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[REVIEWED] And one Hadith that's actually really made me ponder, amazing, amazing Hadith where the Prophet Sallalhu 'alaihi wa Sallam told his companions he says, you know:

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--Man Ahabba Liqa Allah..

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..Ahabba Allahu Liqa ahu--.

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Allahuakbar, Allahu Akbar, whoever

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loves and is looking forward to the meeting with Allah.

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Allah is looking forward to the meeting with him or her. Amazing.

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Whoever is looking forward to the meeting with Allah. Have you thought of meeting with Allah? Have you thought of meeting him? Have you thought of going back to him? Have you thought of talking to him? Subhan Allah, if you're looking forward to the meeting with Allah, guess what? the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Allah is looking forward to the meeting with you. How? How?

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amazing, I can't believe meaning we believe it is hadeeth. But I, even man, imagine a VVVIP and you are nothing compared to that person. This is just an example. And you're looking forward to meeting them and they are looking forward to meeting you. The excitement is the other way. Because who am I? Am I nothing man.

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Imagine Allah --Wa lillahi mathalul a'la--, the example of Allah is always higher. Whatever we've just said, is obviously only to bring you closer to the minds of the people. But when that happens, and Allah is looking forward to meeting with you imagine I can't, you know, I sit and I think about it. And I tell myself imagine a large crowd of people and you picked up from that particular crowd and you take him forward and you brought to Allah. And Allah says, I was looking forward to meeting you. I know how much of Salah you did for me. I know how much you worship me how much you trusted me how much you endured from what I put in your path. Here is your Jannah. Allahu Akbar.

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Allah granted to us the calamities of this world will continue until the world comes to an end itself. The world will come to an end, everything will come to an end. But Allah subhanhu wa Taala says we will reward you take it in your stride. Don't lose hope. It's not the end of everything. No, what's the worst case scenario for people? for us as human beings who are weak, we say, well, the worst thing is, I might die. That's actually the best thing for a believer

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--tuhfat al mu'min al mautu--. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallhu 'alaihi wa Sallam says the gift of a true believer is death. Imagine when you die after having led the life of obedience to Allah, trying, you're a human, don't forget you're a human being, you will falter. But you will also repent immediately. And make amends regarding your relationship with Allah. And then guess what? The day you pass on? If you started that day with salah fajr, May Allah strengthen us. If you started that day with tilawah (reading) of the Quran with goodness with a good plan, and so on and come 10 o'clock and you just pass away? Do you really think you're going to go to an evil place a bad place or you're going to be the happiest soul ever, ever,

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ever. Subhana Allah, eternity we all have to go Don't let these temporary trials of the dunya (worldly life) distract you--Dont!