Mufti Menk – Allah gives you much more than you ask for

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of acknowledging Allah's ownership of happiness and the need for people to acknowledge his ownership. They also mention the importance of praying for things and working with people who have less than one, especially those with less than one and those who have been giving in small quantities. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to recognize their ownership of happiness and pray for things.
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So my brothers and sisters, when you call out to Allah, regarding your hereafter,

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when you supplicate to Allah,

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it is a sign that you are remembering Allah.

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Allah made you and I in need, as I said right at the beginning, if Allah wanted, we wouldn't have had this need. But Allah wanted you and I to acknowledge that he is the owner of the solution. This is why I say oh Allah grant me happiness. Oh, that itself is such a powerful statement because I'm acknowledging Allah is the Owner of happiness. Allah helped me open my doors grant me goodness, wow, what a great remembrance of Allah that is because it's acknowledging Allah has what you want. I would never ask you for 100 pounds if I thought you didn't have it.

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Would you just go to a guy on the street? You do? I need 100 pounds. Look, he didn't say I needed to.

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I need 1000 actually.

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But if someone was wealthy and someone you knew that this person is giving in this person would is very generous to say, You know what? A mashallah you've been giving everyone hundreds of 1000s I just need one credit. Card is loose change, you say forget about the one I give you 10 I give you 100 Take it.

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So it's like Allah when you ask him for something. He's given others much more than that. He's going to give you more than what you've asked. And this is why to remember Allah there is one other thing a lot of what we have, we didn't even ask for it, but we have it.

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Do you realize that a lot of what you have, this is why Muhammad peace be upon him says you really want goodness. If you really want to be grateful, show gratitude. That's part of the remembrance of Allah, you need to make sure that you go to those who have less than you and serve them, work with them, help them look at them, see them, Allah will automatically show you that you have much more. You have so much that you did not you did not realize you haven't even asked for it. Because man has a weakness. That weakness is we only pray for things after we realize they're gone or we're losing them. Have you ever said to Allah Oh, Allah helped me breathe correctly. Have you ever said that

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unless you have asthma, right

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