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The segment discusses the use of "arousing to become powerful" and the theory that people with a certain attitude may be able to overcome their weaknesses through their weak Hadith language. It also touches on the importance of purifying one's inner self, heart, and body to avoid evil traits and the need for students to be aware of their own worth and not give up on others' opinions. The segment also emphasizes the importance of praying at home and not wasting one's time, as it is critical for individuals to deal with their own weaknesses and provide basic knowledge to people who speak.

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have to relate a little bit Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in Raja heard he was heavy because you mean were bad or Salam Alikum Llahi were Bala cattle Welcome to Hello Conan before on our series, or Ramadan series the path where we

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do some kind of a commentary on the book by remind people about them and McCurdy CRMO long had his book moto salamin how to color Cassadine the abridgement of the path of the secrets. And again, just a reminder, this is a book by Evan Kodama and Marcel himolla, one of the great Henneberry scholars, and he the in the it's an abridgment of the book, and agile Cassadine by YBNL, Josie again, another great humbly very famous Henry scholar, who actually wrote the book as a replacement for the book of Allah Ghazali here or along with Dean, and he designed it in a way that is similar to a here along with Dean. But again, he sought to keep the benefits in it, and to avoid

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what he found to be pitfalls or flaws with the original book.

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So we we are in the first section of the book, which is has to do with a labor that's the elbow, a laborer that the section on acts of worship, and he started with knowledge. And we spoke he spoke about previously about knowledge and we commented on this and we reached a new chapter where he says first salon view and if you add him in, let me in February model, this is a chapter on someone who has knowledge, but his knowledge did not benefit him or her. And that's very important. These topics are very important for our times.

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Because again, these kinds of phenomena are actually very prevalent in our times. So he says, well, and then I'm gonna volatile mobile Atelier Castelnuovo Liberty we'll move on to hottie men bow flapping him as Mormon.

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He says, Uh, no, that debates, that or debate that is originally done or that is made with the intention of overcoming an opponent, or to boast of someone's knowledge and someone's erudition. This is the spring

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of the birthplace of evil traits an evil character.

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And this is very profound, because

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he starting to hear about the intention and intention is very subtle.

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And he just referred actually, in the previous section, the previous chapter, we use, we explained how someone or some of the people who are called for some of those who ascribe to fifth hand knowledge of the facts and knowledge of the deen that they would actually study things not because although they think they might think on the surface that they are doing this because this is knowledge or this is why people keep any this collective obligation. But

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here it will call them a clarify that if you really question them, and examinate this situation, you would actually realize that these people are doing this because it brings them attention these topics bring them attention and make them known to people so he's He's emphasizing this here with regards to debates discussions about knowledge, right and about the truth of the matter what's what's correct what's incorrect. Now, this is the right view, this is the wrong view. He said, if this if if your engagement or your even preparation or even your study of such a thing that is a matter of debate is done for the sake of you overcoming someone else, so you becoming dominant, or

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you showing your skill and your knowledge and your intelligence and he says this is the birthplace of evil character. So it's not a matter to be taken lightly. And this is a very common thing, especially with social media.

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You'll find there are there are personalities who gravitate towards matters of contention that is of problems, and they come across as people

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for trying to defend the purity of Islam, the pristine Dean, religion, etc, to expose, you know the intruders to expose those with hidden agenda. But these people you can see, I mean, it's so obvious again, this is a matter of the heart but whatever is in the heart, you know, shows consistently.

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So, when someone approaches these matters with an intention to bring themselves to the limelight, bring themselves to a position of fame, attention, get more followers, get more likes, become popular, etc, or get more agreement or more validation from others. Then he says, this is the birthplace of evil character. So it's not a matter to you know, to be taken lightly. Well as limosa Abraham in Kimble and such a person is not free from arrogance lead to higher in Morocco, Serena and hope because he looks down upon people who are not at the same level of same caliber, or who are able to, you know, argue as well as he does or as good as he does, where he may be enough See,

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they're very alaka theory Minute, minute dollar, what is the moment Korea and this person obviously is going to, again have a sense of haughtiness, arrogance and you know, be full of themselves because they're able to defeat or expose others etc

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What is the moment Korea and such a person would not be free from react and showing off the N Nigel Hall I'm not sure that monada reom l Manasa. T saying because the intention the majority in majority of the cases the intention of someone who's getting in in a debate is actually to let people know to demonstrate and let people know and recognize his excellence his power his mind or his knowledge.

