The dangers of Hypocrisy

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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The speaker discusses the discrepancy between Islam's teachings and reality, citing examples such as the Last Day, life after death, and a disease of deception. They argue that Islam's teachings are a double layer of lie and deception, with the inside of individuals being deceptive and the outside being false and damaging. The speaker suggests that Islam's teachings involve deception and confusion, rather than just straight facts.

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There are those who say they claim they make a statement that we have believed in Allah and the Last Day, life after death.

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But in fact, they are not believers they don't believe.

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Allah further describes them for your Kulu be him Mehraban for the hormone law, hormonal law while at home mother, Eddie Moon be makan we can be born. In their heart there is disease, and thus Allah increase them in that disease. And they shall taste a painful punishment, but they know not.

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These are the ones that we call a mafia porn, be hypocrites.

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They are a subdivision of a calf your own.

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The people who rejected the truth denied the truth neglected the truth. But they didn't stop there. They took it a step further.

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As if it was not enough to act in denial and rejection of the truth.

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They sought even to mask the reality of their denial and present it as if it's faith and acceptance. So it's not only one layer of lying and deception. It's a double layer of deception. So the inside of these people and the outside are in disparity. There is a discrepancy, there is a departure, their outward behavior is not is not a sincere and true reflection of what's in their hearts. So their whole behavior their life

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is simply deception is about deception. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala described them that in their hearts, there is disease.

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This is a disease of hypocrisy

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and the disease of desire

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and the disease of confusion and doubt.

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And it's not innocent