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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of animals in the internet and the importance of letting people know about the " evils" of the world. They also mention a course on the learn love and live the Quran, which emphasizes the importance of reflecting on the teachings of the Bible and applying them in daily life. The speaker recommends the course to anyone interested in understanding the Quran.
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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching

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now this IR was revealed that time to the disbelievers

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Wait, what is a living?

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desert? What is our own?

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camel, camels, Sky, Earth and mountains. Number one why the camels were mentioned in the surah in the Quran because it's in front of their eyes. So when I need to teach someone about Allah, I bring an example I see it fly on board on an iPhone.

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I really mean

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who created

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it, who created it? Steve Jobs, a lot taught him and he came up with but he didn't create a walk read.

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Isn't that enough?

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That does everything. So look at that. Look at the caramel for them. So the evil because of the multiple benefits of that

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animal that is persistently around them. For you and me these days. Look around you FLIR The idea is not the evil itself, but the idea is look and see alone. Because to get to Geneva to the area, I need to reflect on the creation of hormones.

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So I'm on a call my name is Astra hydrate and I have been a student of Gen Institute for nearly two years now. I've made it a commitment to register for the Learn love and live the Quran course each semester because it strengthened my relationship with the Quran, and helped me understand the lessons Allah is teaching us and as I add, Dr. Haifa does an excellent job in not only explaining the verses, but also providing the context and giving us action items on how to apply the lessons in our daily lives. I would highly recommend this course to any sister that wants to understand the Quran and implement its teachings