Abdul Nasir Jangda – Virtual Eid Khutbah

Abdul Nasir Jangda
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, who Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah where Allah Allah, he was a heavy edge marine.

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I hope and pray everyone is doing well. I hope and pray that in sha Allah, everyone is safe and sound

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I hope and pray inshallah everyone else is also looking good. It's okay to say, Mashallah.

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You know, we were having a conversation just a couple of days ago, at alone amongst the team. And there are many Islamic centers, many masajid many communities that

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have made an effort now that we've been able to figure out maybe how to do things in the midst of a pandemic, that they are exploring different creative ways to do things. And there's a lot of places that are having outdoor, you know, spread out spaced out, aid prayers, I myself earlier this morning, I led a prayer for one of our local communities here, then outside, everyone spaced out.

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And while that is the case, and so many folks we understand might be attending these eight prayers. At the same time, we realize that not everyone has access to that, that might not be happening in your community. Or even Furthermore, due to some personal circumstances or health concerns or some limitation or restrictions, not everyone, you know, everyone might not have access

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to these congregations and prayers that are being conducted

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in different communities. And because of that, we felt that it was important that we still have a reminder and something for everyone who ends up praying either at home or with their families, that there should be something that we provide for them. So 100 law, in the spirit of that, and in the spirit of your aid. I'm here with y'all today.

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I have a very simple, but at the same time, very important thought that I wanted to share with you on this beautiful blessing morning of aydelotte ha

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I'm reminded of the verse of the Quran from Surah Surah Taha, which came down to the prophets a lot he sent during the early days of his prophethood when the prophets a lot, so first received started receiving revelation. And it was taking a toll on the prophets a lot. He said I'm physically because it's very heavy, to receive revelation in the word of the word of Allah.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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gave the prophets a lot he said I'm a little bit of a break, some opportunity to recuperate and recover.

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And revelation did not come for a few days. And the profits a lot of a sudden grew very anxious during those few days in anticipation of Revelation,

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and he grew very eager to receive revelation.

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And when the prophets a lot, he said, um,

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you know, started to get a bit uncomfortable and a bit nervous. Why is revelation not coming? When the narrations even mentions that, you know, in those early days he had tried to share the message with his family.

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And his wife says to the prophets a lot he said on that it looks like whatever, you know, demon or

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sorcery possessed you or visits you, it has abandoned you

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initiate on a potluck.

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And the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, of course, he paid no heed to that comment. But as I said, just going for so many days almost a week, without revelation, the profits, a lot of them grew very anxious, very nervous.

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And Allah subhanaw taala revealed the sudo will do harm to the profits a lot of the time which is in its entirety. It is so powerful, what do how Allah subhanaw taala swears by the break of day.

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You know, the midday, I look outside right now at 10am. And I see, you know, it's so bright and brilliant outside. This is that time of day. Well, the highway lady is a soldier. And then Allah swore by the stillness of night

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that there was that still part of the night where it was quiet and it was a bit dark and

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but Allah subhanaw taala says that the sun did rise. The day did come, the light did shine.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says, Mao had cut off buka amatola

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your Lord has not abandoned you.

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Your Lord has not forsaken you.

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Makana brokenness, he Allah has not forgotten about you.

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Oh my Allah, and Allah is not upset with you.

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Ally's not angry, he's not upset.

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And I thought about this because the situation that we're in, the circumstances that we are facing, are very,

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they're difficult. And many people have been tried and tested emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and even physically.

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And it's been a tough ride, this entire experience and it seems to be getting more and more challenging as each day goes on.

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But we have to remember, and we must remind ourselves, that Allah has not forsaken us. Allah has not abandoned us. allies, not angry with us. He's not mad at us.

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Allah subhanaw taala loves us. And He is merciful. And he is kind As I stood out there today on the grass,

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with my prayer rug on the ground.

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And we prayed and I turned around, and I looked out, there was about 100 people spread out over you know, a couple of acres of land.

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And everyone through prayer rugs on the ground and with their masks on.

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And it was such a powerful reminder that we're still here.

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We woke up this morning. We're making whatever food special foods that we're making. And we're dressing up even though we're home. We're calling family and we're facetiming people and we're congratulating one another.

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Allah has not forgotten us. Allies not forsaken us. Allah has not left us

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allies most kind and most merciful.

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And we are a testament to that.

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And this day is a testament to that.

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Do not lose your spirit.

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Don't ever lose hope.

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You know, in on the occasion of the other hand, the days of the hedgehog. We talk a lot about Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam.

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you know, really, what's one of the things that is captures the essence of the story of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was the unshakable faith

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the kind of trust that he had in the last panel with China

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that trust the process.