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What else in a team Bishop crazy woman Hey and that he gets the praise there thanks and

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the recognition

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for all your valuable Romola who feel Illuminati training rather than more now Bala min mele and for open alpha so such a person is wasting their own life his own life,

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learning sciences and knowledge and types of knowledge that

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help when it comes to discussions, arguments and debates. But in reality they don't benefit they have no true benefits or substantial benefit when it comes to salvation in the hereafter hosted in lovely wherever no other something like again developing a very good language or articulation of specific thing or specific knowledge. And you know, being concerned with very weird matters and very weird points that again, draw attention, or Kudrow. We had Ethiopian Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and it was narrated from the prophets of Salaam. So this this way, the scholars when they mentioned this kind of language, this kind of wording what oh, we and it was narrated from the

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Prophet and this is an indication that the hadith is weak.

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And maybe Solomon now called the messengers Salam said, I should do nasty, I'd have a normal piano, it won't let me in anymore among the people who receive the severest punishment on the Day of Judgment is a person of knowledge whose knowledge did not benefit him or her. So somebody might ask the question, so why did scholars use weak Hadith?

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Well, actually, especially if you look at all the books, classical books, you will find that the scholars actually did not disregard weak Hadith altogether yes, they would avoid fabricated Hadith the Hadith are proven to be a lie, but they would not they would still be used abundantly, you know, the weak ahaadeeth recognizing that they are weak, why they would use them as some, some sort of an explanation of what they just established, or they would use them

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as an example of the point that they are trying to drive home. So so it's important to know how to deal with weak Hadith we do not derive from them rulings we do not derive from them at the diameters of our data, etc. But if they

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can support a point we're already making, or they can emphasize a point that we are already trying to establish there's no harm mentioning them, specially if the weakness is not. It's not a great weakness. Okay, so this is a big topic again as to how to use Hadith because some people are under the impression that weak Hadith should be discarded completely. But if you look at the behavior of earlier scholars, this was actually not the case.

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Okay, so a new chapter here a new heading baboon fee added Bill Murali me well Mater

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ultimo affected me, Obi Wan, Yolanda? So we're in an era

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okay? So this is a chapter on the etiquettes of the teacher, the student, and the pitfalls of things to avoid when it comes to knowledge and seeking knowledge and also a clarification on the science that can help us tell the scholars of evil people of knowledge who are not, are not again scholars of evil. So, are there scholars of evil? Yes, there are scholars of evil these are people who studied the knowledge probably not for the right intention, but again, they use their knowledge not in to a good end

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and they do not benefit from the knowledge actually they bring corruption through that. The knowledge Well, Mr. Will accurate and obviously scholars of the AFA, these are sincere ones, and these are the good ones who are bringing about goodness is is a Minamata Alamo for him. Barilla who the mortality Neff see ANGLADA Aflac warm at the moment Sleaford evil anymore he bad to be, he's saying as to the person who is seeking the knowledge the student, the learner,

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he should give precedence and priority to

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purifying the neffs purifying the self

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of the evil traits and characteristics.

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yeah, it will be more better to be because he's saying because the because knowledge is actually the, the, the worship of the heart. It's the act of the worship of the heart, that's what knowledge is about knowledge is the goal of knowledge.

