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So, up to hooroo shot, a man your cleanliness of every aspect, every sphere is half of your faith, your faith, you also clean your acts of worship by doing what? Making sure you don't worship things or people or whatever else besides Allah because to enter into the faith we say Lama Abu Dhabi hacking in lala la ilaha illAllah. You want to become a Muslim they say, Did you declare your Shahada? What's the Shahada? A shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow anna Muhammadan rasul Allah, I bear witness that, what's the translation of it?

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That there is none worthy of worship? Think of that statement? What did you just say? There is no one nothing worthy of worship, which means I'm not going to worship anyone or anything besides Allah. That's the statement. Shaytan makes you forget that very fast. We start worshiping things. We start worshiping people, we start worshipping sticks and stones. No, don't lose that. Clean your act up to Russia through a man clean your acts of worship, they should be only and solely for Allah simply because there is none worthy of worship besides Allah Subhana Allah and in the in that way, it continues.