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Look at the difficulties he was putting with him tele Ibrahim Abu Dhabi can imagine

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a lot has done in so many ways and he came through every single time in color la hora boo Aslan, kala some terrible anime. When his Lord said to him submit, he said, I've submitted for the Lord of the worlds

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that whether he's being thrown into a fire,

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he never stopped trusting in Allah. Whether he was being told to leave his family

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in an onion inhabited place.

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He never lost his faith and trust in Allah. When he was told to sacrifice his son, he never lost his faith in his trust in Allah.

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And look how it pays off. Not only is he able to raise the foundations of the Kaaba, he has two sons both are great prophets of God.

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But the prophets a lot isn't meant met him on the seventh level.

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Love the heavens,

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surrounded by angels and melodica

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that never losing faith, never losing that trust and reliance and Allah

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never giving up on the process.

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Even our own profits all of a sudden, right these are the days of hedge.

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And everyone's heartbroken about the situation with hedge. I myself I was I had the intention to go I was scheduled to go I was taking my wife with me. We had already discussed and made some arrangements, talk to you know, family in regards to our children.

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And you know, that Allahu Masha Allah as a low willed and decreed and we're here

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we weren't able to go for lunch.

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But these days are the days of HUD so we always talk about hugs as well. Look at the 100 of the profits a lobby from Huntington with a with over 120,000 Muslims, love Baker lachemann a bake.

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So powerful the 100 of the profits allottee from giving that hookah

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over 120,000 Muslims jabbing or the Allahu taala Who says I stood up and I looked in front of me behind me to the right took me to the left of me.

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And it was just to see an ocean of humanity as far as the eye could see there were people

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and if you think about that, 10 years ago 10 years prior to that

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it's the middle of the night the profits a lot of times home is surrounded by these assassins.

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And by a miracle of Allah subhanaw taala

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the protection of a lot of the prophets a lot of Islam was able to slip through there has to leave McCann the middle of the night, hide out in a cave with Abubakar acidic rhodiola. Catalano for three days. Think about it 10 years ago, a decade ago, the situation was that bad.

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And then think about how a decade later 10 years later, the profits a lot SM is there in Mecca with over 100,000 Muslims

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performing hajj.

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Your Lord has not forsaken you. Your Lord has not forgotten about you. Your Lord is not angry with you.

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A less kind of less merciful, and Allah loves you.

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And Allah will make away

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we just have to do our job. We got to stay the course. We got to stay committed, we will pray

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and we will fast and we will read your honor we will make your eye and we will we will be good to one another and kind to one another and never lose our faith and trust in Allah. And Allah will show us beautiful beautiful days.

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So hang in there and have hope.

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And as far as today is concerned, whatever it may be,

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whatever it can be, whether it's as simple as something like you know, getting out some ice cream, or it's something more elaborate like cooking something or calling up family and friends, FaceTime zoom

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and congratulating one another talking to one another, checking on each other.

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But make today count make it special.

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For those who are children, even if it's something like just kicking a soccer ball around in the backyard, or giving them an extra treat.

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We're just laughing and sitting and playing with them.

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But make get special today. Show that spirit.

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Let's show our sincerity to Allah.

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That we found a way to celebrate it even when it was difficult.

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I posted shared this online as well where even hija Rahim Allahu taala, the great scholars of the Islamic tradition. In fact, her body is explanation of the body. He says in the huddle Cerruti

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in the huddle su Rue de fille de minchah EDA Dean. He says that expressing joy and happiness and pleasure and excitement and exuberance on the days of EAD is from his from the markers and the great traditions of our religion.

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So be happy today. Make it count today. Put a little sign up in your yard or on your front door.

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You know, call a family and friends send some cookies over to

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somebody's house, whatever it may be,

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but make today count.

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And again, stay safe.

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Stay strong.

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May Allah subhanaw taala

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keep us all in good human and good health. May Allah subhanaw taala accept all of our worship May Allah subhanaw taala make this a very happy and a very blessed day. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow all of us to see each other in person to congregate and to be together when all this is over. I mean, you know, belong to me. And they're even robotic. I hope you heard that. those are those are our kittens.

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So the pandemic comes with a lot of interesting wrinkles. So my kids my shell out there, they're great kids. They've been strong they've been tough through this whole process. So they said you know, we want we want a cat. So we go to see a kitten. Turns out that kitten had a brother and a sister. So now we have three kittens. So that's what you hear they're they're ready for eat as well. They're telling me to wrap this up so that they can also have their party inshallah. So

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with that

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even robotic from my family, to your to you into yours, a very, very happy eighth and April Evo bada cooler I'm on to behave.

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And I just wanted to conclude with that note of saying even robotic to everyone to Zakouma located on botica Luffy calm thank you very much for spending a morning together here with us. And I hope and pray in sha Allah, you have a beautiful a demeaning for either happy either. And in sha Allah know, for a fact that there are better days ahead. I mean, never belong to me. Does that come along later on everyone? Baraka Luffy come was Samar Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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