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First and foremost is to be able to purify the neffs purify the self and the heart and avoid all of the negative evil traits. And and because this is this knowledge is is an act of worship. We said this is the the section of the book on worship. Right, this is the section on worship

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this is okay, this is the section let me just tell these kids to get quiet

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okay, yeah, he's saying so the most important thing, the priority of the student of knowledge is that he should or she should make their priority, their main goal, the first thing to achieve or to start working on is to purify oneself, purify one's inner self, one's hearts, and to make sure that you get rid of evil traits. Bad character, evil character, because seeking knowledge, this is the act of worship of the heart. It is not about you doing something external, it's actually it's a matter of changing your innermost being. That's what knowledge is about. It's not about storing information only although storing information, or learning new information is part of it. But that's

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not the essence of it, the essence of it knowledge, when it's received well, what it does, it changes you inside, it changes who you are. So this is why it's the act of worship of the heart knowledge is the worship of the heart. Whereas other acts of worship, you know, pertain to other things. For example, zakah is worship is financial worship. Salah is more of a holistic, it has a huge element of the heart, but it also manifests in people's perception physically as a physical manifestation.

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And this shows that the approach is of many students of knowledge today are actually reversed because many people think, are many students of knowledge spent many years thinking that their priority is learning as much information as possible without benefiting from this knowledge without letting this knowledge, shape them, mold them, purify them, improve them and cultivate them. They their emphasis is on the quantity of information that learning how many books they've read, how many classes they've taken, how many Jazz's that they have secured, and so on and so forth. Whereas he's saying here that for the student of knowledge, the priority should be to purify your innermost being

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your heart, your nerves, and to get rid of all of the evil traits because this action of seeking knowledge this whole engagement with knowledge, is the worship. That is

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done by the heart, William Barilla, who upon Allah at the Shangri La for in Africa, automata was that basalt and Iraqi, heavy and he's saying and it's important for the student of knowledge, not to have a lot of engagements to try to simplify your life. He seemed because you're thinking your Power of Thinking, your your mental capacity, your intellectual capacity, the moment it is distributed and dispersed over many issues.

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It will fall short from capturing realities and from comprehension. And that's very beautiful. It's a very way of putting it. He says, what kind of sell off will you thrown in Mahalia coalition? For all we need? IMANI Amador mo Allahu Allahu La me it is a witch in Nevada are buying and saying the early generation they used to give or they gave precedence and priority to knowledge of everything else. So it was narrated about Imam Muhammad bin Hanbal or mo lo Tana, that he only got married at age 40. Why he was he was so he gave knowledge he made knowledge his priority. To the point that he could not accommodate anything else in his life, including getting married. Well over the years,

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it'd be better Embury geria

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lm madeha Let's make it difficult office technology must Ellerton visor but ANOVA Elon has for call its helm in them Allah Elana called Vista Allah Viki, one kilometer Metro key, and Yamuna, Annie, me. And also, slave girl was given to Abu Bakr Al Embury. And when she was entered upon him, she was given to him, he had been working on a matter on an issue on a 50 issue or a matter of knowledge, etc, that he was working on. And she became a distraction. So he focused more in his thought on his knowledge. And he said, you know, take her out, or some, you know, I don't want to I don't, I don't want to anymore, take care, you know, somewhere else. And she was asked, Why did I do anything

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wrong? He said, No, but because, you, you, you sort of, you took my attention away, you know, my attention got compromised because of you. And I'm not going to let anyone including you. And I take my attention away from the knowledge. He says while moto envy me and you'll tz mama who Elmo and Minnie Ellicott and Maria Luisa mama, who will probably forget a while but I would hope for you, they will feel a dignity. And his This is one of the etiquettes he's saying and upon the learner or the student of knowledge.

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He should be with his teacher, like the patient is with the Doctor, the patient knows nothing and the doctor says everything and does everything. And he just follows like this, this patient follows. So this is how the student should be with his teacher. And so and he should be humble. And he should again, you know, try to serve his teacher hold him in high esteem, and try to be of great service to his teacher what cannabinol at best, probably Allahu Anhu yet who will be the cabbies ad mini fabric and lovely Allahu Anhu. A hacker that will Milena and Neff Ella bill will Emma. This is an ibis of the Allahu Anhu. And he's even at best the cousin of the prophets of Salaam. He used to prepare the

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foot in a piece. You're not on a horse. There is a foot piece where you insert I forgot what it's called in English. But this is where when you ride a horse, this is where you fix your feet where you rest your feet. So he used to get this ready, prepare it for ZEW phablets, which was one of the great scholars especially the ones who brought you know collected all the passages of the Quran during the time of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anha. So if not best used to have it ready for him for Zaid when they'd wanted to mount his horse. And Ibis used to say this is how we were instructed to deal with our scholars or to treat our scholars, Walmart at a cabal motor and limo and yesterday them in

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reading also in big dome, Federal Hill.

