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The speaker discusses the origins of the prophets' claims that the prophets were supposed to return as a stranger to society, but instead lived in deception and worshipped other than Allah. The speaker notes that the prophets used false assumptions and talked about people as "slack 7:" and "slack 8."

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by the dean or even worse they are oh do her even better photo by the river all about. The Religion of Truth started as a stranger, it was a minority.

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It did not fit in society to society at that time of our age, and all of the earth. People were living in systems of deception, of lying, they worshipped other than Allah. They believed in falsehood. Their understanding of the world was based on false assumptions.

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So, when the Prophet SAW Selim came with the truth, and the early Muslims embraced that truth, and lived according to it, they seem to be weird and strange. They didn't fit in society. They were looked down upon. They were ridiculed and Allah subhanaw taala says about that, in Lavina, Jomo can omen and Medina and we are

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indeed the criminals, the people of disbelief. They used to laugh at the believers, they used to mock them, ridicule them, make fun of them.

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Because they were they looked weird.

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They looked estranged, straight, not necessarily in the way in their looks, but more in their lifestyle, more about their goals and the purpose in their life, and their manners and their behavior and their character

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and their pursuits in this life.

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So the prophets Allah wa sallam said, the religion of Truth is thought started as a stranger, and it will return as a stranger and the profits of sell and sell to buy. Good Glad Tidings promise of Paradise will be for those strangers towards the end of time who will embrace the truth