Zakaat For Freeing The Captives

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takasaki could you possibly explain the term to free the captives in terms of Zakat? This is the fifth category machine for the Toba chapter and verse 60, which save

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and reuse for a club, that the freeing of capitals,

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which is mentioned in

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Muslim emod, or number 400, number 18647. Where once a person comes to Prophet musallam, and asked him that, what things should I do? That will take me closer to Jenna, that's paradise, and take me away from hell. So the Prophet ism, that set for your life and liberate asleep. So the person was confused, what is the difference between the two? And you are wondering, what's the difference? So as the Prophet that is it one the same, they said, No, the first one to set for your life is done individually by you, you can set free a life. But the second one, that liberating a slave is done in collaborating with the other people and if liberate asleep, so, if you do these things, it will take

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you closer to 10. Now, switch the money can be used to liberate a slave, for example, a Muslim was in bondage. And if he can free him by paying the master some money, what is dead, so you can give this money to the slave and he can get his freedom, or it can give them an ID to the master and fried asleep in the context of today, if there are Muslim capitals, who are maybe prisoners of war, and if some money can be given to the people who have held them captive, and their freedoms and rack up money can be used to free the Muslims. Thirdly, it can also be used, for example, someone by mistake

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accidentally kills a person. And if the relatives of the person who has been killed required their money require blood money. Those Zakat money can also be used for blood money. In cases of excellent injury someone was killed and so that it can freed the Muslims. So these are the various heads come under the category of recovering of capitals