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The enactment of one little moment in the merger that occurred.

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Okay, and he's saying and once anytime that you find the student is so arrogant or too arrogant, to learn from someone who's not very advanced, just because this person is not very advanced, then this student is ignorant, and is acting based on ignorance because wisdom or the truth or the piece of knowledge. This is the last property of the believer, wherever you find it, you should actually get hold of it, you should seek it. And he said well, while the other amoral Nimita in the hot oil, my lemon for holding water elements are the NFC and he's saying and let the student give up his own opinion for the opinion of the teacher because even if the teacher is wrong, the mistake of a

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teacher is

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better than the mistake is better than

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even the correct opinion of the student. How is this

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because what you learn from the teacher is not necessarily the piece of information or this specific opinion, you're learning a methodology. So even when the teacher goes wrong, the method methodology, very well established. And even if he goes wrong, that's fine, you get one issue wrong, but you've got the methodology, and eventually this will get corrected. Whereas if you if you arrive at an opinion, by accident, it's a correct opinion, but you lack the methodology, the proper methodology, you just have happened to be lucky, right? In that point, you holding on to that opinion, is going to probably reemphasize the methodology you use, and it might be a faulty methodology. So that's why

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he said this. Now we need to sort of highlight something here that's very important.

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This kind of respect and reverence that you offer to

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a teacher

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is supposed to be done with a teacher who's worth this. And this is a time again, he's speaking at a time when,

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when knowledge was more well established, more systematic, and someone would not teach unless, you know, they are given approval by very well established teachers. So it was a chain of teachers and scholars one generation after the other, not like our times, when there are many, a lot of fake teachers, a lot of people who might have some information, but they don't have the etiquettes they have not, they don't have the cultivation and the tisski of a scholar. So it's very important to apply this where it truly belongs. Because if and even in their times, there were a lot of you know, false scholars, but what he's talking about here is a very good well established scholar. Okay. And

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I know it's hard to recognize, but just, we needed to point this out, calling under the Allahu Anhu in them and happy learning how they can to Salim I'll call me Adam, what also Hovik the here will intentionally say a mama who, again, so this is a piece of advice from Abner Vitali, brother Allah who I know,

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on, you know, etiquettes with regards to treating scholars,

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but again, it's quite detailed, and I don't see it as a priority at this point, so let's move on.

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William Barry, and yeah, tell us how you do Phil Elmi. Femap, Emery minutess, electrographic, NASA in Nevada, Yahiro. Oklahoma, are you fed to the very beautiful advice he's saying here, and it is necessary for the person who's just starting with knowledge. And when I say just starting Thereby, it actually means it may mean years, probably sometimes for up to five years or 10 years. As a beginner, you should be cautious of getting into the differences of opinion, you should not get there. Why? Because he's saying this is going to bring confusion to your mind. And it's going to compromise your motivation to learn.

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You're not qualified to deal with that now. And you'll find actually, now, it's the opposite these days. People love to people have this obsession with matters of debate, matters of discussion, differences of opinion, they start asking, what's the what's the opinion of this color that's color, this color that's color, this color this and so on and so forth, where they get confused, and they think they won't be able to arrive at, you know, they, they think they will be able to solve this difference of opinion, when they lack the tools. So it's important as a beginner students of knowledge to stick to one sort of school of thought, one teacher, one methodology, once you get

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established, then you can start getting and you actually should, as an advanced student of knowledge, you should start getting into other schools and other scholars, to widen your horizons in terms of knowledge,

