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The speaker discusses the culture of Islam in Nigeria and how one narration describes those who earn the shade of Islam on the day of piano. They also mention that those who are connected to their houses are considered VIP, meaning they have a good relationship with them and can only be connected to them on the day of Judgment. The speaker asks for permission to be connected to their houses.

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I must make mentioned that this being the first Juma and the first Salah here in this beautiful Masjid. In this lovely part of the northern

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part of Nigeria. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving us the opportunity to attend this Mystique and to be part of Salatu. Juma today may Allah accept it from us.

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And the reason why I say this is masajid are known as the houses of Allah.

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Wa messaggi Dalai Lama he fell

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indeed, these places where we put our heads on the ground, they belong to Allah. You cannot put your head on the ground for anyone besides Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us, don't call out to anyone besides Allah, the mastery is Baitullah, if it is the house of Allah, and if you are connected to the house of Allah, it means you have a connection with Allah. And this is why one narration says from among those who will earn the shade of Allah on the day of piano, there are those who Subhan Allah,

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those whose hearts were connected to the house of Allah. If your heart is connected to the house of Allah, you are a VIP. Because you are connected to Allah, how can I be connected to your house when I am not connected to you?

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I can only be connected to your house and come to your house often when I have a good relationship with you. So Allah is saying to us if you are connected to my house, you come for Salah you are here for fudger you are here for vo you are here for Salah Tunisia you come for Juma and so on. It means you are connected to me and if you are connected to me you will be a VIP on the Day of Judgment. May Allah grant that to us.