hope and it's time to be together. Think of activities in the home. Fulfill your Salah with Gemma. spend the time with exercise. I have my family actually. And I'm giving them all the lectures that we were just discussing today. That why don't you record all of these lectures but you know, when you speak to family, it's a little bit different. I prayed my brothers and sisters that Yeah, I'm talking to

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you hear from the same. It's just a self imposed thing because we've been encouraged very strongly to do it and I've been preaching it so I'm practicing upon it.