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when very low and yet hold them in coalition in Astana, who they are more or less the holy Jimmy, Jimmy who and it's important for him to take from every field the best of it, because life is short. And it would not be enough for all sciences to learn all sciences from mph 4g Mama or mama or what he election I feel it room and then this person should direct his attention and energy to the most noble and most beneficial of knowledge. Why would anyone mortality and this is the knowledge that helps with salvation in the Hereafter, and let the be accessible your pain and that he has salehoo Baba Kenobi Allah, which this type of knowledge that was the source where Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu

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had this profound Yachty in this conviction, this knowing about the truth, to the point that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Are you saying that prophets are settlements and this is not a hadith it's actually fabricated. This is just a statement from

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one of the tourbillion or it's bad to have been in Abu Bakr Yeshe or him Allah to Allah He said Abu Bakar did not exceed you or Excel over you will because due to abundance of

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fasting and prayer but due to something that was in his chest and this was your pain

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now he moves on to talk about the

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he moves on to talk about etiquettes of the teacher and let's go over them quickly. one more element valueable is as to the teacher their obligations upon the teacher mean Danica shefa to Allah mortality mean when you dream home Majora bunny he that the teacher should have mercy and empathy towards the students and should treat them as his own children. Well, I applaud

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Okay, and so many many other like, I'm gonna just going to summarize

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the he should teach for the sake of Allah and should not seek

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or should not see himself better than his students. Again the concept of arrogance here avoid arrogance.

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But you're on formula 100 Allah to Allah be zero at an enmity and to actually see the merit of the students because they are seeking nearness to Allah subhanho wa Taala so he should appreciate this about them

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let me now let me know simultaneity machine, one is euro how

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terribly mama can and that he should you know not save any piece of advice

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you should give advice to the learners and he should advise them against evil character and bad characteristics indirectly as much as possible not do that blatantly or face to face but in a very indirect way by means of insinuation law analogy Toby her not by telling them off he's saying because this actually ruins you know this kind of respect between the teacher and the student. Woman hmm and younger off your family motto only me woman daddy ugly fella, you will take the email I will recover more. What are you hate on behalf Allah. And he should actually have a good assessment of the mental capacity or the intellectual capacity of the student and not offer the student or expose

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the student to something that is beyond their capacity above their head. What are you here to be here for Drew we are an interview Salalah when he was moved to a new house by NASA Padre Apulian. Again, this is a weak Hadith but he's narrating it to the Prophet SAW Salem in a form that indicates that it's weak that I was commanded to

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speak to people or address them to the level of their minds of the intellect

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and it was narrated from a Sheffield fella Sheffield Rahimullah unfolded one Boehner said he had a nun onboard onboard woman thought on your ear deliver them woman Mina has you heard her element about who woman man or woman stood up in Africa bottom? These are two lines of poetry beautiful lines of poetry from an imam Shafi, no long Johanna. He said, Shall I?

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Do you expect me to offer jewels to sheep is basically indicating here that you should, again offer people the knowledge at the level of their understanding. So if it's very precious knowledge that requires a high level of understanding, you don't offer it to people who not, you know, up to that level. So imagine chef is saying, shall I offer the gems? Do you want me to have the gems to sheep? Sheep don't recognize the value of precious stones right?

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Do you want me to

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compose poetry for shepherds who are illiterate? Who don't read or write or not appreciate it? That's that's that's not right. So he's saying then, and whoever, whoever offers the ignorance, precious knowledge has wasted this knowledge. And whoever ever withholds knowledge from people who deserve it, people who are qualified to deal with it and deserve to learn it, then this person in our has committed oppression. So it's important as someone who teaches and this is important for Imams for for people who speak and advice

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you actually speak to people at the level of their knowledge you don't offer, you know, knowledge, they cannot process knowledge they cannot comprehend knowledge they do not appreciate.

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Sometimes you have beneficial knowledge, but there are people who don't appreciate it. People who don't see value in it, you should not offer it to them. You start where they are most receptive and you offer them that little that might be helpful to them. That's how you should be doing these things.

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Okay, and if you have advanced students of knowledge or learning you don't offer them something very, very basic. That could be just a repetition and a waste of time. For them. Why me now Nia Kunal Morley Mohammed Ambien me Wallah, you can dibaca Hola, hola. Hola. Hola who? And another etiquette of the teacher is that he should be someone who acts upon their knowledge and and not not someone who breaches what he preaches and goes against what he teaches.

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Allah Jota as a model and an asset will be rebuilt and so on for second one tutorial Kitab Athleta Quran Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah, verse number 44. Do you command people with righteousness and goodness? While you forget yourself while you are reading the book and learning the book? You know where i Where's your mind? We'll call it you know the Allahu Anhu or some other hero Julian and even Motorhead, TIG or J LaMattina. Sick Leave now we talked about the other one and he said two types of people broke my back basically, basically these people really get under my skin.

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Scholar a person of knowledge, who is of low character who gets into haram and sin and evil, who doesn't live up to this knowledge that he possesses. And an ignorant person that is trying to portray or apparently just live up to a level of a very

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devout worshiper and scholar. So basically, someone who's pretending someone who's pretentious. Okay, I think it's good to stop here because we are getting into a new chapter

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or a new heading under this chapter. So let's leave it for next time. Okay, again, I hope you guys are doing well and Ramadan are having great time. I know in Toronto, there is more lockdown more more stringent conditions. Now unfortunately, last time, we're unable to have

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even 15% capacity of the massage it may Allah make it easy.

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But at least it's only 10 people allowed now. So I would say try to, you know, pray at home. Don't waste it. Don't just be completely dependent on the massage. We had this condition we had to deal with this condition last year. Don't be completely dependent on the Masjid. mustards are unable to house the community, then nothing less than your observe you fast. You do your gym, at home with your family, with your spouse, even if it's just two people and selected totally the same thing. If you don't know much of the Quran, if you're able to read the Quran, what I would say, you know, you can hold the most half Insha Allah, if you are able, if you can read Arabic, and you don't, you

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haven't memorized much of the Quran will say, Prater away, and carry the mustard and read from it.

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If you are unable to read

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it, Quran and you know very little, I would say repeat there's no problem repeating the same source over and over again. And maybe you can read with translation afterwards, after salah or outside Salah you can listen to recitation. This is not salah, you're just listening to recitation, and maybe you're holding a translation, a good translation and following with the meaning. At least you know, keep engaged. And don't let this Ramadan go to waste, whatever the conditions are, you know, make the best out of them. Make the most out of them. And may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. Don't forget the sadaqa. Again, it's something that does not stop with a lockdown. You can

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still do the sadaqa if you're able to offer people Iftar so you get the reward, inshallah to Allah don't forget your local massage it again, in the West, the massage gets, you know, probably nine 90% of their budget during Ramadan, specifically in the 27th night. So this not, this might not be the case this year.

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They may not be able to hold fundraisers. So please make sure that you are

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you know, supporting your local Masjid. You're helping them out making sure that they are they meet their financial obligations, because eventually this pandemic is going to be over in sha Allah and you know, we will need the masajid for our community we will need

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You're in a place for our children for our families. Please force us to worship Allah and learn our deen JazakAllah Hyun, and see you in sha Allah in a couple of days

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that I'm Ali Khan and Ramadan Mubarak Hamdulillah. Our Career Center has grown from just an idea in 1995 to two centrally located easy access centers that stretch over three acres and 63,000 square feet. Our vision has always been to facilitate the spiritual application and growth of our community. Abu Huraira Youth Center brings the community together and offers a variety of regular programs and ongoing ones including a full time It's time to school, a full time health program, a weekend Islamic programs, youth programs, counselling services, conferences and events and much much more. We know the epidemic has affected all of us this year, but Alhamdulillah Allah

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after the seeking the help from Allah, we are also seeking your continuous generous donation to support our center donations are needed for our annual operations and to pay off the interest free loans for the new property

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please see the link below and support us Today?

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